How To Hang Curtains Without A Drill – 3 Practical Methods!

One of the most exciting things about moving into a new space is decorating! Curtains are a fun and easy way to really make a room look like your own. Sometimes, they can be necessary to keep out bright lights, offer privacy, or even cut down on drafts. But if you're renting, you might need to be careful of holes in the wall. Can you hang curtains without a drill?
Whether you don't have tools, don't like using them, or you rent your home - good news! You can definitely hang curtains without a drill. Here are 3 easy ideas for how to hang curtains without a drill:
  • Use a tension rod, which doesn't need any special hardware or tools.
  • Try a magnetic rod if it's a metal surface. This is another method that requires no special hardware besides the rod itself.
  • Use Command hooks to hold the rod and curtain in place.

Continue reading to learn more about each option. We'll cover when a tension rod is the best choice and when it's not, plus how to measure the rod you need. We'll explain just how a magnetic curtain rod works and when it's a good option. And, if neither of those two easy methods can work for you, we'll tell you everything you need to pick out the right Command hook (or other adhesive option). Finally, we have some great - and creative - methods to hang curtains without using a rod at all! 

Curtain window interior decoration in living room, How To Hang Curtains Without A Drill - 3 Practical Methods!

How To Measure For A Tension Curtain Rod

Tension curtain rods are one of the fastest, easiest ways to hang curtains. It doesn't take any special equipment and is minimal effort. It simply expands to fit between two hard surfaces, held up by the snug fit.

You can measure the length of the rod by knowing exactly how big the space is where it needs to fit. Measure the wall, or other hard surfaces, where each end of the rod reaches. That's the length of the rod needed. 

How Long Of A Tension Rod Can You Get?

Tension rods work best in small spaces. If you're trying to cover a broad area, a tension rod might not fit. There are two reasons why big tension rods aren't feasible:
  • Tension rods can't support very heavy curtains. Pick lightweight curtains for the best results - a big curtain is, by nature, often too heavy.
  • Since tension rods have no external support, a long rod tends to dip or bow in the middle. There's just nothing to help hold it up - they work best when the rod only covers a short distance.

For these reasons, it's difficult to find any tension rod longer than 84 inches. If you need to cover a wider space than this, it's probably better to select one of the other options. You may also want to read: How Much Weight Can A Tension Rod Hold?

How Does A Magnetic Curtain Rod Work?

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Magnetic curtain rods are exactly like they sound. Instead of drilling a bracket into the wall to hold the rod, the bracket is magnetic. You can put the entire thing up on a door or window frame, as long as it's metal and a magnet sticks to it. 

But, like tension rods, most magnetic curtain rods can't support a ton of weight. Another disadvantage is that they aren't the best choice if the curtain needs to open and close a lot. It's just not as secure as a traditional bracket - if it gets pulled or bumped, that magnet can come loose and bring the whole thing crashing down. 

However, it can work great if the curtain is purely aesthetic and doesn't move around much. In this case, a magnetic curtain rod is a very simple method for hanging a small, lightweight curtain. 

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Can You Hang Curtains With Command Hooks?

Command Hooks are a popular option for hanging things around the house without drilling or damaging walls or surfaces. And, yes, they work for curtain rods too! Renters, rejoice!

You need 3 hooks for most rods, with the third hook in the middle to provide extra support. If it's a really short rod, you might be able to get away with 2. But remember that rods tend to bow in the middle, so 3 hooks typically give the best results.

Command Hooks even come with one specially made for curtain rods. You can use other hooks, of course. But be sure that the hook is deep enough to hold the rod. These can support a half-inch rod, for example:

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Always choose a hook that meets the weight requirements of your curtain and rod. If you need 12 pounds to support the curtain, get 2 or 3 hooks rated for 12 pounds each - not 3 hooks that carry 4 pounds. While the math might seem sensible, keep in mind that when the curtain is pushed to one side, the hooks don't always get an equal amount of weight. 

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How Do You Fix A Curtain Without A Rod?

Dining room with brown curtain and hardwood floor.

If you don't have a curtain rod, there are still two possibilities for hanging curtains. It depends on whether or not the curtain needs to open and close or can remain stationary.

  • For a moving curtain, you need something to stand in as a replacement rod. Some options include rope, curtain wire, or copper pipe.
  • If the curtain is stationary, you can use anything that holds the curtain to the wall. This includes nails, upholstery tacks, or hanging hooks, for example.

How To Make A Replacement Rod

With a little creativity, many things can stand in place of a traditional rod. As long as it fits the curtain panel and allows the curtain to slide back and forth, let your imagination go wild!

For example, if you are decorating a room with a sports theme, perhaps a golf club can hang over the window in place of a curtain rod. A branch of wood might work if it's sturdy for a cabin or rustic decor. 

Some of these options might be hard to attach without a drill, but you can consider an adhesive bracket like this one:

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Many people also have luck with a piece of copper pipe or tubing, as it most similarly resembles a curtain rod. Others like something more flexible (literally) and string a piece of rope or curtain wire across the opening.

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If you go with wire, the most efficient way to hold everything in place is to put in two eye screws on either end. However, if you really can't drill any holes, Command Hooks or other adhesive hardware is still an option.

Hanging A Stationary Curtain

You can skip the rod altogether and hang a curtain directly from hooks attached to the wall. It won't let the curtain slide open and shut, of course, but if the curtain is decorative, it may never need to move. Adhesive options like this require no extra tools or holes.

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You can also use other simple options to put the curtain right on the wall - for example, nails, staples, upholstery tacks, or hook-eye screws. These, however, all involve some degree of damage to the wall. If you're renting and really can't leave any marks, better stick to a wall-safe adhesive option that isn't permanent.

In Closing

Curtain window interior decoration in living room, How To Hang Curtains Without A Drill - 3 Practical Methods!

If you can't drill the necessary holes in your wall for standard curtain hardware, there's still plenty of options. Don't give up curtains yet.

Consider using tension rods, a very simple alternative. The rod hangs between two hard surfaces, held up by a snug fit between the walls. If the area you are covering is metal, a magnetic curtain rod can also work with very little effort required.

Command Hooks are a third great option that should fit most other scenarios. If you don't want to use a rod, you can still use Command Hooks to hold up a curtain. Consider stringing the curtain up between two hooks with curtain wire, rope, or even hanging directly off several hooks attached to the wall.

No matter what look you're trying to accomplish; you should be able to find a method for hanging your curtain that doesn't require a drill or other tools.

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