How To Hang Curtains Without A Rod [DIY Creative Ideas For Both Sheers And Curtains]

Are you looking for ways to spice up your curtains? Are you searching for creative alternatives to your curtain rods? If you are, then you’ve come to the right place. We have researched options on hanging curtains and sheers without curtain rods and put up this list for you.

Without curtain rods, you can still hang your sheers and curtains. Here are some alternatives to choose from:

  1. Nails
  2. Wire
  3. Hooks
  4. Drawer Pulls
  5. Rope
  6. Tree Branches
  7. Sports Equipment
  8. Copper Pipes
  9. Yardstick
  10. Bungee Jump Cords
  11. Upholstery Tacks
  12. Nylon Strings/Cords
  13. Hangers
  14. Old Thread Spool
  15. Bamboo Sticks

These are some creative choices for hanging your curtains. In this post, we will drill down into each one. Keep on reading to learn how to incorporate these ingenious ideas into your home.

A cream curtain hangs on a rope on a metal hook, against the background of the ceiling and wall, illuminated by daylight - How To Hang Curtains Without A Rod [DIY Creative Ideas For Both Sheers And Curtains]

Creative Alternatives For Hanging Curtains

There are a lot of ways to hang your curtains without the hassle of installing a curtain rod. Let your creative side show by using materials you didn't think would go well with your curtains and sheers.


Nails are a cheap and simple way to hang your curtain. Choose a nail that’s sturdy enough to hold your curtains. Small nails will be able to handle sheers. You may use curtain clips to attach the curtains to the nails on the wall.

Another advantage of using a nail as an alternative to curtain rod is you are not limited to hanging the curtain in a straight line. You can do different patterns such as cascading and zigzag to add spice to your curtain and walls.

Dog nail


Another inexpensive way of hanging curtains is by using wires. With enough tension applied, sturdy wires will hold your curtains the way a rod can.

Apart from this, wire is also easy to install. You just have to tie the ends to a bracket or something similar and your curtain is already up.

Colored electrical cables and wires — Photo


You can use a self-adhesive hook or hooks attached to a panel to put your curtains up. Hooks come in different sizes, shapes, and types of adhesion. You just have to choose based on the type of curtain you will hang.

Another advantage of using hooks is that there is no special skill needed to put it up. No special tools are required, either.

In this example, the hooks are screwed on a wood panel:

Curtains made of natural fabric and cornice close-up

In this picture, curtain clips are attached to the hooks.

Metal rings and curtain clamps. Studio Photo

Self-adhesive hooks are used in this one.

self-adhesive plastic hooks for all purposes

You don’t have to go straight. You can give a straight window an arched curtain designs like these examples:

Curtains in a carved niche of wood in a classic style with a wooden ceiling.

Hooks are very easy to use. However, there's a downside to them, because the adhesive can peel the paint off your wall.

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Drawer Pulls

Using a drawer pull is an unconventional yet artistic way of putting up your curtains. The number of drawer pulls you’ll need will depend on the width of your windows and the design you want to create.

It is advisable to space each drawer pull not too far apart to properly support the curtain. As with using nails and hooks, you can also change up the conventional curtain styling with drawer pulls.

Check out this design idea.

small circle handle on wood drawer with black and white vintage filter

Cabinet or drawer pulls also work best for arched windows like the one above.

Here are more ideas:

Drawer Knob


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Rope is installed the same way as wire, by tying both ends to an anchor. There are different types of ropes you can use. The smaller ones are used for lighter curtains.

Moreover, rope can give a rustic look and go well with country décor like in the picture below.

White drapery hanging from a curtain rod

Rope is easier to use as an alternative to a rod when you have an odd-shaped window.

A cream curtain hangs on a rope on a metal hook, against the background of the ceiling and wall, illuminated by daylight.

Tree Branches

Do you have a tree in your backyard? If you do, chances are you’ll find a unique branch that you can use as décor. You can use the tree’s branch, if long enough, as an alternative to curtain rods. This is also a good way to incorporate nature into your home.

If you don’t want it to be too rustic, you can paint the tree branch to match your style.

minimal granite display podiums along with dried tree branches in font of curtain.

The branch doesn't have to be straight and perfect, as in this example:

dead tree branch isolated on white background

Sports Equipment

This may come as a surprise, but if you have equipment that you are not using anymore, you may hang your curtain with it.

You can use a hockey stick, a bat, a billi. ard cue, a jump rope, and many more to hang your curtain. Look at these examples.

Boat paddle

Two wooden paddles. Sport oars.

Golf club

Golf club on white background

Copper Pipes

Copper pipes serve the same purpose as a curtain rod. These will help elevate your design and also add a unique feel to the room. In addition, copper pipes are not too heavy so you don’t have to worry if the curtain hoop will be able to hold them.

copper metal pipe on white background.


A yardstick is used to measure length, sometimes while sewing. Some yardsticks are made of wood, while others made of plastic. Because they are straight and sturdy, they can be used as a substitute and decorative way to hang your curtains.

In this picture, a worn-out yardstick was given a chance to shine as an alternative to a curtain rod.

Wooden yardstick on black backgrounds whit centimeters and inches fractions scales.

See another good use of a yardstick here:

Wooden yardstick on white backgrounds whit inches and yard fractions scales.

Bungee Jump Cords

There are a lot of ways you can use this versatile cord. One of them is to hang your curtains. Because they are heavy-duty and can be stretched, they can hold all types of curtains.

An extreme sportsman jumps on a rope from a great height. Ropejumping.

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Upholstery Tack

These tacks are specially designed to keep the upholstery fabrics secured to a frame.  When used as an alternative to hanging curtains. upholstery tacks keep the curtains in place. 

When you intend to use curtains to add colors and texture, instead of something functional, this is the way to go. This is because a disadvantage of upholstery tack is that it fixes the curtains in place. Curtains cannot be pulled open unless you use tiebacks to hold them.

Rich upholstery fabric with tack hammer and brass tacks

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Nylon Cords

There are different colors and sizes of nylon cords. These cords are resilient and will be able to withstand tension. The thicker ones will be able to hold heavy curtains, while the thinner ones can hold lighter ones and sheers.

Some nylon cords are transparent, which makes hiding them easy. For this to work, you have to consider the weight, design, and type of the curtain you will hang.

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Hangers have come a long way. They are not only used for clothes but also for other creative purposes.

In this example, the curtain was clipped to the hanger using clothespins to decorate a narrow, non-functional window. It’s a fresh way of using a wooden hanger.

Wooden coat hangerclothes hanger on a white background. Potential copy space above and inside hanger.

Old Thread Spool

The spool is pretty useful even after the thread runs out.

Here, the spool was attached to an old yardstick, which was then attached to the wall to serve as a support to the curtain.

spool of thread isolated on white background

Bamboo Stick

Bamboo sticks aren’t just for gardening or creating fences. You can do a lot with them, including using them as a curtain rod.

Bamboo sticks isolated on white

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Each of the materials mentioned has both aesthetic and practical value. With these ideas, you don’t have to stick to conventional curtain rods. Take a bold step and choose one to add a personal touch to your home.

Why Should You Consider Hanging Curtains Without A Rod?

Apart from showing creativity, there are also other reasons why you should consider other options when hanging your curtains.

  1. You don’t want to commit. You want the curtains to be temporary, and once you drill holes in your wall, there is no turning back.
  2. You are renting. Those who are renting sometimes encounter difficulties in hanging curtains because of the restriction on drilling walls. So you can choose from the list above for ways that won’t involve making a hole in the wall.
  3. You don’t trust yourself with tools. Most options discussed do not require you to use heavy tools, and hanging your curtain is as easy as tying one end of the rope to the other.
  4. Budget-friendly. Using materials that you already have as an alternative to curtain rods is a clever way to save money.

Final Thoughts

Although curtains and curtain rods often go together, there is no hard rule that says you can’t use other materials to hang your curtains. As discussed, there are plenty of DIY creative options that will let your personality show.

You can use other materials as a substitute that will bring out your resourcefulness and ingenuity. And the good thing about it is that you don’t have to spend too much.

Lastly, the alternatives cited above are pretty easy to do, so go ahead—spice up your curtains!

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