How To Hang Hot Wheels On Wall

Hot Wheels are a timeless toy that is great for both kids and adults. If you have these in your home, you may wonder what the best way to display them is. After conducting thorough research, we can tell you how to put Hot Wheels on your wall!

You can use one of the following methods to hang Hot Wheels on your walls.

  1. On shelves.
  2. In a display cabinet or shadow box.
  3. Hanging from wire grid panels.
  4. With command strips.
  5. Hanging from a string display.
  6. On a hook merchandise display.
  7. With dividers.
  8. Using pushpins.
  9. Hanging pocket organizer.

There are many different and creative ways that you can hang your Hot Wheels. Keep reading to learn more about how to hang them on the wall, how to make your own display case, and more!

How To Hang Hot Wheels On The Wall

You can display Hot Wheels inside of their box or outside. Many collectors want to keep them packaged because they have a higher resale value later on.

However, they can easily be hung on a wall regardless of whether or not they're in the box.

two shelves on white wall green, How To Hang Hot Wheels On Wall

1. On Shelves

One of the easiest ways to display Hot Wheels on the wall is with shelves. This is an excellent option for both boxed and unboxed cars.

Using shelves limits the number of holes you have to put in the wall. You can also choose decorative or clear shelves depending on the design you want.

Using shelves is also good for those who are displaying Hot Wheels for children. This will keep their toys visible and make it easier for them to clean them up.

Can you hang shelves without damaging walls? Take a look at "Can You Hang Shelves With Command Strips Or Hooks?" for more information.

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2. In Display Case

Many different types of Hot Wheels On The Wall collection

Another fantastic way to display Hot Wheels is in a display case or shadow box. This is another that can be easily suited for boxed or unboxed toys.

If you want to hang boxed toys, ensure that your case has adjustable shelves to accommodate them.

Display cases are better suited for collectors. This is a great way to protect and show off your purchases.

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3. Hanging From Wire Grids

You can utilize a wire display grid if you're more interested in keeping your Hot Wheels in their boxes. These are usually square or rectangular and are made up of interlocking wires.

You can display your cars by clipping the boxes to the wire. You can also use the hooked end on the Hot Wheels box to hold it on the display. However, they won't hang as straight, and the box may tear over time.

You'll need hooks or nails to hang your wire grid. The method you use must be strong enough to support the display. Your panel may be heavy depending on what it's made out of.

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4. With Command Strips and Hooks

Hot Wheels On The Wall collection

Adhesive strips can be an excellent way to hang your Hot Wheels if you don't plan on moving them around very often.

This is great for renters or people who don't want to put holes in their walls. However, some adhesives can damage products once they're removed.

You can also use adhesive hooks to hang your Hot Wheels. Be careful not to use large clips. You may not be able to hook your Hot Wheels box onto it in these cases.

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5. Hanging From String Display

A string display is a thin metal wire, or other string hung between hooks or frames. These displays can be hung horizontally or vertically. You can also see the amount of slack on the line.

You can hang your Hot Wheels with clips or by the hooked end of the car's box.

String displays can be bought or made. To make one, you need a few hooks and hanging wires. You can space your hooks out as far as you want. However, ensure they'll support the weight of the cars you want to hold.

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6. On A Merchandise Display

You can use a long merchandise strip to help you display your Hot Wheels. These are long plastic or metal pieces with tabs in them.

If you use the display vertically, you may need to space the cars out so you can see the whole box.

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7. Dividers

all kinds of Hot Wheels On The Wall collections

You can also make your own displays with divider bar molding or curtain rods. This method is ideal for those who want to keep their Hot Wheels in their boxes and who want to make the display.

If you're using divider bar moldings, you can display your Hot Wheels horizontally or vertically. You'll also need to decide if you want to put your display directly on your wall or onto plywood first.

Measure the height or width of your Hot Wheels box. This will determine how far you put your dividers and in which direction you'll slide them into the display.

Cut the dividers down to the size you want. Then, adhere them to the wall or plywood.

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Curtain Rod Divider

You can also make a display with a flat curtain rod with a two-inch clearance and hanging wire.

For this method, you'll need to combine the L-shaped portion of a curtain rod. It should look like a large letter "u."

You can use glue or hanging wire to keep the two pieces together. You should also use hanging wire at the top of the display. This piece will help you display it once you're finished.

Watch this video to see an example.

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8. Corkboard and Push Pins

Another option for hanging Hot Wheels is with push pins. You can either put them directly on the wall or put a corkboard up first.

This can be time-consuming if you have a large amount of Hot Wheels. However, there are a lot of creative ways you can hang them.

9. Hanging Pocket Organizer

You can repurpose a hanging pocket organizer for your Hot Wheels. Many organizers are the perfect size to hold one or two opened Hot Wheels per pocket. So, this is a good option for displaying cars in a kid's room.

However, you can also find organizers with larger pockets. These can be good for displaying Hot Wheels in their boxes.

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How Do You Pack Hot Wheels?

brand new Hot Wheels On The Wall

It's essential to store your Hot Wheels properly if you're moving or putting them away for an extended period.

You can separate the cars into groups depending on how you display them.

If you have opened and unopened Hot Wheels, you'll want to put the boxed ones on the bottom. You can wrap open cars in a paper towel or washcloth and store them on top or in a different container.

Select a box and put a row of Hot Wheels across it. Once you have one row, you'll put Hot Wheels on top.

Whenever you switch rows, it's important to change the direction you place the boxes. Switching the position of the box will help them stay flat.

In Conclusion

two shelves on white wall green

There are many creative ways to display Hot Wheels on your walls, whether in their boxes or on display for kids to grab easily.

Whenever hanging your Hot Wheels decide if they should be in or out of the box and if you would rather buy or make your display! Remember that some methods can damage the packages over time.

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