How To Hang A Quilt On The Wall [Inc. Without Nails]

Quilts are much more than just colorful throws that adorn the back of your couch or the foot of your bed. Many people actually hang them from their walls so that the quilt can be displayed in all of its splendor, and this has become a fashionable way to decorate walls. If you would like to hang a quilt on the wall and are looking for various ways to accomplish this, we can help. We have researched the many ways you can hang a quilt on the wall, and they are all listed here.

There are quite a few options when it comes to quilt hanging. Some hanging techniques involve nails, but there are other ways to hang a quilt that won't compromise the quilt or your wall. These are the best ways to hang a quilt from the wall:

  • Frame it
  • Adhesive strips
  • Curtain rod
  • Quilt wall hangers
  • Quilt sleeve
  • Clothespins
  • Thumbtacks 
  • Quilt hanger
  • Nails

If you want the lowdown on quilt hanging, we have everything you need to get started. Scroll down and get ready for some great quilt-hanging ideas!

Сolorful patchwork quilt, How To Hang A Quilt On The Wall [Inc. Without Nails]

Techniques For Hanging Your Quilt

Quilts are not only beautiful but they can also have a lot of sentimental value. Whether your quilt is an heirloom, something you worked long and hard on, or even something that you recently purchased, hanging it on a wall is a great way to showcase its pattern and colors.

How much work you want to put into hanging your quilt will really be the deciding factor for which technique you choose. If you want your quilt to be a fancy showpiece, then framing it might be the way to go. If you want something simple, using adhesive strips is a great option.

There are so many ways to hang a quilt, and we have put together this list to help you decide on just the right quilt-hanging technique that will work best for you.

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Frame It

If you have a quilt that is on the smaller side or you are only hanging a piece of a quilt, a great option is putting it in a frame. You will be able to easily hang the frame on the wall. This is an impractical solution for a large quilt, but if your quilt will fit in a frame, it might be the way to go.

Old wooden picture frame on a isolate white background

Adhesive Strips

Believe it or not, you can hang a quilt with adhesive strips. The strips are sticky on both sides, so one side will stick to the wall while the other side will stick to the quilt. The two sides connect together with velcro.

There are different sizes of adhesive strips sold, and each size will accommodate different weights. So, be sure to buy a size that will be able to hold your quilt up.

It's also important to use several strips at the top of the quilt and then one on each corner at the bottom.  The benefit of using adhesive strips is that there is no damage to your quilt or wall!

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Curtain Rod

Curtain rods are a great way to showcase a beautiful quilt. The easiest way to do this is to mount a curtain rod on the wall where you'd like to display your quilt and drape your quilt over it.

If you want to get more sophisticated, you can sew a rod pocket to the back of your quilt and place the rod inside of the rod pocket like you would with a curtain.

You can also use curtain rod hooks to hang a quilt on a rod. Clip the hooks to the quilt and then hook them over the curtain rod. Whichever method you choose, your quilt will have a beautiful place of honor on the wall.

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Quilt Wall Hangers

Did you know there are actually clips designed for hanging quilts and other tapestries on the wall? Well, they exist, and they couldn't be easier to use.

You can choose to mount them on the wall using screws or 3M strips, and then you just clip the hangers onto the quilt. They are very sturdy, so you can even hang heavier quilts!

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Quilt Sleeve

A quilt sleeve is another easy way to hang your quilt on any wall. Simply sew a tube-shaped piece of fabric onto the back of your quilt. Then you can put a flat piece of wood, a dowel, or a curtain rod through the sleeve and mount it up on the wall.


If a rustic look is what you are going for, a great idea for quilt hanging is with clothespins. Simply attach 3M strips to the back of the clothespins, mount them to the wall, and then hang your quilt from the clothespins.

There's no damage to the quilt, and the good news is that you can easily replace the quilt with a different one. Or, you can take it down, use it as a blanket, and then put it back up!


Golden thumbstacks on white background

If you want quick and easy quilt hanging, using thumbtacks is probably the simplest thing you can do. This method might not be the most sophisticated, but if you are looking to hang a quilt quickly and without any muss or fuss, thumbtacks are an easy option.

Keep in mind that this will probably not be a great method for larger, heavier quilts since thumbtacks might not be strong enough to hold them up.

Quilt Hanger

Quilt hangers are an attractive way to display any size quilt. These sturdy wooden racks are mounted on the wall, and the top of the quilt is clamped into the rack. They come in different sizes and wood styles so you are bound to find one that will match your quilt and your decor.

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Nails are an easy way to hang a quilt. Put a nail in each corner of the quilt and hammer it to the wall. Like thumbtacks, this method won't work well for larger quilts.

Also, you are inevitably going to put some type of holes in your quilt if you use nails, so avoid doing this if you don't want to compromise any part of your quilt.

How To Hang A Large Quilt On Wall

Detail patchwork colorful carpet quilt

Hanging a large quilt isn't much different than hanging a smaller one. If you have enough space, then you can use many of the previous techniques to hang your quilt.

However, be aware that a larger quilt will weigh more, so you will need to use rods, adhesive strips, or hangers that are designed to hold a heavier weight.

What Is The Best Way To Hang A Quilt On The Wall?

The best way to hang a quilt on the wall is the one that works for you. If you are concerned about ruining the quilt, then it's probably wise to opt for a hanging method that won't pierce your quilt.

In addition, if putting holes in your wall is a concern, then you might want to hang it with adhesive strips since they won't cause any damage to your walls.

To Conclude

Сolorful patchwork quilt

A beautiful quilt is something that should be admired, so if you decide to hang your quilt on the wall, choose any one of our easy quilt hanging techniques. Before you know it, you'll have a decorative wall display that will provide you with a room filled with color and charm.

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