How To Hang A Shower Caddy On The Wall

Shower caddies are convenient for increasing storage in your bathroom or shower, but how do you hang one on the wall? For your convenience, we brought you the answer.

Here are some options for hanging a shower caddy on a wall:

  • Over the shower door
  • With adhesives or suction
  • With a tension rod

Ahead, we’ll go over your shower caddy hanging options in more detail, including the pros and cons of each. We’ll also present recommendations on where to hang the caddy and what to do if yours keeps unsticking or falling! 

How To Hang A Shower Caddy On The Wall: Your Options Explored

Whether for a house, a condo, or an apartment, shower caddies afford you more bathroom storage than what your bathroom originally had. Now you can keep shampoo, conditioner, body wash, razors, and the like within arm’s reach.

A bathroom shower caddy that hangs off a shower head

Per the intro, let’s review your options for hanging a shower caddy on the wall. None involve drilling, which you’ll love if you rent!

1. Over The Shower Door

Does your shower have sliding glass doors? Then you’re in luck, as you now have a great shower caddy option that goes over the door.

Hang a shower caddy over the shower door, How To Hang A Shower Caddy On The Wall

This dual-hooked shower caddy hangs very quickly and easily. Just hoist the caddy over the stationary side of your glass shower door (the side that doesn’t move), stick any included suction cups to the glass, and you’re all finished!

Check out this over-the-shower-door caddy on Amazon.


  • Over-the-door shower caddies usually feature several shelves for plenty of storage.
  • Your shower essentials will be close by without the need to stand directly under the spray of your shower head.


  • Depending on how large the over-the-door shower caddy is, it could get in the way of fully opening your glass sliding shower door.
  • Metal shower caddies can easily rust since they’re constantly exposed to water in your shower.

2. With Adhesives Or Suction

Toiletries bottles on suction cups compact bath shelf

Shower caddies that stick via suction are among the most common caddy options. The caddy will include one or more suction cups on the back of the shelf that you stick to the tile wall of your shower or even the glass.

Check out this suction shower caddy on Amazon.


  • Suction shower caddies can go anywhere in your shower or bathroom that you have the space for them, offering you great customization.
  • Some suction shower caddies also feature hooks to reinforce them.


  • Most suction shower caddies lack the size of the other caddies we’ve explored.
  • If the suction cups come loose, all your bathroom items can spill out.

3. With A Tension Rod

Your last option for installing a shower caddy on the bathroom wall is a tension rod or mount.

Technically, this caddy doesn’t go on the wall but leans against the wall. The tension rod mounts vertically from the top of your bathtub to the ceiling or even from your bathroom floor to the ceiling.

Rubber stoppers on either side of most tension rod shower caddies prevent scuffs or damage to your tub or paint, so your landlord never has to know the caddy was there.

Check out this tension rod shower caddy on Amazon.


  • Tension rod ceiling caddies offer the most storage space of all, as they can have four or six storage compartments assembled vertically down the length of the tension rod.
  • You don’t have to use a drill to mount this shower caddy.


  • Tension rods can slip, especially if they get wet.
  • Double-check that yours is rustproof if you mount the shower caddy inside your shower against the wall.

Where Should I Hang My Shower Caddy?

Bathtub with shower curtain and caddy

Now that you’ve seen your options for hanging a shower caddy on a wall, the question becomes—where in your bathroom should you put the caddy?

The following considerations will help you narrow down your options. 

Will It Stick?

If your shower caddy won’t stick where you’re thinking of hanging it, then simply put, it’s not a viable spot. You don’t want your caddy to fall all the time, as its convenience goes out the window.

How Stable Is It?

Do you feel like your shower caddy is in a secure spot, or do you worry about it toppling down? If it’s the former, you’ve selected a good spot for the caddy. You should rethink where you hang it if it’s the latter.

How Convenient Is It?

A bathroom shower caddy that hangs off a shower head

Do you have to reach across your shower to reach the caddy, or can you store everything within arm’s reach? Shower caddies should make your shower times easier, not harder!

How Dry Will It Stay?

Have you ever tried showering with soap that gets soaked by the water flow in a minute? It can develop a fine layer of slime. Wet shampoo and conditioner bottles slip right out of your hand, toppling to the floor.

The wetter the items you keep in the caddy, the wetter the caddy is too. As discussed in the section above, metal caddies can rust and/or corrode, making them unappealing to keep in your bathroom.

Materials like plastic, bamboo, or wood are better if your caddy absolutely can’t stand aside the water flow, but you want the caddy to stay as dry as it reasonably can.

Can You Use Command Strips To Hold A Shower Caddy?

Command brand picture hanging strips

We’ve talked a lot about suction cups for sticking a shower caddy to a wall. What about a common product like Command Strips? Can you use them in the shower, or can’t Command Strips get wet?

According to 3M’s website (the makers of Command products), Command Bath Strips “are water-resistant and hold strongly in humid environments.”

However, that only goes for Command Bath Strips. If you use other Command products in your bathroom, they might not fare as well.

Why Won’t My Shower Caddy Stick? Why Does It Keep Falling?

As we’ve alluded to throughout this article, when your shower caddy doesn’t want to stick or keeps falling, the caddy becomes a hassle quickly.

The sound of the caddy clattering to the hard ground can scare the living daylights out of you (especially if we’re talking about a tension rod caddy falling, which can happen!), and your bathroom floor will be littered with razors, body wash, shampoo bottles, and loose, slippery soap.

So why does your shower caddy keep falling? Let’s explore the reasons and what you can do about it.

The Weight Is Too Great

Whether it’s a suction-mounted or hook shower caddy, it has a weight limit. You should be able to find that information on the box or package the caddy came in. If not there, then check the original listing if you purchased the shower caddy online.

When you overload your shower caddy, it becomes unstable. Eventually, the weight is too great, and the caddy can no longer hold and falls. To prevent this issue in the future, only add as much weight as the product instructions prescribe.

Watch your weight distribution too. If you put all your items at the top of the shower caddy but none in the middle or at the bottom, you could create instabilities that will cause the caddy to tumble down.

The Surface Is Too Slippery

When originally hanging your shower caddy, you should do so in a dry bathroom. Suction cups stick better when dry, as do other adhesives. The mounting rods of a tension mount shower caddy can also stay more secure.

Given that the shower caddy is in the bathroom, naturally, the caddy will get wet, as we’ve made clear. That’s inevitable, but you can control how long moisture lingers in the area.

Use the ventilation in your bathroom to the fullest. Turn on the exhaust fan and open a window or two. If you have an enclosed shower, leave the shower door open for a little while after your shower so the moisture can dissipate.

This will allow your shower caddy to dry out faster so it won’t slip and fall off.

The Caddy Is Too Big For Your Bathroom Area

Another consideration is the size of the caddy. If you purchased a bigger caddy than what your bathroom can reasonably accommodate because you want more storage space, this won’t work out no matter how good it sounds in theory.

If you must, you can try solutions like rubber bands or zip ties, but these options can be eyesores, and again, they’re temporary at best. The caddy is unstable in its current configuration.

Instead, you’re better off buying a shower caddy that’s suitable for your bathroom. It won’t fall nearly as much!

In Closing

You have plenty of options for hanging a shower caddy on a wall, including using adhesives like suction cups or hooks. Just make sure you select a good size for your caddy, keep it as dry as you can between uses, and don’t overload it. This way, it won’t fall!

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