How To Hang Stuff Up Without Wall Space [4 Ways]

If you have limited wall space, that doesn’t mean you need to store your favorite artwork away. Dated interior design rules might have you believing that limited wall space means your design plan will suffer the consequences, but that’s not true at all! Hanging stuff up without wall space doesn't need to be complicated. A little bit of creativity can go a long way!

If you’re trying to figure out how to hang stuff up and you feel limited on wall space, you're in luck! We asked our design pros for their favorite tips and tricks that will have everything in its place even if you're short on space. Here are just a few of our favorite ways to maximize design without a ton of space. 

  • Use shelving
  • Get creative with the layout 
  • Make use of tabletop surfaces
  • Design from the floor upwards

A lack of wall space shouldn't hold you back from reaching your interior design dream. Whether you want to use wall space for storage or style, the options are endless. If you're not sure what to hang where or how to use your limited wall space wisely, don't worry! It's easy to feel overwhelmed when designing a home, and it can be tough to know where to start. Keep reading below for placement ideas, tips to maximize your wall space. In this article, we'll help you find ways to hang stuff up even without much space.

All white modern sofa and shelves in living room, How To Hang Stuff Up Without Wall Space [4 Ways]

How To Hang Stuff Up With Limited Wall Space

If you’re limited on wall space but have lots of artwork you want to display, don’t despair! There are lots of options available to create the aesthetically pleasing home you’ve always wanted. Here are a few ways to maximize your home's potential when you're short on wall space.

Use shelving

An easy and affordable way to add extra wall space to your home is by adding shelves. Open shelving will provide the same visual appeal as hanging art, so long as the shelves aren't overly cluttered.

Plant on wooden white cupboard in apartment interior with posters and fireplace. wooden shelves in a plain white wall

A few floating shelves strategically placed on your wall will add extra room for smaller framed photos and knick-knacks.

Wooden table and gray chairs in dining room interior with plants on shelves and tree against white wall

Another great option is to set up a narrow shelving unit. If you have space, try installing a couple of smaller shelving units side-by-side in the wall space center. We love a shelving unit designed with an open back. Create an airy feel with open shelving and uncluttered shelves.

Cozy domestic room with wooden flooring, retro furniture, and metal and wood shelving for items

A bold option is to use the entire wall space with tall wall-to-wall shelving. 

Get creative with the layout

Don’t get caught up in what you “should” do and instead look at the available space. If there’s wall space, use it! Often narrow wall spaces are overlooked, but a vertical art display is not only eye-catching but will help fill up space you might otherwise ignore.

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Try hanging polaroids from twine and clothespins. Hanging photos vertically provides an opportunity to show off photos that might sit in a photo album.  Rather than letting your favorite photos gather dust, try displaying a handful of your favorite snaps. Bonus - you can easily switch them out or rotate as you make new memories.

Make use of tabletop surfaces

If you don’t want to put any new holes in the walls maybe try leaning large prints against the wall on surfaces. For instance, on top of a credenza or a bookshelf. Try slightly overlapping large and medium-sized images. This way you can proudly display your favorite pieces without the commitment.

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Design from the floor up

It’s common to look at a space and only visualize filling the wall at eye level. Build depth in a room by adding a few items on the floor - a leaning mirror or a tall plant. Even a rug! Think vertical and plan your wall hangings to go up and down the wall space instead of side-to-side.

Gray armchair standing next to a white shelf from the floor up with books and decorations

A setup like this is a great option to utilize the lower parts of the wall that might otherwise not be the best place to hang a prized art piece.

What Can You Do With Empty Wall Space?

An empty wall space might feel inviting to some, but for others, it can seem daunting. We wanted to get rid of the guesswork and give you some options to help guide you towards a wall display made just for you. 

Select art that makes an impact (quality over quantity)

If you’re starting fresh in your new home and have limited wall space, remember, quality always beats quantity. A statement piece of art will draw your houseguests in and also provide a talking piece.

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Add personality

What was initially limited wall space could end up being the standout of the home. You could transform your wall into a stunning display by creating a gallery wall with framed art and personal photographs. 

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Mockup frames in vintage interior, personalized gallery wall with framed art and personal photographs

Or you could make the wall itself a statement piece with a little bit of paint (and elbow grease).

Green and yellow poster with geometric pattern hanging on burgundy wall in bright room with mattress on the floor

A handy option for those of us who are renters - try removable wallpaper!

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Build texture

Try adding items like woven wall hangings such as macrame or wood to the walls. By doing so, you can quickly build texture and add depth to what might otherwise feel like a flat space. If you're the do it yourself type, you could try making one yourself. If you'd prefer to buy, there are many attractive options available for you - big and small. 

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An easy way to breathe life into your home is by hanging plants on the walls! If you use live plants, be sure to research which plants will do well in the lighting conditions available. If a live plant wall isn't for you, artificial plants and vines are great options if you want a thriving wall of greenery with none of the upkeep.

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We love these adorable and affordable planters with artificial - and realistic looking - plants.

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What Should You Hang On The Walls?

Your home should be a reflection of who you are. Framed artwork and photos are an understandable (and obvious) choice. However, they're often the design standard, which isn't wrong, but maybe that's not you. Above all, you get to decide what goes up on your walls. Try not to feel limited in what adorns your home and let the true you shine through. 

Hang tapestry

Hanging a tapestry, rug, or fabric on the wall can add to soundproofing and add to the general vibe of your home. It doesn’t matter if you’re going for a boho vibe with a more relaxed feel or if you lean towards a minimalist style - there’s a tapestry to fit the bill.

Indian tissues with mandala patterns in ethnic apartment

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Create space with mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to incorporate a framed piece in a gallery wall while setting while maximizing the overall spacious feel in a room. Also, a large mirror can easily be a statement piece while not pulling focus away in any living space.

Round mirrors hanging on the wall reflecting interior design scene

Get organized

Think of your walls as a great place to get organized! Install an oversized calendar if you’re feeling scattered and need to keep track of your day-to-day activities. Another option we love is a giant chalkboard to help keep an eye on those long to-do lists.

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How Can You Increase Wall Space For Hanging Things?

It's common to see wall spaces that are underutilized in many homes. Take a step back and survey your wall space. We bet you'll be surprised by the wall space available.

Add shelving close to the ceiling

Living room with shelving close to the ceiling, sofa, carpet and wooden wall panels

Try adding shelving slightly out of eyesight to increase space. Shelves are a  great way to increase space without making your area feel cramped. Adding shelving close to the ceiling can serve as storage or display without looking off-putting or distracting.

Use pegs and a pegboard 

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A handy and affordable organizing tool is a pegboard and pegs. A pegboard is mounted to a wall quickly and can hold various items to maximize your wall space. 

Making the most of your limited wall space

We hope you found some helpful tips and are ready to make the most of your limited wall space. Figuring out how and where to hang stuff up without wall space can seem like a challenge. We hope we helped make it fun. Let us know which tips you ended up using in your home!

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