How To Hang Things On Vinyl Siding [4 Ways]

Whether you want to hang lights for the holidays or an outdoor clock or thermometer on the wall of your porch or patio, decorations are a fun and personalized way to spruce up your home. With many houses today having vinyl siding on the outside, homeowners wonder how they can hang things on vinyl siding. We're here to help because we've found several solutions.

Any of the following options will work well to hang things from vinyl siding:

  • Siding hooks
  • Suction cup hooks
  • Adhesive hooks
  • Wire hooks

No matter which method you choose, you never want to drill or hammer holes into your vinyl siding. Holes in vinyl siding allow water to seep in. This can cause water damage underneath the siding, compromising the structure of your home. Using clips or hooks is a better way to attach things to vinyl siding. Keep reading to learn how to use them effectively.

Hanging flower basket against a vinyl siding, How To Hang Things On Vinyl Siding [4 Ways]

Siding Hooks

The increasing number of houses being built with vinyl siding led to the invention of siding hooks. These clips are specially made to hang things on vinyl siding. They are designed with a wedge at the top that can slide up under one piece of siding, with a hook at the bottom that can be used for hanging things on. 

To use a siding hook, slide the wedge up under a piece of siding. You may have to wiggle it around to get it to fit completely into place. When the clip part clicks into place, it is ready to be used. If it doesn't click into place, it may not be securely attached, and whatever you hang from it could fall. 

Black coat hook on a wooden wall

Siding hooks are the best and sturdiest thing to use when attaching things to vinyl siding, especially heavier items such as a wreath or a metal decoration. They usually come in a multipack and can hold anywhere between 5 and 12 pounds.

These heavy-duty stainless steel siding clips from Amazon can hold up to 12 pounds and come in a pack of 50.

These plastic siding hooks from Amazon work great for hanging lighter items.

Suction Cup Hooks

Suction cup hooks are a good option to use for hanging things on vinyl siding. They can be bought in varying sizes. The larger the suction cup, the stronger the suction is, and the more weight it will hold. Some heavy-duty suction cups can hold up to 20 pounds.

In order to be effective, suction cups must be applied properly, and you shouldn't hang things on them that exceed the weight limit. If your siding is dirty or the object is too heavy, then the suction cup won't stick well, and whatever you're hanging might fall off and get damaged. 

How to Properly Hang Suction Cups

Following these steps will help ensure that suction cups stick properly to vinyl siding or whatever other surfaces you attach them to.

  1. Clean the surface with soap and water to remove dirt.
  2. Dry the surface.
  3. Clean the area with rubbing alcohol and dry it.
  4. Attach the suction cup to the siding. Wetting it first helps it to adhere better.
  5. Wait about 24 hours before hanging anything from a suction cup.

These heavy-duty plastic suction cup hooks from Amazon can hold up to 6 pounds.

These metal suction cup hooks, also from Amazon, can hold up to 13 pounds.

Adhesive Hooks

Just like you use adhesive hooks to hang things inside your home, they can also be used to hang things outside your home. Special outdoor adhesive hooks are designed to stick to concrete, glass, or siding. They only adhere well to flat siding, however. If your vinyl siding is textured, this may not be a good choice for you. The weight limit that these hooks hold is usually only about 3 pounds.

These small adhesive hooks from Amazon work well for hanging lights.

This two-pack of outdoor adhesive hooks from Amazon holds up to 3 pounds.

Wire Hooks

A low angle view of soffit, gutters, downspout and vinyl siding on a new home

If you want to hang things from the eaves of your house, try using a wire hook and hanging it from the soffit. A soffit is a piece of vinyl or other material attached underneath the eaves to aid in ventilation and keep excess moisture out. Using wire hooks works well for hanging things close to the roof, like a string of lights or a windchime.

How To Make Wire Hooks

You can make wire hooks at home if you have wire cutters, wire, and some pliers. Note that you don't want to use flimsy wire when making wire hooks, so choose a wire with a lower gauge. The higher the gauge, the thinner the wire is. Nine gauge and 11 gauge wires are the most common for home use because they are thicker and stronger. If you're hanging something long-term, you also don't want the wire to rust, so choose a rust-resistant wire.

To make a wire hook, use wire cutters to cut the wire to your desired length. Bend the wire into an S-shape with pliers. Hook one end underneath the soffit and use the other end to hang your decoration. If you have something, such as a wind spinner that you want to hang lower, you can attach a fishing line to the hook.

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How Do You Find Studs Behind Vinyl Siding?

Installing heavier things such as light fixtures or attaching add-ons like a screened-in porch or deck outside your home means that you need to locate the exterior studs. Studs can be difficult to locate under vinyl siding because it is too thick for a stud finder to penetrate. Here are a few suggestions to make finding studs behind vinyl siding easier.

Check with the Builder 

If your house is a newer build or you hired someone to build your house, check with the builder. Builders have certain codes that they have to follow, including how far apart to place studs. They can help you locate a corner stud and give you accurate measurements so you can easily find the next one.

Look Under the House

If you have a crawlspace, look under the house; locate an exterior room, and find the floor joists for that room. Usually, wall studs are attached to the floor joists to give your house a stronger structure.

Look for a Nail Pattern

If your house is an older build, the siding may have been nailed to the house from the top. Look for a vertical column of nails to locate the stud. This method won't work as well with newer constructions because the siding is nailed in a way that overlaps to cover the nails. You won't be able to use this method to locate studs under newer siding without first prying up the siding.

Use Windows and Doors

Windows and doors can help you locate studs on the outside of your home. Find the nearest window to the location of where to want to attach something. Go inside the house to that window. Using a stud finder, locate the nearest stud from the window glass's edge and take measurements. Go outside, locate the edge of the glass, and transfer those measurements to the outside wall.

What Is Under Vinyl Siding?

New beige vinyl siding being installed over an osb (oriented strand board) substrate on a residential house

Have you ever wondered what you would find if you were to remove the vinyl siding from the outside of your home? Depending on the age of your house and any remodels or modifications, here is what you might find:

  • Insulation materials- fiberglass or foam
  • Wall sheathing- plywood or another type of board that insulation is attached to
  • House wrap- insulation found in newer homes that keeps out moisture

How Much Weight Can Vinyl Siding Hooks Hold?

Most vinyl siding hooks can hold up to 5 pounds. They are strong enough to hold a wreath, planter, birdhouse, or small metal and wood decorations. For hanging heavier objects such as large metal decor, invest in heavy-duty metal siding hooks, usually holding around 10-12 pounds.

How Do You Hang A Window Box On Vinyl Siding?

Window flower box hung outdoors on a window with vinyl siding

Most people attach window boxes to houses by drilling a hole and using screws. We've mentioned that drilling holes into vinyl siding is not a good idea due to potential water damage. 

The best way to hang a window box on vinyl siding is with siding hooks. Simply measure the distance needed between the hooks, slide the clips into place, and hang your window box or planter. Be sure to consider the materials your window box or planter is made of and use clips that will support the weight of the planter both with and without plants in it.

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In Conclusion

We hope this guide to hanging things on vinyl siding was helpful. Vinyl siding clips, suction cups, adhesive hooks, and wire hooks are all cheap and can make hanging decorations on vinyl siding easier and keeps your siding from getting damaged. Thanks for reading!

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