How To Hide A Box Spring – Even Without A Bed Skirt!

Need to hide your unsightly box spring? We've got you covered, even without a bed skirt! We've found all of the best hacks to cover a box spring so that you're bedding will look chic and coordinated -all while protecting your box spring from dust and debris. 

You can hide box springs by installing storage underneath your bed, using a canopy, or just use a lengthy comforter. It's that simple! Of course, you can always display the tried and true bed skirt, but it's nice knowing you have a few alternatives just in case skirting isn't your style.

Box springs are not intended for display. Plus, they can get dirty and dingy easily, and you wouldn't want guests to see that! Keep reading below to get the full answer on how to improvise a covering if you do not have a bed skirt handy. We'll provide tips and tricks to hide your box spring.

White cozy farmhouse bedroom interior, with long and narrow white comforter, How To Hide A Box Spring - Even Without A Bed Skirt!

How To Hide A Boxspring

You might be wondering why you would even need to hide a box spring. Isn't it just part of your bed ensemble? Yes and no. Box springs can be decidedly unsightly. You wouldn't need to worry about making it look nice when guests or family members sleep at your home if you have a built-in method for covering it each time the bed is made. Have a look at our solutions below.

If you've decided to ditch the box spring altogether or don't know if you need one, we have an article on that! 

Bed Skirts

Using a bed skirt to hide your box spring or the area underneath your bed has been the tried and true solution for many years. There are so many different patterns and materials for bed skirts that it's very easy to find the exact style you're looking for. Click here to see a pleated bed skirt on Amazon.

Installing Storage

One easy way to distract from your box spring is to add cute storage underneath your bed frame. It could be cloth boxes, wooden built-ins, or drawers. You can even be creative and have them match the rest of your decor! Click here to see under the bed storage bags on Amazon.


Having a canopy over your bed adds a whimsical feeling to the room. It detracts attention from other things. The canopy can also be long enough to cover the entire bed down to the floor. You can choose from hundreds of colors and fabrics to find the perfect fit for your bedroom oasis. Drape or gather the canopy to cleverly distract from a box spring. Click here to see a netted bed canopy on Amazon.

Lengthy Comforter

If you don't like any of the above ideas, you could just opt for a bigger blanket. A long floor-skimming duvet can make a statement or keep the theme of your bedroom low-key. It also ensures one less bedding item to wash every week! Click here to see a lush comforter on Amazon.

Are Box Springs the Same Size as Mattresses?

Yes, box springs must be the same size and length as the mattress it's supporting. If they were not the same size, the box spring would not be able to adequately support the mattress or the person sleeping on it. 

Can You Use a Mattress Cover on a Box Spring?

Yes, you can use a mattress cover on your box spring. However, there are specially made box spring covers available in stores or online that fit better than normal mattress covers. They're stretchier and have more elastic around the corners to ensure they don't slip off.

Check out this box spring cover on Amazon.

Can You Put a Mattress Directly on Slats?

A mattress alone can be put on slats only if the slats are about 2.5 inches apart. A standard bed frame requires a box spring for extra support because it does not have sufficient slats to support a mattress alone. If you didn't want to buy a box spring, you could opt for a platform bed instead. 

How Can I Cat-proof My Box Spring?

Many households have cute little felines running around the house. Sometimes they can cause a little mischief like clawing up your box spring. So how do you prevent that from happening? Below are a few steps you should take to prevent your cute fur ball from using your box spring as a hideout.

Step 1: Make Repairs

Surely if your cat or kitten has been using your box spring as a scratching post, it has seen better days. Patch any holes and cut off stray threads to help keep it safe.

Step 2: Cover It Up

After the repairs are done, you should encase your box spring in a cat-proof material. We suggest the one linked below. DIY materials might work but might be more expensive and take more time to carry out.

Check out this Sure Guard box spring cover from Amazon.

Step 3: Provide Other Scratching Areas

As an extra precaution, you should make sure to provide your cats with ample scratching surfaces. Ensure they have scratching posts, toys, or cardboard to scratch on. 

Additional Tips

This might seem obvious, but you could also try keeping your bedroom door closed. This might be harder to put into action if your cat is used to open doorways or always being allowed in your room. Another solution would be to try and correct your cat's behavior. Telling them no and disciplining them might help save your box spring. 

In Closing

Hiding your box spring has never been easier before with these helpful hints and tips. You have more options than you think when it comes to your ordinary box spring. Be sure to check out some related posts below!

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