How To Hide A Metal Bed Frame

Steel metal bed frames are among the most affordable ones on the market, but they may not always fit your interior design. You might be asking yourself how you can camouflage the frame so it can blend with the rest of your space. We're curious about this, too, so we have researched the most artful and easy ways you can do this! 

You can hide your metal bed frame by doing the following:

  • Putting up a bed skirt
  • Spray painting the metal frame
  • Covering the headboard and footboard with a slipcover
  • Using oversized quilts and blankets
  • Attaching wood skirts to cover the metal
  • Maximizing decorations
  • Hiding the metal behind furniture
  • Utilizing bedroom accents
  • Attaching a canopy

Bed frames do not need to be expensive to match your preferences. All you will really need is a creative disposition, openness to design solutions, and the willingness to work for your desired interior! If you are interested in learning more about how to make your bed frame match your room's aesthetics, keep reading below!

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Ways to hide your metal bed frame

You may not want to see your metal bedframe sticking up like a sore thumb in your decorated bedroom. Fortunately, there are ways you can work around this with creative solutions that can improve your bedroom look. Some are easier to do than others, depending on how much you want to hide your bed frame.

Here are some artistic ways you can hide your metal bed frame.

Put up a Bed Skirt

luxurious bed room using bed skirt to hide the bed frame

This is a tried-and-true design solution to hiding a bed frame that does not match your preference. Make sure that the bed skirt complements your room's color scheme; otherwise, it would just be another clashing eyesore.

Bed skirts will also conceal the space underneath your bed, making it stylish makeshift storage.

Spray paint the metal frame

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Go the artistic route and spray paint your metal frame. Spray painting it a more vibrant color will make it blend easier with your room's design, and the minimalist appeal can make your room feel less cramped. Make sure you select a paint that adheres to your bed frame material.

  • Remove the bedding, mattress, and boxspring - set aside safely out of the way.
  • Place newspapers or a drop cloth around the perimeter of the frame and painting area to prevent stains. Also cover any nearby pieces you'd not want to mistakenly paint!
  • If working indoors, open the windows for good ventilation. It's best if you can relocated the frame outside to work. Spray paints can be toxic!
  • Spray the metal frame first with a primer and let it dry according to the primer's instructions. Prime a second coat as needed, per instructions.
  • Spray the primed metal frame surface with your spray paint. Allow to dry according to the paint's instructions. Spray a second coat as needed, per instructions.

Cover the headboard and footboard with a slipcover

Bedroom using headboard or foot board to cover the frame of the bed

Although you may have an outdated metal style as your bed frame, you can utilize its unique shape and cover the headboard and footboard with a slipcover.

  • Trace the outline of the headboard and footboard on fabric. 
  • Add a 3-4 inches allowance for the seams. Pin the edges.
  • Cut your desired fabric while removing pins as you go.
  • Sew the top seam and hem the sides. You can use a fusible web tape as an alternative.
  • Make the side ties with 3-inch-wide strips of fabric about 20 inches long. 
  • Stitch these sides to the slipcover. Use fabric glue for a no-sew alternative.

Make sure your fabric matches your room's theme to make it blend with your interior design. 

Use oversized quilts and pillows

Big comfortable bed setting with extra big pillows

This option is the easiest route. Simply layer your bed with huge blankets, quilts, and a comforter until it covers the sides of your bed. Invest in huge novelty pillows as well to distract the viewer from the metal frame.

It is best to get quilts and bedding a size bigger than your current bed size to fully cover the metal sticking out.

Attach wood to cover the metal

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Wood is a popular design method to introduce an elegant touch to your bedroom. A wood frame cover would create the illusion that you have a wooden bed frame which in itself looks luxurious. This can also coordinate with the headboard to create a finished look.

Throw in high-quality sheets and large pillows, and you now have a classic-looking bed.

Use decorations

Natural bedroom style with the color of orange an brown to match the bed and cover the frame

Opt for eye-catching room fixtures to distract the eyes from the metal bed frame. You can add a painting on top of the bed frame, a fluffy carpet on both sides, or you can throw in accent pillows with popular designs to add visual allure. 

Unique light fixtures, potted indoor plants, and decorative vines will also distract the viewer's eyes from a plain metal bed frame. 

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Hide behind furniture

Closeup image of bed and it's bed frame hiding behind the furniture

A small bench, sofa bed, or bean bag chair will do wonders to hide your metal bed frame. A chairlike storage box placed at the end of the bed will also be effective in hiding your bed, and they will also be functional at the same time.

Place bean bag chairs on both sides of the bed, throw in novelty pillows, then add a small couch at the end of the bed. These can effectively camouflage your metal frame rails.

Attach a Canopy

Canopy is another way of hiding the bed frame for your gorgeous bed set-up

Canopies are another clever way to not only hide your metal railings but also make them functional. Spray paint your metal frame to your preferred color, then match this to the color of your canopy. 

If you want to completely conceal your bed frame, get a canopy that also covers the sides. These fabrics can come in either solid colors or sheer for a lighter appeal.

How to Attach a Bed Skirt

Bed skirts can effectively give your bed a polished look. Since attaching bed skirts is one of the most popular concealing methods, Here is how you can properly attach one to your metal bed frame.

Measure your bed dimensions

You will need to measure your box spring first before purchasing the right bed skirt. Take note of its width, length, and height. Add a 1-inch allowance for the bed skirt to ensure the entire sides are covered.

  • For twin-sized beds, get a bed skirt of 39 x 75 inches with a 15-inch drop
  • For queen-sized beds, get a bed skirt of 54 x 75 inches and a 15-inch drop
  • For a king-sized bed, get a bed skirt of  78 x 80 inches long and a 15-inch drop.

Remove the bedding and mattress

Remove your mattress for a more convenient installation process. Make sure to place it where you can easily put it back on the bed since it should not accidentally brush the bed skirts. 

Adjust the corners and edges

Fit the corners of your full-style skirt as you would a flat sheet on a mattress. Carefully line up their seams around the edges. 

Put the mattress back on the bed

Place the mattress back on the bed frame, being careful not to accidentally move the position of the bed skirt. Try to lift and place it instead of sliding it on top. If you think it cannot be avoided, purchase clips designed to keep the skirt snugly in place.

Do some additional adjustments

Make sure the bed skirts drop properly. Adjust the folds and pleats, and make sure it does not have creases or rough edges. 

Alternatives to Metal Bed Frames

Full show of a bed frame without pillows and cover skirt and bed itself 

You most likely purchased your metal frames for their easy mobility and minimalism. It is also more affordable and easier to conceal. However, there are other bed frames on the market that could fit these qualities.

Here are other attractive alternatives to metal bed frames.

Minimalist Platform Frame

Check out this platform metal frame on Amazon.

Platform bed frames are a minimalist option that you can easily dress up according to your preference. Most metal bed frames clash with the interior, but you can easily dress this platform bed to blend with it.

Hardwood Platform frame

Check out this wood bed frame on Amazon.

Go for a classier look with a hardwood platform bed frame. Not only is this a stylish choice, but it is also adaptable to any aesthetic. These bed frames are also ideal for small living spaces, and their light tint can give the space a lighter and breathier feel.

Farmhouse-inspired metal frame 

Check out this farmhouse-inspired metal frame on Amazon.

If you cannot avoid metal bed frames, go for farmhouse-inspired metal frames. These are easier to conceal, and they pair well with rustic or country-themed interior design. It also has a wide space underneath, which you can turn into makeshift storage even with bed skirts.

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Final Thoughts

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Bed frames do not always pair well with our desired aesthetic: and they can change anytime! Concealing your bed frame is simple enough, and you can do it with little effort. All you really need is a creative mindset and a willingness to explore design options. As with any interior design project, make sure you follow your preferences.


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