How To Hide An Off Center Window

There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing an off-center window–especially if you’re finicky about measurements and get easily frustrated by unbalanced visuals. There are various solutions to address this–ones that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. So, how do you hide an off-center window? We have researched answers for you. 

Here are ways you can hide an off-center window:

  • Install a long-paneled curtain
  • Balance out with a framed art poster
  • Combine furniture and tapestries to balance it out

The solutions for anything off-center are easy enough, but is it enough to satisfy your creative flair? If you are interested to learn more about how to effectively layout a room with an off center window, keep reading below.

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How To Hide An Off-Center Window

Off-center windows can frustrate a viewer. Our brains naturally crave symmetry since it represents order and balance. It also makes things feel more familiar since our brains process symmetry easier compared to asymmetry. 

So when we see something that seems skewed, we feel an urge to fix it immediately. Off-center windows, fortunately, have simple solutions that can satisfy our need for balance instantly. 

Here are ways you can fix an off-center window.

Install A Long-Paneled Curtain 

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Modern scandinavian living room interior

You can use a long-paneled curtain to give the illusion of balance. That way, you can still make use of the window to let in natural light and make it more visually satisfying to look at.

Do this by installing a long curtain rod that extends to the other side or just until the window will have a balanced and centered look. 

Split-draw draperies are a good option since they hide the walls behind them effectively. You can attach them using a traversing rod, rings if you want to hand-draw the panels, or baton draws if you want the panels to be pulled across the window. 

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Put Up Shades Or Blinds

Opened modern white blinds roll on windows

If curtains feel too heavy for you, hide the asymmetry using shades or blinds. Just make sure your rods extend to the side which makes the window look symmetrical. 

If you have multiple windows, mirror the measurements of the larger windows to your off-center window to make it blend in better.

Of course, window symmetry is not the only thing our brains look for–if you truly want to feel visually satisfied, make sure the colors between the curtain panels and the walls are cohesive. 

Balance Out With A Framed Art Poster

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Curtains aren’t your only option when trying to achieve symmetry. You can install an art poster on the side of the window that has more space to trick your eyes off the window’s extended form.

For best results, you could either get a photo that has the same length as your window or make a collage of smaller photos on the other side that mirrors the asymmetrical window’s form.

This way, not only did you apply a visual trick but also showcased your artful tastes and wonderful pictures. Your guests would make fewer comments about the off-center window and more about the pictures posted on the wall.

Make Art With Wallpaper

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If you don’t want to attach photos on the other side of the window, you can try sticking wallpaper on it. Make sure you cut it with the same measurements as your window to create a balanced visual. 

It won’t highlight the asymmetry if you stick to the correct measurements and if it’s the only busy wall section. You can also try framing dried flowers on the side to go with your wallpaper for a more visually pleasing appeal.

This will effectively distract your eyes from your off-center window. Just make sure your art poster blends with the rest of your interior for a more harmonious look.

Combine Furniture And Window Treatments To Balance It Out

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If you can’t cover up the asymmetry, your next best choice is to make the eyes busy enough so it doesn’t notice the skewed window. You can do this by installing a tall bookcase or an art sculpture in the large space beside the window.

You can even try placing a couch beside the window and turning it into a small reading nook. That way, instead of hiding it, you make the window work with your interior by placing various furniture beside it. 

If one solution isn’t enough, you can combine furniture and window treatments together to create a more balanced layout. 

For example, if your curtains aren’t big enough and can’t extend to the other side of the wall, you can still put them up but hide the other empty space with large furniture. 

You can put up a huge and lovely dresser beside the window, or you can set up a small workspace beside it. That way, you can distract the eyes from the asymmetry and make the empty space more functional.

Display Decorative Lght Fixtures

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Decorative light fixtures are another ingenious way to trick the eyes into seeing symmetry.

Hang decorative light fixtures, or place a tall, stylish lamp on the empty space beside the window to make your area more visually pleasing with warm lights, and at the same time, make the window placement more balanced and symmetrical. 

Where To Place The Bed With An Offf-Center Window?

Knit blanket and pillows on bed in white hotel bedroom

If your bedroom has an off-center window, you must be trying to determine where the best placement for the bed could be.

According to most feng shui traditions, your bed’s headboard shouldn’t be situated against or beside a window since you’ll be more vulnerable to excessive energy, disrupting your sleep.

Even without feng shui, placing your bed’s top part near a window can put you in the direct direction of sunlight, robbing you of extra hours of shut-eye when the sun is up. 

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For Smaller Bedrooms

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If you don’t have enough space in your room, this placement is inevitable. Fortunately, you can work around this by placing your bed in the large empty space beside the asymmetrical window.

Doing this will make the bedroom look more balanced since the bed will distract the eyes from the off-center window. It will also look as if the asymmetry was purposeful since you’ve placed your bed beside it.

This placement will also hide your eyes better from the sun rays, so you’ll get a few more hours of rest before fully waking up. Just make sure to install blinds and black-out curtains for this to be fully effective.

For Bigger Bedrooms

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Bigger bedrooms with off-center windows are easier to manage since you can place your bed in one corner of the room and hide the asymmetrical window with an extended curtain panel. 

Your layout will most likely play a part in your bed placement, but you’ll have more agency on what to do with the asymmetrical window.

Just make sure that your eyes won’t be on the path of sunlight, and that you have enough furniture and decors to veer the eyes away from the asymmetrical window.

Disadvantages of an off-center window

Eco cotton linen and blanket on a bed in nature loving family guesthouse for spring and summer vacation

Off-center windows don’t only make the place look unbalanced–they also have functional disadvantages, although they may be subtle.

Less access to natural light

Off-center windows only allow light to come in into a small part of the room. This makes for unequal light distribution since the rest of the room will still be a little darker than the space in front of the window. 

This can be frustrating especially if you’re trying to shoot photos in the room, or if you’re trying to read or work. 

Difficult to decorate

Any room that has an unbalanced element that can’t be moved instantly is a challenge to decorate and arrange. You’ll need to work around the asymmetry and consider placements that can solve the issue.

Although most solutions don’t require too much work, you still won’t have too much freedom to explore other layouts and furniture arrangements. 

Are there upsides to off-center windows?

Scandinavian bedroom interior

Off-center windows can give you the opportunity to be creative. These ideas will prove to be more functional and practical than if you didn’t have an off-center window! 

For example, placing a reading nook or workstation beside the off-center window will make the layout more balanced, and being near sunlight will improve your productivity.

Final Thoughts 

Having off-center windows is not the end of the world–although it can be frustrating to look at when it’s not yet dressed up. However, this can also be an opportunity to be intentional about your design choices–so it’s not all that bad! 


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