How To Hide Power Recliner Cords

Power recliners are one of the pinnacles of modern home relaxation. The only downside is perhaps the cords that are required to power them. If you're wondering how to hide these cords, we found several ways to hide them so you can get all the reclining comfort you want without unsightly and dangerous power cords snaking across your floor.

There are many many ways to hide electronic recliner cords. In general, these methods can be split into the following categories and subcategories:

  • Cover cord
    • Rugs
    • Power cord covers
    • Floor tape
  • Obsolete cord
    • Battery
    • Floor outlet
  • Rearrange the room
    • Run cord along the wall
    • Cable clips

Keep reading the rest of this post for a breakdown of each of the above bullet points. The following discussion includes multiple ways to accomplish each of the above techniques. To conclude, we'll answer a few questions related to the topic of this post and provide a useful additional reading list.

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Hiding Recliner Cords

Here we'll talk more about how you can hide your power recliner's cord.

Cover Cord

The easiest method for hiding a power recliner cord is to simply hide it. In the following subsections, we'll discuss how to accomplish covering your cord using rugs, power cord covers, and floor tape.

That being said, also consider getting creative with how you choose to cover your cord. The goal is to simply cover the cord so it is harder to both see and trip over.

The largest downside of simply covering your cord is that the trip hazard of the cord is reduced but not totally removed. No matter what, the bump of the cord will remain under whichever cover you choose.


This classic solution for sweeping unwanted and unattractive things out of the way also can make for attractive home additions. Here, the goal is to place the rug in such a way that it hides the majority of the power recliner cord but does not look out of place. 

Modern apartment living room interior. Carpet, leather sofa, velvet armchair, coffee table, pendant lamp, white windows and big window in the background.

To accomplish this, be sure to use the appropriate rug for the space. Therefore, use a long thin rug for a long thin space or an area rug for a larger area. Choose a rug with a thicker pile to reduce the cord bump and trip hazard the most.

The largest unique downside of this technique is that it is difficult to find a rug that is the exact correct size for whatever run of cord you are hoping to cover. Therefore, you can expect a bit of cord to be sticking out on either side of your rug. In this way, the trip hazard and unsightliness are reduced but not totally removed.

Power Cord Covers

Power cord covers are specially designed to cover and hold cords close to the ground. They include a slot underneath that holds the cord in place.

In addition, they are designed so that they gently slope up to the cord height and back down. This feature makes it harder to accidentally catch your foot or shoe on the cover.

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As shown in the above product, power cord covers are sold in a wide variety of colors. This allows you to opt for a cover that matches your floor. Additionally, consider buying a  cover that is longer than you need and using a utility knife to cut it down to the perfect length.

Sometimes, these power cord covers come with tape on the bottom that allows you to stick them to your floor, locking them in place. Take note that this tape will sometimes leave residue on your floor if left stuck for extended periods of time.

Floor Tape

Floor tape is a common accessory for holding together dance floors and marking out safety areas in shops. These uses are possible because this product sticks well to flooring and holds up to lots of use and walking. Thus, floor tape also makes a good option for holding down recliner power cords.

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As with all tapes, this material may leave a residue if left in place for a long time. Additionally, you can expect floor tape to work far less effectively on materials such as carpet. 

Obsolete Cord

Obsoleting your power cord means that you make modifications that make the long unsightly cord obsolete and unneeded. In general, there are two ways to accomplish this. These methods are to use a battery or install an in-floor outlet. We'll discuss these both in the following subsections.

Use A Battery

Rechargeable battery packs allow you to place your recliner anywhere in a room without consideration for outlet placement. Battery technology has improved greatly over recent years and now can provide long life.

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Downsides include the need to recharge these packs and the upfront cost. Additionally, when shopping for furniture batteries, be sure to carefully check the port and/or plug configuration of your recliner and other compatibility issues such as wattage. The battery will only be useful if it is fully compatible with your furniture.

How Do You Charge A Recliner Battery?

Recharging a recliner battery is generally a very simple process. The battery pack will include a cord that allows you to plug it into your home outlet. Additionally, almost all rechargeable batteries have indicator lights or screens that tell you when they are fully charged and ready to use again.

Often, the recharging process will take many hours. Consider buying two batteries so you never have to go without a charged battery that is ready to use.

Add A Floor Outlet

Adding an outlet near your recliner location requires an electrician and also a short cord from the recliner to the outlet.

Unlike battery packs, this method does not involve the hassle of constantly recharging batteries. However, the cost of bringing in an electrition is significant, and these outlets are permanent which locks in the location of the recliner.

Floor plug,pop up plug in metal cover installed in wooden floor.Electrical work.System engineering.

That being said, floor outlets also allow you to charge laptops and cell phones right next to your recliner. Further, it is possible to plug in reading lamps and other useful appliances.

Rearrange The Room

Rearranging the room allows you to hopefully place the recliner near an outlet in a way that makes the power cord difficult to see and impossible to trip over.

This does limit where in your room you place the recliner. That being said, consider the following subsections to help diversify potential appropriate recliner locations.

Run Cord Along The Wall

Generally, it is possible to run a power cord along your room's baseboard as a means of hiding the cord. This works best if you use an extension cord that matches the color of your flooring or your baseboard. 

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When running cords along baseboards, take care to ensure that the cords do not fall away from the edges of the room. If this happens, the cords may suddenly become serious trip hazards.

Cable Clips

One way to keep the cord in place is to use cable clips. Often, the biggest downside of this method is that it requires you to use fasteners such as small screws to hold the clips to your wall or baseboard.

However, modern cable clips are sometimes attached with included tape backing. Keep in mind that this sticky backing may leave a residue when you go to remove the clips later.

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Take note that cable clips can be used not only along baseboards but also through cabinets and up walls underneath the power socket that you are hoping to plug into.

Woman pluging the wire into white extension cord. Close up of female hand put cabel

Yes, you can. As long as the extension cord is properly grounded and rated for the power required by the recliner, there is no reason you cannot plug that recliner into an extension cord.

If you are worried about buying the proper cord for your recliner, take your question to a furniture store or warehouse and they should be able to provide you with the exact cord you need.

Before heading shopping, be sure to take pictures of what the included recliner power cord looks like and measure how long of an extension cord you need.

In Closing

In this post, we thoroughly answered the question of how to hide power recliner cords. In addition, we answered a few questions related to this post. Good luck! 

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