How To Hide The Laundry Basket In A Bedroom

Keeping a basket of dirty laundry out in the open is never a good look, so where are you supposed to put it? We researched and found some tips, tricks, and life hacks that will keep your laundry basket within arm's reach without compromising your bedroom's tidiness. 

If you're tight on space, hiding your laundry basket in plain sight isn't as hard as it seems. Here are some places you can keep your hamper that won't be noticeable to guests:

  • In the closet 
  • Under the bed
  • In a tilt-out cabinet
  • In a designated laundry drawer
  • In a decorative basket

We know that organization can be tough – that's why we're here to help! Keep reading for an in-depth guide to laundry storage that will streamline your living space and make laundry day a breeze.

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Keep Your Laundry Basket In The Closet

If you live in a small home or apartment, you're familiar with the struggle of trying to find space for all of your belongings. We know that not all homes are gifted in the closet department, but if you're lucky enough to have a little extra closet space, consider keeping your laundry basket right there with the rest of your clothes. Bonus: you won't have to walk across the room to reach your hamper, just change and go!

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Here are two different options for storing dirty clothes in your closet:

Free Standing Hamper

If you can create a little space in the back corner of your closet, simply keep your laundry basket tucked away behind your hangers. The rest of your clothes will block the view of your hamper, so even if your closet door is open, it will be difficult to see unless you know it's there. 

Blouses on hangers

For this method, we suggest something tall and narrow so it's easily accessible without taking up too much space. This one from Amazon is also on wheels, which comes in handy when it's time to do laundry.

Check out this Slim Collapsible Laundry Basket with wheels on Amazon.

Hanging Laundry Basket

For those of us without any spare floor space in our closets, a hanging laundry basket works wonders. Just hook it next to the rest of your hangers or on the back of your closet door, and you're good to go.

We love this one because it comes in a two-pack. If you hang them side-by-side, it will allow you to sort your clothes by color (or however you divvy up your laundry) as you go.

Check out this 2-pack Hanging Laundry Basket on Amazon.

Keep Your Laundry Basket Under The Bed

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After a lot of thinking, sometimes it's evident that the answer was right in front of you all along. You already keep so many things stored under your bed; why not keep your laundry basket there too?

While a typical tall hamper won't do the trick for this method, there are options for under-the-bed laundry storage that will keep your bedroom looking clutter-free. A short, long hamper with handles on the sides will make it easy to pull your laundry basket out slightly each time you need to use it. 

Check out this Canvas Underbed Storage Basket on Amazon.

Try A Tilt Out Cabinet For Your Laundry 

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If you're able to fit an additional small piece of furniture in your bedroom, we highly suggest trying a tilt out cabinet. This contraption provides additional shelf space on top and a totally inconspicuous place to hide your laundry basket in the front.

Unlike a traditional hidden compartment cabinet, one with a tilt-out design won't interfere with any knick-knacks you place on top of your cabinet. A flip-up top, on the other hand, would send your belongings flying each time you need to access your laundry.

Check out this Bamboo Tilt-Out Laundry Shelf on Amazon.

Opt For A Designated Laundry Drawer

Top view of empty open wooden drawer

If all else fails when you're really strapped for space, you can always convert a drawer in your dresser to a designated dirty laundry drawer. To do this, you'll only need a bag or liner for easy removal. Simply empty out your bottom drawer and use that space as your makeshift hamper – it couldn't be any easier!

Check out these Cotton Laundry Liner Bags on Amazon.

Decorative Baskets

Although this option isn't technically hidden, using a decorative basket as your laundry hamper is just as unassuming as any of the methods listed above. 

Rope Baskets

A twill or cotton rope basket in a pretty off-white or beige adds a beachy flair to any room. Fill the basket with your laundry and simply place a fuzzy blanket over the top to hide its contents. Nobody will know what's hiding underneath!

Check out this Cotton Rope Basket with Handles on Amazon.

Free Standing Wood Baskets

Basket isolated on white background

A wooden hamper with a lid can be a beautiful addition to your bedroom if you match the wood to your other furniture. A basket like this one from Amazon works well because it's beautifully decorative on its own. Plus, the lid hides your laundry, so your guests are none the wiser – they will probably assume it's just extra storage for linens. 

Check out this Wooden Spa Hamper on Amazon.

What Size Is A Standard Laundry Basket?

The most common unit of measurement used to describe laundry baskets is the seldom-heard-of bushel. The bushel has historically been used to measure dry agricultural goods, such as wheat and grains, and is still sometimes used to measure other dry materials (like laundry!).

Closeup of small yellow, green and white multicolored decorative carving pumpkin squash in wooden basket

So, when you're looking online for a new laundry basket, it will most often be two bushels – that's around 16 gallons of capacity. Hampers can sometimes range from 1.5 to 2.5 bushels, but a two bushel capacity is more than enough to hold two loads of laundry, so anything larger than that is generally unnecessary. 

Can You Use The Same Basket For Clean And Dirty Clothes?

As long as your clean and dirty clothes don't mingle in the same basket at the same time, you can absolutely use the same basket for both purposes. In fact, this is a great trick to keep you on track during laundry day. If you use the same basket for clean and dirty laundry, then it's imperative that you wash all your loads, fold, and put away your clothes, so your basket is freed up for that night's dirty laundry. 

Laundry basket with folded clothes

How To Keep Your Laundry Basket Smelling Fresh

If you're using the same basket for clean and dirty clothes, you may be worried about a certain scent absorbing into your basket and lingering on your freshly washed laundry. Especially if you have a cloth, canvas, or rope basket, this can be an issue as these materials are more likely to soak in smells.

Woman unloading clothes doing laundry

Laundry Basket Liners

The easiest way to avoid this is a washable laundry basket liner. They're cheap, easy to replace, and easy to wash. Just throw them in the washing machine onece a month with some detergent and dry on a low setting (to avoid shrinkage). 

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Check out these Washable Laundry Basket Liners on Amazon.

Fabric Refresher

Woman Hand is Spraying Air Freshener into Pillow on Bedroom, Close-Up of Woman Hand is Holding Bottle of Air-Freshener Spray Container While Application into a Pillow Fabric. Home Hygienic and Care

If your fabric laundry basket isn't washable or isn't compatible with a liner there's no need to worry. Just spray a little bit of fabric refresher in your basket on laundry day to eliminate foul-smelling odor. Pro tip: fabric refresher often comes in scented and unscented varietals, so if you're sensitive to fragrance you can still use this hack. 

Check out this Fabreeze Odorless Fabric Refresher on Amazon.

Enjoy Your Clutter Free Bedroom!

With all these tips and tricks up your sleeve, it will be easy to find an inconspicuous place to store your laundry basket. Whether it's under the bed, in the closet, or hidden in plain sight, there's a perfect spot for your hamper somewhere in your bedroom. Get organizing – your future self will thank you!

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