How To Hide Wires On Desk (6 Under-Desk Cable Management Solutions)

Nothing is more unsightly or cumbersome than having lots of wires snaking around your desk. Untamed wires take up a lot of space and can make it hard to focus on your work. Plus, a desk littered with unkempt cables and wires looks unprofessional. Figuring out a way to keep your desk cleared of wires will help transform the space of your desk. It will open up the desk more and keep it looking tidy. So, what is the best way to do so?

The best way to hide wires on or under your desk is with one or multiple cable management solutions that neatly hide away unsightly wires and cables. These simple cable management systems allow you to keep wires and cables neatly stowed for a cleaner, more professional look. These systems include:

  • Under desk cable management tray
  • Cable clips
  • Cable raceway
  • Under desk privacy screen
  • Adhesive cable clips
  • Cable management box organizer

If you still have some more questions about how to hide the loose wires on your desk, don't worry. In this guide, we will discuss the topic in greater detail. We'll also show you some excellent products that will help tame your conglomeration of cables. Just keep reading!

An office desk and a Mac computer on top of the desk, How To Hide Wires On Desk (6 Under-Desk Cable Management Solutions)

6 Cable Management Solutions

There are lots of different options when it comes to hiding away visible cables. The following products do just the trick. You'll definitely want to add at least one of these products to your desk to keep those pesky cables from cluttering your workspace.

1. Under Desk Cable Management Tray

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Keep your cables and cords neatly wrapped up with the help of this premium under desk storage rack. The basket design attaches to the underside of the desk, keeping cables from dragging on the floor. It measures 15.7 inches across, 3.9 inches tall, and 3.9 inches wide. The high-quality steel is sure to last a long time, too.

An adhesive strip attaches the cage to the underside of the desk. Once it has been attached, screw it into the underside of the desk on the pre-made holes. 

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2. Cable Clips

This set comes with 16 cable clips in varying sizes. The back of each one is outfitted with an extra sticky adhesive to keep it in place. Clean off the surface before sticking the cable clips onto it. No residue gets left behind when it's taken off. Before sliding any cables into it, let it stand for 24 hours after applying the adhesive. 

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3. Cable Raceway

Keep cables easily hidden away with the help of the cable raceway. The raceway has an opening towards the top so you can slide the cables into it neatly. It comes with a super adhesive tape to attach to the back of the cable holder. There are black, brown, and gray options to choose from. 

The package comes with 6 raceways that each measure 15.7 inches long. They're easy to cut if you need to make them smaller to fit your desk correctly. 

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4. Under Desk Privacy Screen

An under-desk privacy screen is a great way to conceal all your wires in an orderly way. Not only does it keep the wires hidden, but it also adds some privacy. The panel has two upper slots to tuck the wires into and then mesh pockets on the outer-facing side for additional storage.

Pick from either a 30-inch or 60-inch screen that will fit the width of your desk. The black color keeps your desk looking sleek.

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5. Adhesive Cable Clips

Sometimes all your desk needs are cable clips to keep things looking orderly. Wild wires won't be on the loose with the help of these clips. The clips have a strong adhesive backing that attaches to the desk. Each clip measures 1.8 inches long. The package includes 50 clips, so you'll be able to keep the wires out of the way with ease. 

The cable clips come in either white or black. Pick the color that best blends in with your desk and the cables on top of it. 

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6. Cable Management Box Organizer

A cable box organizer keeps the cables all wrapped into the box and out of sight. The box has 4 separate spots for cables to slide into for easy cable management. The sleek box adds a nice aesthetic to the desk, too. 

The cable box comes in both white and black colors. A wooden top is also an option. It measures 15.7 inches long, 5.3 inches tall, and 6.10 inches wide. 

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How To Hide Cords On A Desk That's In The Middle Of The Room

If you find yourself with a ton of messy cables and a desk that's in the middle of the room, you're in luck, because there are some simple tricks you can implement to clean up your workspace.

1. Velcro Larger Accessories To The Bottom Of The Desk

Attach some velcro to the underside of the desk and to larger accessories like power bricks. Simply attach these accessories underneath the desk to reduce the clutter and open up the space.

2. Use Zip Ties To Secure Cables To The Legs Of The Desk

Run the cables down one of the legs of the desk, and use zip ties to keep them securely attached. Try to route the cables along the inside of the desk leg so that they are less visible from the outside. 

3. Hide Cables Under A Rug

The biggest challenge associated with hiding cables in your situation is hiding the length of cable running from the desk to the wall outlet. Simply place a rug over the bulk of the length of cable to keep it out of sight. If need be, cut a small hole in the rug to route the cables through.

How To Hide Cords On A Glass Desk

Glass desks look elegant and beautiful. But that doesn't mean it's easy to keep things orderly and looking neat. Considering the see-through properties of glass, it may seem like a difficult task to keep wires hidden and out of sight. There are a couple of ways you can reduce the unsightly scene.

1. Hide Cables Along The Edges Of The Desk

Since glass desks are transparent, the best way to hide cables is to route them along the desk's edges, as this portion of the desk is the least visible. 

2. Decorate The Desk

Adding decorations to the desk goes a long way toward keeping those pesky cables hidden. Since the desk is transparent, the cables will inevitably be visible to some extent, so desktop decor will be your best friend. 

How To Clean The Wires Under The Desk

Wires can easily gather dust when they just sit underneath the desk. It's practically inevitable. Whenever there is a collection of wires bunched together, they attract dust even more. 

To clean the wires under a desk, periodically dust them. There is a wide range of dusters that you can use, but it's best to use a small duster that can fit into small spaces. Microfiber is the best material to use for cleaning them off, too. This type of material is super absorbent and versatile for all kinds of cleaning practices.

Microfiber Duster

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Microfiber Dusting Sticks

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One of the other ways to clean the wires under your desk is with a compressed air duster. The compressed air helps to quickly blow off the cables with a quick spray of the compressed air. The long nozzle can get into hard-to-reach places. 

Compressed Air Duster

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In Closing

Let us know in the comment section below how you decide to hide the wires on your desk and which cable-management systems you use. Before you go, make sure to check out these other insightful home decor guides:

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