How To Install Dryer Vent Bird Guard? [Quickly & Easily]

Birds can cause many problems when they have access to a dryer vent. They can create nests, leave droppings, bring in bird mites, or even die inside the vent. You should protect your dryer vent to avoid such problems. We did research for this post to help you install a bird guard for your dryer vent. 

Installing a dryer vent bird guard will protect the vent from birds. A bird guard is a plastic or steel cage that you can install over the vent hood. Here is the process to follow:

  1. Choose a suitable bird guard for the vent. 
  2. Before you install it, remove any nests and clean the vent.
  3. Place the guard over the vent opening. 
  4. Secure by adding screws in the designated places.

Various designs of bird guards are available on the market to match your needs. These guards should comply with local codes. Once you install the bird guard, you should regularly monitor and clean it. Continue reading to learn more about bird guards and the installation process.

A dryer air vent accumulating dirt on its grills, How To Install Dryer Vent Bird Guard? [Quickly & Easily]

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Adding A Bird Guard For A Dryer Vent

Bird guards are easy to install, and you should be able to do it by yourself. Regardless of the brand or design, the installation process is similar. Read along for the process involved.

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Dryer air vent with lots of gunk on the outlet

1. Choose A Bird Guard

Bird guards come in a variety of designs, sizes, and materials. Make sure that the bird guard suits your needs. Measure the dryer vent opening to find the right bird guard size. You can also select bird guards with vent covers or flappers to keep the birds out. 

Refer to local residential codes or your homeowner association’s requirements for the type of bird guard to use.  

2. Prepare The Vent Area

Before you install the bird guard, you must remove any debris from the vent. There may be nests, lint buildup, or other debris blocking the vent airflow.

You should feel the air flowing from the exterior vent hood to check for any blockage. If the air is weak or you can’t feel it, a nest or lint may be clogging the vent.

If that is the case, find and remove any debris and clean the vent. You may want to enlist the help of a professional vent cleaner for this task.

Cleaning is critical because the smell and other substances from the birds are harmful to humans. If you skip cleaning, you put your family at risk. 

3. Gather Your Materials

Buy the right bird guard for your dryer vent. Some kits include mounting hardware, while others do not. If there is no hardware included, you need to get the following:

  • 4 1-inch screws 
  • Drill 

4. Install The Bird Guard

Once you are done with the previous steps, follow the installation process below:

  1. Place the bird guard over the vent opening.
  2. Depending on the bird guard design, find the screw holes on the sides. 
  3. With a drill, add the screws. 

After installation, you must clean the bird guard regularly to maintain its condition.

What To Use For A Dryer Vent Bird Guard?

A white dryer air white with dirt accumulated its grills

Most commercial vent bird guards are durable and weather-resistant plastic cages with holes.

Birds of any size cannot enter through the guards because the holes are small. The hole size is enough to allow strong airflow through the vents with minimal lint buildup.

Also, there are different bird guard sizes for different vent types. The common bird guard sizes can fit 3-4 inch dryer vents. You should measure the vent opening first before you buy the bird guard.

The dryer vents should have a cover that will not clog. The bird guards should allow lint to pass through and not accumulate in the vent. 

Other factors to consider when choosing the bird guard include:

  • Durability of material (plastic or stainless steel)
  • Easy installation and removal
  • UV ray protection (protects against cracks and sun damage)
  • Weather resistance (should be suitable for outdoor use)

You should check the bird guards you see in a store or online to make sure they are compatible with your dryer vent.

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You can also make a D-I-Y bird guard by sealing the exterior opening of the vent with galvanized wire mesh or hardware cloth. Note that plastic netting and window screening are not good choices for keeping birds out.

What Bird Guard Material To Use For Dryer Vents?

A covered dryer air vent

You can choose from plastic, stainless, and zinc-coated steel bird guards.

Plastic bird guards are popular, easy to install, and cheap. You can select this if you want a quick solution. 

Stainless steel is stronger than plastic, but the installation is complex. Steel is heavy, so you need to use the right screws and techniques so that the guard does not fall off. 

Some bird guards have a zinc coating that can offer long-lasting protection against birds. High levels of zinc are harmful to birds.

In the end, the best material for a bird guard is the one suitable for the conditions of your vents.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Vent Bird Guard?

If you cannot install the bird guards yourself, the average labor cost an installer can charge is around $100-150. If you contract for vent cleaning, some companies might not charge a fee for the bird guard installation.  

Why Is It Important To Keep Birds Away From Dryer Vents?

Birds can cause serious damage to vents and affect airflow. Although they are indirectly harmful, birds can leave nests, lint, droppings, and mites that stay in the vent. 

Here are the reasons why you need to keep birds out of dryer vents:

  • Overheating might occur inside the house because hot air cannot flow through the vent. If there is no temperature control, too much heat could cause a fire.
  • Lint and other debris blocking the vent can extend drying time. Longer drying time results in more energy consumption.
  • Birds bring parasites and can cause infectious diseases. Mites and other pathogens carried by infected birds can crawl into the vent and infect your clothing and your family.
  • Bird droppings left in the vent pose a health hazard. The smell is difficult to remove, and it can linger in your house if you allow birds to stay in the vent.
  • The vent can suck birds in, and they can die inside. A dead bird is difficult to remove, and the smell will infiltrate your laundry.

Adding bird guards to the vent will keep your home healthy and safe. You can also prevent harm to other birds by keeping them away from the vents.

Covering a dryer air vent

What Are Other Ways To Keep Birds Away From Dryer Vents?

Aside from adding bird guards or vent coverings, there are other ways to discourage birds from getting in vents.  

Here are some methods you can try:

  • Dispose of scrap food around the house.
  • Lure the birds away from the house by adding a bird bath or feeder. 
  • Let a professional install perch repellents near the vent.  
  • You can also add physical repellents, such as plastic predator toys and reflective bird diverters. 

If the birds are already in the vents, it is still possible to remove them safely. You should not use force when you shoo away the birds, especially young ones. You should seek assistance from a wildlife expert to remove the birds safely.

Can You Use A Vent Bird Guard To Avoid Pests?

Most bird guards can protect against pests such as mice, squirrels, and snakes. The holes can prevent the entry of small animals. So you’re getting a universal pest guard for the vent.

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However, insects are small enough to enter through the holes. If you want to prevent insects from coming inside the vents, you can get a bird guard with a screen. 

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You can also add mesh behind your existing bird guard to keep insects out. 

In Summary

A dryer air vent accumulating dirt on its grills

Dryer vent bird guards are easy to install. You should make sure that you choose a suitable bird guard, remove any birds or debris, and clean out the vent. When you install the guard, you must secure it over the vent with screws.

You can buy bird guards with different styles for your dryer vents. The guards also keep out small animals. Also, you can prevent insects from entering  the vents if the bird guard has a screen. 

A bird guard is an easy fix that will keep your dryer vent working well. 

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