How To Install LED Strip Lights – 5 Easy Steps!

You can easily add some brilliance to your home with LED strip lights. These nifty roles of lights are flexible enough to accommodate almost any space or situation. If you're already convinced that this is the best option for your project, your next question may be how to install these lights. We've done the research to give you an easy guide on how to get this completed.

Follow these steps to install LED strip lighting:

  1. Gather your materials. You will need an LED light strip, a power source with adaptor and wall plug, a controller, a remote, scissors, and a damp cloth.
  2. Measure the area on which you will be installing the LED strip, and then cut the LED strip to length.
  3. Cleanse and dry the area on which you will be installing the LED lights so that the adhesive will bond well.
  4. Peel off the adhesive backing of your LED light strip and press the strip into place.
  5. Then connect your light strips to the power source, and plug them into the wall.

So there are your instructions, and it's just as easy as it seems! You may have some further questions about the best way to install these lights. We have covered more frequently asked questions to elaborate about LED light strips in the remainder of this post. Keep reading to learn more!

A modern kitchen with colored LED lights, How To Install LED Strip Lights - 5 Easy Steps!

How To Install LED Strip Lights

1. Gather Your Materials

The good news is that most LED light strip packs come with everything you need for functional lights, but you should still make sure. Check to see that you have these items in your package:

  • an LED light strip,
  • a power source with adaptor and wall plug,
  • a controller,
  • and remote.

You will also need a measuring tape, scissors, and a damp cloth handy. 

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2. Measuring & Cutting

Grab your trusty measuring tape and measure the area on which you will be installing the LED light strips. Write down the measurement and go to unroll your LED light strip. 

When cutting the lights to length, keep in mind that you can't cut just anywhere on the strip. There are designated areas on which to cut, indicated by round copper spots. This is the only place you may cut the strip for usable lights. 

Close up of a fragment led strip light on a white background

3. Putting Your Lights In Place

Cleanse the area on which you would like to install your lights. Be sure that the area is dry before beginning installation. This is necessary so that the adhesive on the strip will bond to the surface properly, ensuring a long- lasting hold.

LED light strips are equipped with an adhesive back, making for a very convenient installation. Remove the paper backing, and then press the strips into place. Take your time. You want the lights to be in a straight line and want to avoid peeling and reapplying the strip. 

Where should LED strip lights be placed in a room?

LED strip lights should be used to add dimension to spaces and give a soft ambiance to your room. To achieve this, you want to install them in the right places. To add dimension, it is a good idea to install the lights on the underside of cabinets. These can be built-ins or furniture, such as an entertainment center. 

For ambiance, you can add LED strip lights to your ceilings, behind the headboard or underneath the frame of your bed, or on the wall behind your television, providing a warm glow. To create an softer look, you can add an LED light strip channel with a frosted cover. 

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How do you keep LED strips from falling off?

If you decide to install LED strip lights on your ceilings, the gravity pulling on the lights as they are plugged into the wall can cause the gradual slip of the adhesive. The adhesive also is not suitable for rough surfaces. In these cases, you may need more to keep your lights in place.

Fortunately, you can purchase fixing clips, also called mounting brackets, to secure your lights. These are available in a variety of styles and colors and are anchored with screws. 

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4. Connecting Them To Power

Now that you have the lights installed, how do you connect the strip to the mains power supply? As soon as your light strip is secured, you can connect them to mains power. Connect the lights directly to the controller. Then connect the controller to the power adapter. Lastly, plug the power source into the wall. You should now have functional, beautiful lighting.

Can you connect LED strip lights together?

Using an LED light strip connecting clip is the most convenient way to join together these light strips. There are several options to choose from. Use hippo clips for connecting two individual light strips to each other head-to-head, LED strip connectors for connecting two light strips to each other at parallel, or an LED wire connector for strips that will be bending at an odd angle.

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You can also solder the LED light strips to one another. This is a less convenient option, but it may be necessary if you are using a frame or channel to hold up the lights. 

Do you need a transformer for LED strip lights?

For a smaller length of strip lights, you may not need a transformer. However, if you choose to connect LED strip lights together and have them all pulling from a combined power source, you may need a transformer. An LED transformer will also help prevent electrical fires and shorts when you are using multiple stretches of lights. All in all, the need for this product depends on your situation.

In Closing

LED strip lights are a versatile lighting option that continues to build in popularity. As you find uses for these lights, you'll need to know how to install them. With a little ingenuity and flexibility, we have given you instructions that will make for easy installation. Give your home some added dimension and ambiance with beautiful lighting. 

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