How To Keep Footprints Off Tile Floors

Tile floors can make any kitchen or bathroom look sparkling clean. But some folks have trouble keeping them looking this way. If your tile floors are plagued with footprints, we can help. We researched the best ways to keep footprints off tile flooring, so you'll know what to do.

You can keep footprints from showing up on tile floors by using one of these three techniques:

  • Clean the tile flooring with saline solution.
  • Use a combination of mineral spirits and warm water to clean the tiles.
  • Be sure the floor is bone dry.

Now that we know some strategies for keeping footprints off of tile floors, we'll take a deeper look at how each one works. You might also wonder what vinegar does to tile floors or how to remedy slippery patches on this surface. For the answers to these questions and more, read on to see what our research has uncovered.

How to Keep Footprints Off  Your Tile Floors

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Like any surface in your home, the floors will need some TLC regularly to keep them clean. How often they'll need attention will depend on what type of flooring you have, how much traffic they receive, and what you clean them with.

When it comes to tile, the dirt, grime, and aberrations are going to show up more readily than they will on carpeting. While tile can look dirty faster, it's a lot easier to clean and a heck of a lot more stain resistant.

Footprints that appear on a tile floor just after you mopped can be frustrating. But if you try these techniques the next time you clean, you'll find that these marks will be much less of a problem.

Clean the tile flooring with saline solution

The great news is that you can create simple solutions at home to keep footprints off of your tile. And these solutions are so inexpensive that they're practically free!

Try using a simple solution of warm water and saline solution. This mixture will work to make the floors sparkle. It will also keep streaks from appearing on the floor. And if footprints are an issue, a quick mopping with it after you've cleaned the flooring with your normal chemicals will help keep footprints from showing up.

Many floor cleaners will leave a slightly tacky residue on the tile. So, after all the dirt and grime have been removed, this trace coating of cleaner that's left can result in footprints. The saline solution will remove that layer while giving the tile some sheen.

Use mineral spirits and warm water to clean the tiles

An alternative to the saline solution is mineral spirits. If you have some handy, you can quickly get ready to clean your tile floors.

Just combine equal parts mineral spirits and warm tap water in your mop bucket. Mop the tile with this solution after you've cleaned it with your regular floor cleaner. The solution should take away the tacky residue left behind by your cleaner.

If you are using mineral spirits, be sure to dispose of the leftover solution properly!

Be sure the floor is bone dry

No matter what method you use, drying the floor is important if you want to keep footprints from appearing. While air drying will work okay, you might consider using a soft cloth to do the job faster.

In a home that gets a lot of foot traffic, letting the floors air dry might not always be an option. Attaching a microfiber cloth to the end of your mop will help you dry the tile floor quickly and with minimal effort.

What Does Vinegar Do To Tile Floors?

If you just had tile floors installed, you might be overwhelmed by the number of available cleaners. The good news is that you don't necessarily have to buy a cleaner at all. You more than likely have items in your home that will do the same job for less money.

White vinegar is a great substance for cleaning tile floors. The dirt, mildew, and grime that builds up in between the tiles can be tough to root out. But the right solution of white vinegar and warm water makes the perfect cleaning agent for the job.

White vinegar has enough acidity to work on the buildup between the tiles. A simple solution of half white vinegar and half warm water is potent enough to effectively clean the tiles as well as a store-bought cleaner. This same solution can also be used to clean shower and bath tiles!

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How To Remedy A Slippery Tile Floor

There's no doubt about it, tile floors can be slippery. Even after the floor dries, it can be easy to slide across the tile in your stocking feet. Thankfully, there is a way to greatly reduce this effect and save yourself from injury.

Applying an inexpensive anti-slipping solution is the best way to make sure your tile floors are slip-resistant. These solutions are made from hydroxy acetic acid and will give just enough grip on the tile's surface to keep you from sliding. Applying it is easy and takes no more time than it would mopping your floor.

Thoroughly clean the surface first

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Before you apply the anti-slip solution, you will need to be sure that the floor is free from anything that might interfere with it. Any traces of greasy material will especially need to be removed along with all the other dirt and debris. For this, we recommend Dawn or any other dishwashing soap that is tough on grease.

Scrub the tile floor with soap and warm water. Be thorough and get in between the tiles and in all the corners. Neatness counts! 

Mop again with just ordinary water to remove any traces of the soapy solution. Let the floor air dry.

Mix up the solution

For this step, you will want to wear good rubber gloves. The anti-slip solution can be highly acidic and burn your skin. 

The solution can be shaken in its container or mixed in a mop bucket. If you are applying it to indoor tile, a mop bucket will usually work best. If the tile is outdoor, it can be mixed and placed into a garden sprayer.

Apply the anti-slipping solution

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Mop with the solution or spray it on the tile floor. Do your best to be sure that the solution is evenly distributed and that all the grout between the tiles has been covered.

Allow the solution to dry

The solution will need a minimal amount of time to dry. On average, this will take 10 to 15 minutes. You do not want to let this solution sit on the tile for any longer than that.

This solution deepens the tiny grooves on each tile. This creates a better grip on the surface of the tile, helping to prevent slippage. But if you keep it on the floor too long, it can damage the tile.

Rinse after 15 minutes

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After the 15-minute mark, it will be time to rinse the floor. If the tile is outside, spray it with a garden hose. If you are indoors, mopping the floor with clean, warm water will work perfectly. 

After you've rinsed the tile floor, use a towel to dry the surface. This removes the combination of an anti-slipping solution and warm water. 

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In Conclusion

Tile floors don't have to be a challenge to keep clean. Using the right cleaners and the proper technique will help keep unsightly footprints from mucking up your kitchen or bathroom. Consider using an approved anti-slipping solution for your indoor and outdoor tile to prevent accidents.

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