How To Keep People From Walking Into A Glass Door

The Internet is full of hilarious videos of people walking into glass doors. But it's not so funny when it happens to you or someone you love! Don't worry - we've done the research and have helpful tips for how to keep people from walking into a glass door.

Here are some simple steps you can take to protect the safety of people and property:

  • Apply a decal or sticker to the door
  • Use a window shade or curtain.
  • Paint, frost, or tint the glass
  • Strengthen the glass

As you can see, there are many different solutions to protect people from the possible embarrassment and injury of walking into a glass door. In this post, we'll explain each one in detail to figure out which is the best for you. We'll also answer some common questions about glass door safety. Let's get started!

A glass door with modern door handle bars and a pull signage on the right, How To Keep People From Walking Into A Glass Door

Can You Break A Glass Door By Walking Into It?

As a quick search of YouTube videos will confirm, you can definitely break a glass door by walking into it. Broken shards and splinters of glass can cause serious injury to people and things around the door. The danger of a glass door breaking depends on the type of glass and the force of the impact.

Tempered Glass

Most household doors and windows are made of tempered glass. Tempered glass is strong and does not break easily. When it does break, it shatters into tiny pieces with few sharp edges. If you walk into a tempered glass door and it breaks, you will likely end up with several minor cuts from the shattered glass. However, it is unlikely that you will be seriously injured. 

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is commonly used for office doors and storefront windows. It is made of two pieces of glass with a thin sheet of plastic in the middle. Laminated glass is also strong and does not break easily. It is often used to protect property because the plastic sheet remains intact if the glass breaks, providing an extra barrier. A laminated glass door will break into large pieces with sharp edges. Cuts from large glass shards can cause serious injury to someone who walks through the door by accident or is near it when it breaks.

How Do You Keep People From Walking Into A Glass Door?

Apply A Decal Or Sticker

People usually walk into glass doors because they don't realize the door is there. Decals or safety stickers can be applied to a glass door as a safety precaution. When someone sees the decal, they will be aware that there is a door and, hopefully, act accordingly.

Decals or safety stickers should ideally be placed at two different heights on the door - between 32-40 inches above the floor and between 55-63 inches above the floor. These locations will ensure that adults of varying heights, children, and pets will all see the door marking on the glass.

Door decals do not need to be purely functional. They can also provide an opportunity to decorate, express your creativity, and even promote your brand (i.e., in an office). Here are some highly-rated and affordable options for door decals and safety stickers.


These basic self-adhesive decals come in a variety of designs. They measure 6 inches in diameter and are easily removed and repositioned. 

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For a more festive option, check out this holiday season decal set. You can buy or make decals to decorate for different seasons and holidays, turning a safety feature into an opportunity for creative fun! 

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Safety Stickers

Unlike a decorative decal, safety stickers are primarily functional. This elegant hummingbird decal option comes in a 3-pack and is very discreet. Just 5 inches long, it will alert people and pets to the presence of a glass door but will not draw attention or distract from the outdoor view. 

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Use A Window Covering

A window covering, such as a curtain or blind, is another effective way to alert people and pets that there is a glass door ahead. A sheer curtain or light-colored beaded curtain is discreet and does not disrupt the natural light coming in from the glass door.

This light-weight sheer curtain beautifully frames the glass door. It hangs on a curtain rod and comes in a variety of sizes and colors. This curtain is also machine-washable.  

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A beaded curtain, like a sheer curtain, allows light in and does not disrupt your outside view. This beaded curtain has a lovely Bohemian style and lots of character. It's a great way to protect your glass door and the people and pets around it while also curating a lovely space. Click here to see it on Amazon.

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Color The Glass Using Paint, Frost, or Tint

Just like applying a decal, adding color or texture to a glass door makes people aware that it is there and can prevent them from walking into it. Adding color or treatment to a door is functional, and it can also be used to express your own personal style and creativity.


Are you an artist? You can use glass paint on your door to create a brilliant work of art. Not an artist at all? You can keep people from walking through your glass door simply by painting a line of your favorite color across the glass. This set of nontoxic glass paints includes 12 different colors to choose from. 

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Window Film

Decorative film is a sticker, just like the decals discussed earlier. However, a window film is applied to the entire door. It looks like treated glass (e.g., frosted, stained, patterned) but is much more affordable.

This beautiful flower pattern sticks to the door using static cling rather than an adhesive. This makes it easy to remove and ensures that it will not damage the glass.

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This film creates a frosted glass effect. Besides keeping people from walking through a glass door, this type of film also enhances privacy and security by making your door more difficult to see through. 

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Tint or Frost Spray

You can also create a frosted glass effect by using a frost spray. This is a cheaper but more labor-intensive option than a film, particularly for a large glass door. The semi-transparent oil-based paint spray allows light to filter through the door and prevents people from seeing or walking through it.  

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How Do You Strengthen A Glass Door?

You can strengthen a glass door by replacing the glass with "impact-resistant" or "hurricane-proof" glass, which is professionally treated to withstand force. Impact glass is an expensive option that will likely cost up to a few thousand dollars for the materials, plus an additional cost for the installation labor. If you are interested in this option, we recommend that you talk to a professional contractor.

Security window film is a more affordable option for strengthening a glass door. This thin sheet of film looks similar to the decorative films mentioned earlier, but its sole purpose is to provide an additional protective layer. Security film can make your door more difficult to break and reduce the risk of injury from broken glass. 

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How Do You Keep Your Dog From Running Into A Glass Door?

In theory, we have discussed all of the solutions so far to protect people and pets from walking through a glass door. However, some dogs don't seem to care whether there is a door in their way or not! Many dogs can be trained to stay away from the door, but they may forget their training if they get excited or scared.

If you have a particularly rambunctious dog, consider blocking the door with a chair or a small piece of furniture. This provides a physical obstacle, so the dog will not be able to get to the door. It can also be a tool for behavioral training. For example, you can train your dog to stay away from the door if the chair is in front of it, or you can train the dog to understand that that door is not an entrance or exit that they are allowed to use.

Basic Safety Precautions Can Make A Big Difference

Glass doors may be a comedic staple, but they are also a potential hazard. As we've discussed in this post, there are many simple ways to keep people, pets, and property safe. Best of all, the security features on your glass door can double as decoration to express your creativity and personal sense of style. 

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