How To Make A Daybed Look Like A Couch [6 EASY Ideas]

Do you have a daybed or trundle bed in a guest room? Maybe you want to use the room as an entertainment space as well. Making the bed look like a couch can tie it all together. So, how exactly do you make a daybed look like a couch? We’ve checked with what designers have suggested and have compiled some simple ways for you to create this look.

By having the right type of comforter and positioning pillows just right, your daybed could look just like a couch. Using these items are some of the best ways to transform the look of your daybed:

  • Large Pillows
  • Throw Blankets
  • Coffee Table
  • Side Tables
  • Bed Skirt
  • Foot Stools Or Ottoman

In this article, we’ll cover these tips and tricks in greater detail in order to make your daybed, trundle, or twin bed look like a comfortable couch. We’ll also discuss some other daybed-related questions. So be sure to keep reading.

A vibrant daybed with cushions in modern home, How To Make A Daybed Look Like A Couch [6 EASY Ideas]

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Daybed Transformation Ideas

There are many ways you can make any twin-size bed look like a couch using the above items. In just a matter of minutes, you can achieve the look of a very couch-looking daybed.

Large Pillows

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Kids room in coastal style with daybed and wooden frame on the wall

Large pillows take up space and can make the bed look smaller than what it is, hiding some depth. It will also push you forward when leaning against them. Big pillows can also create a backrest for a bed that may not have one attached. This will make it more comfortable to sit back and relax on the bed.

The pillows can be removed if someone is actually sleeping in the bed. Colors, textures, and prints can also be mixed and matched to whatever motif you want in the room.

Throw Blankets

Spacious and stylish living room on a holiday

Throw blankets can be used on any furniture. And traditionally, one would expect to see throw blankets on couches. This expectation helps you view the daybed as a couch.

Throw blankets make the space inviting and create a cozy atmosphere. Maybe you or your guest want to sit down and read a book. Pull a throw over you instead of using the comforter of the bed. This is also a great idea in case you just want to nap. Tie in the throw blanket with your decor of the room.

Coffee Table

A mid-century modern daybed with a white mattress is adorned with vibrant, patterned throw pillows in shades of orange, pink, and black; it sits atop a multicolored striped rug, with a brass wall-mounted light fixture above and a minimalist artwork framed in light wood on the white wall ar 3:4

A coffee table can make the daybed or twin bed feel smaller than it is and give it the look of a couch. A coffee table is commonly found in front of a couch, so a daybed-turned-couch should really be no different.

The addition of a coffee table can bring in the feeling of a living room and also be easily pushed aside when the bed is actually being used to sleep in, and you want the area cleared. You can use the coffee table for more decor or even magazines and books in a guest room. Put a beautiful rug underneath to make it homier.

Side Tables

In a bright room with shiplap walls, two large windows allow in ample light, highlighting a metal daybed with white bedding and fluffy pillows; a wooden chair, wicker baskets, and rustic side tables add functional charm, while decoratively hung pictures and plants create a homely atmosphere ar 3:4

Side tables are a great addition to either side of the bed. They provide space for a clock, a beautiful pair of lamps, or any other decorative pieces you wish. Your guests, or you, will be able to have a nice cup of coffee and set it on the table. The tables can also provide more storage for extra blankets, books, or even board games.

Bed Skirt

Daybed in a kids bedroom

A bed skirt is a great idea for a twin bed, daybed, or trundle bed. The skirt will hide the bottom mattress of a trundle as well. It will also cover up the legs of any bed, creating the couch look and effect. It makes for a clean and put-together look. You can match the skirt with the bedding and pillows or the decor of the room. This even allows you to store things under the bed if need be and hide them. 

Foot Stools Or Ottoman

A cozy, rustic-style room features a bed covered in white linens with textured pillows, flanked by a natural wood side table and a large window dressed with a sheer curtain; a woven ottoman rests on a cream, textured rug, complementing the serene, neutral palette ar 3:4

Footstools and ottomans are also a great idea to make the bed look more like an inviting place to sit. Again, these can be moved further out of the way when someone wants to sleep in the bed. Anyone can sit down and put their feet up for a moment’s rest.

A lot of ottomans have storage space inside them as well. This allows for more room for movies, crafts, or even little one’s toys. They can also be used as extra seating if need be. Place them by a coffee table to have a board game space.

And, on the topic of ottomans, you may be wondering, Should Ottomans Match The Sofa? [Inc. 3 Coordination Tips]

Are Daybeds Good For Everyday Use?

Of course, they are. If you have a small apartment, it might be a great idea to have a daybed as a couch during the day and a bed at night. The mattress can be as inexpensive or as expensive as you want. It can create extra space for guests and is very versatile. It might even be more comfortable than a couch!

If you use your daybed as a couch, it may require a little more time to set it up for bedtime (taking off all the pillows, adding a comforter, etc.), but it can definitely be worth the effort. 

Can You Put A Daybed In A Living Room?

Yes, you can! It saves space and adds more room for the grandkids or friends. It can create a homier atmosphere and provide more comfort while reading or just laying around watching television. 

If you tend to have a lot of house guests or are short on bedrooms, having a daybed available for sleeping is very convenient. And having extra sleeping space hidden in plain sight is a fun bonus.

Is A Trundle Bed A Twin?

Yes, a trundle mattress will be twin-sized. The dimensions are 39 inches in width by 75 inches in length and will require the same size sheets as a regular twin mattress. 

In Summary

You can easily make a daybed, trundle, or twin bed look like a couch. Line up big pillows to create a comfortable back. Add some end tables and ottomans for comfort and storage. Use a bed skirt to hide the underside and legs of the bed. Finally, add some throw blankets and magazines. It is that easy! The bed can still be used as a bed at night and a couch or sitting area by day. 

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