How To Make A Mobile Home Look Like A Farmhouse

Mobile or manufactured homes come in various sizes, designs, and amenities, but their overall construction lacks uniqueness and differentiation. If you plan to give your mobile home the more distinguished look of a farmhouse, read on and find out what our research revealed about the best ways to do it.

A few key principles define a farmhouse's character:

  • simplicity,
  • minimalism,
  • practicality,
  • functional design, and
  • cozy, comfortable appeal.

Incorporating traditional building materials such as wood, stone, and metal creates a rustic look. While softening those with cotton, wool, or canvas finishing touches can achieve the homestead warmth you desire.

There are multiple approaches and options when you want to give your mobile home the rustic feel and appearance of a farm dwelling. The article tackles the basic principles, guidelines, and styling ideas to furnish you with enough choices to create the farmhouse look that suits you best.

scandinavian farmhouse living room interior wall, How To Make A Mobile Home Look Like A Farmhouse

What Are The Principles Of Designing A Farmhouse?

A farmhouse style is incorporated by following its principle as well as having a mixed or eclectic approach.

Simplicity And Minimalism

Traditionally, farm-style living reflects the natural connection between the home's interior and the outdoor area, a seamless relationship. The layout has to be simple and minimal enough to create a flow that facilitates both refuge and labor.

A farmhouse represents the core of the entire property and accommodates all areas of production, refinery, preparation, and storage. As such, movement and activity have to be unconstrained and relatively straightforward.

dining room kitchen new farmhouse style

Natural Looking

Interestingly, farmhouses were constructed from readily available materials and did not follow any structural design. There was no unifying theme nor a standard basis to be adhered to.

A classic structure combined wood and stone as its foundation, coupled with fixtures necessary to carry out the work while preserving adequate living conditions.

The combination of these elements created a natural looking atmosphere, comfortably inhabitable, with a homey living area unrestricted by style or design.

Practicality And Function

Historically, farmhouse furniture and fixtures were constructed from readily available materials such as wood, stone, and salvaged metal. The emphasis was on practicality and function rather than style and aesthetics.

In the past, a farmhouse offered a workplace and a retreat. The floors were made of stone or solid wood to withstand heavy foot traffic.

Crude Unfinished Design

Traditionally, a farmhouse style features a crude and unfinished design. People who own farms and make it a livelihood focus more on practicality than a home’s overall facade and interior.

You might notice that the walls, ceilings, and flooring have a rustic appeal. The materials often appear to be ragged, faded, or old.

Using reclaimed or exposed wood is one key element to achieving a farmhouse look. Chipped paint, makeshift furniture, and crude surfaces are a few of its major aspects. The more vintage the fixtures are, the better. This design is what makes the style unique.

How Do You Incorporate Farmhouse Design Into A Mobile Home?

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A farmhouse style can be incorporated into your mobile homes by following a simple and minimalistic approach. A combination of traditional and modern design is attained through the careful selection of the correct color scheme and materials.

The interior, as well as the exterior, should neither be well-trimmed nor too uniform, and the overall design must not appear glamorous. You could use a color combination of neutral and natural earth tones, including gray, cream, or an off-white palette.

Open Shelving

In terms of a farmhouse community, open shelves are less expensive and more accessible in support of their busy simplistic lifestyle. Constant activity in the household, especially in the kitchen, flows smoothly with open shelved storage.

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Use Reclaimed Or Exposed Wood

Reclaimed lumber is recycled wood that was carefully selected based on its structural durability.

You can incorporate repurposed boards or planks onto walls and follow a shiplap design. Wooden panels are installed by overlapping as traditionally constructed to waterproof ships, hence "shiplap." They are sealed with a tongue and groove to keep them tight.

Even though reclaimed wood has been used in the past, you can easily restore it. Thoroughly clean the boards with an air hose or water sprayer. Remember to lower the pressure to prevent damage.

You'll want to treat the lumber to avoid any lingering bug infestations spreading into your home. Sand the surface if necessary, and apply wax or wood finish.

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Vintage Elements

Perhaps you already own vintage furniture or the fixture is sitting right inside your garage. It won't be necessary to throw those away. In fact, you can incorporate old wooden tables, chests, and drawers to achieve a simple yet crude design.

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Make sure that the colors complement the backdrop. Otherwise, you could paint the fixtures with a neutral tone, just be sure the outcome appears somehow unfinished.

Antiques are another way to authenticate the look of a farmhouse. Any vintage decor, such as a vase, lamp, and classic table, will greatly contribute to the rustic appeal and highlight any area of your home.

Create a focal point that will serve as the main element that centers the room and contribute to its striking visual appeal. An old painting hanging on the wall or even installing a brick fireplace enhances the overall appearance.

Industrial Touches

It is necessary to add industrial elements to the interior to attain a more traditional look. A crude oven, metal stools, and accents, as well as rustic lighting, could supplement the design.

Use fixtures that appear rustic or old such as tarnished silver, time-tested brass, and unfinished copper. The elements will blend well with the roughness exhibited by a farmhouse style.

Bright, Airy Whites And Fabrics

A light-toned backdrop, including gray, cream, and off-white, will accentuate the "heavy" wood and metal elements. Pastel or toned-down neutral walls and ceilings blend naturally with the vintage aspects of the design and make the room appear larger and less constricting.

Once the families were done with farm work, they sought shelter and relaxation inside their homes. To soften the tone and provide contrast, you can incorporate runners, carpets, area rugs, and throw pillows made of cotton, wool, or canvas.

This contributes to the cozy atmosphere that makes the farmhouse's interior softened and homier.

How Do I Make My Living Room Look Like A Farmhouse?

scandinavian farmhouse hallway interior blank wall

To give your living room a more natural and cozier look, you can opt for a shiplap finish as the main backdrop. A rocking chair, as well as a wooden furniture set, would complement the interior and make the space homier. You can accentuate your floors with braided area rugs to achieve a simple and minimalistic design.

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How Do You Make A Traditional Dining Room Look Farmhouse?

Farmers and their families used long tables since these pieces could double as a work area.

To make a traditional dining room look like a farmhouse, use a long wooden table with apparent dents and obviously worn markings. Pair it with metal chairs to incorporate industrial touches.

You can install an open shelf mounted on the wall close to the table to provide you with ample storage for your dinnerware.

How Do I Make My Kitchen Farmhouse Style?

It is preferable that you install open shelves rather than kitchen cabinets. However, if you prefer closed shelving, you can opt for a framed-glass front cupboard to still incorporate a farmhouse-style kitchen.

Additionally, you can supplement the kitchen with a breakfast nook made with a wooden top complimented by either wooden or metal stools.  And if you have enough space, you can place a small crude oven with a pseudo-brick finish.

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How To Create A Modern Farmhouse Bedroom?

Simply follow the principles of designing a farmhouse style to achieve the look. As much as possible, opt for a minimalist design with vintage elements to attain a rustic yet modern appeal.

Use repurposed furniture or those that appear recycled and incorporate them on the fixtures and furniture. Use wooden headboards, antique mirrors, light and airy window treatments, sconce lighting, as well as quilts and coverlets.

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Can You Put Shiplap In A Mobile Home?

Despite differences in the structural components between a traditional and mobile home, a shiplap wall design can be installed on a manufactured house. The interior is covered by a drywall which is strong enough to support shiplap panels.

In Closing

scandinavian farmhouse living room interior wall

A farmhouse style can easily be incorporated into a mobile house as long as you keep the interior simple and minimalistic, focus on practicality, and use natural-looking elements as well as a simple unfinished design. We hope the article will help you achieve and transform your home into the farmhouse you dream of!

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