How To Make A Bathtub Deeper [5 Solutions!]

There’s nothing better than a relaxing bath. Especially if your bathtub is deep and large enough for you to submerge yourself totally. But the unfortunate truth is that most standard size bathtubs aren’t that deep, especially if you have a low overflow drain. So now you’ve started wondering if there’s any way to make your bathtub deeper without replacing the whole thing. We’ve done some digging and have some potential solutions for you.

To make your bathtub deeper and hold more water, try the following solutions:

  1. Use the Better Bath Deep Water Bath
  2. Use Sugru moldable glue to plug the overflow drain hole.
  3. Permanently install a drain cover plate on your overflow drain.
  4. Use a caulk strip to cover the overflow drain hole.
  5. If nothing else works, it’s time for a new tub.

Now that we’ve gone through some ideas to help your bathtub hold more water let’s discuss them in more detail. Read on to find out how to employ these methods in your own bathtub.

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Use the Better Bath Deep Water Bath

The product “Deep Water Bath” by Better Bath is your best option for deepening your bathwater. This gadget covers your drain cover with thick plastic. It simply uses suction cups to attach over your overflow drain. It still has an overflow opening, but on top of the plastic covering, allowing several more inches of bath water to fill your tub. This is a great option for those with overflow drains higher up who still want the option of overflow protection. Best of all, it is affordable and easy to remove!

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If you have an extremely low overflow drain, though this would add a few inches, it still won’t allow your tub to fill all the way. 

Use Sugru Moldable Glue

Sugru is a moldable glue with multiple uses. This glue is waterproof and super easy to use, and has a strong hold. Just mold the glue-like putty (it will not stick to your stick in its initial state), cover the hole of the overflow drain, and allow it to dry for 24 hours. After that timeframe, it will be set and waterproof. Sugru comes in many different colors, so this can be a fun way to dress up your tub, as well. Why not cover your whole drain cover in a pleasing pattern while you’re at it?

View this moldable glue on Amazon.

Keep in mind this is a more permanent solution, so you’ll need to ensure your tub doesn’t overflow as there will be nothing stopping it. 

Permanently install a drain cover plate

Another option to ensure a deeper soak would be to install a piece of hardware over your overflow drain. They sell these at most hardware stores and require only a few simple tools to install. This solution is more permanent than others, but the plate can be removed with the same tools. Like the Sugru moldable glue, this leaves you with no overflow drain so keep an eye on your water level.

View this drain cover on Amazon.

The biggest challenge with the drain cover is finding the exact right size for your drain. The cover listed above comes with the necessary hardware to install, just two Phillips head screws. Be sure to take measurements and save yourself a headache and several trips to the hardware store.

Use Caulk Strip to Cover the Overflow Drain

Caulk strips are easily moldable and waterproof once set. They are an excellent option to cover your drain and allow your tub to fill all the way. These strips work just like tape. Adhere it over your overflow drain. These do create a watertight seal but are also easier to remove than the Sugru moldable glue, so this might be a better option for someone who does not want to permanently plug up their overflow drain.

View these caulk strips on Amazon.

Buy a New Tub

If you’ve had it with all these workarounds or find your bathtub still isn’t deep enough, it might be time to consider getting a new bathtub altogether. Getting a new bathtub doesn’t have to break the bank. If the purpose of your tub is to merely soak and relax, many portable tub options are very inexpensive and deep.

View this tub on Amazon.

The tub pictured above even has a cover to hold the heat in, so you can enjoy your soak for even longer than in a traditional tub. The best part is that this tub is under $300!

Read our article, “How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Bathtub?” for more information!

Can’t I Just Add Something to the Sides of My Existing Tub to Make it Deeper?

Though it’s tempting to try and make extensions to your tub with caulk and some other kind of material (i.e., wood, resin, or plexiglass), it would be challenging to ensure these extensions would be watertight. Additionally, this type of DIY could leave your bathtub as an absolute eyesore. 

Where does the tub overflow go?

The overflow drain connects to the main drain by a pipe or tube. The overflow drain location is just a few inches above the primary drain at the bottom of your tub. This drain does exactly as the name implies and diverts excess water from the tub to keep it from overfilling and spilling into the floor, creating potential water damage. 

How deep does a soaking tub need to be?

Bathtub in the loft interior

Standard bathtubs are about 12 inches deep, so for a tub to be classified as a “soaking” tub, it needs to be at least 14 inches deep. If the tub is too deep, your water heater might be unable to support enough hot water to fill the entire thing. Be sure when purchasing a soaking tub, you figure the maximum fill capacity and ensure your water heater creates enough hot water for you to fully enjoy a full, hot soak. 

How do you safely get out of a deep bathtub?

To safely get out of the bathtub, begin on your backside in a sitting position. Slightly rotate to the side until you have completely turned to a position resting on your hands and knees. Then hold onto both sides of your tub, or one side of your tub and the safety bar if your tub is against the wall, and push yourself up onto just your knees. Change positions to where you are holding onto one side of the tub only — the side with the exit. Next, push yourself up onto your feet. Without letting go of the side, bring one leg outside of the tub. Once you have your footing and balance, while continuing to hold the side of the tub, bring your other leg to the outside. When you are steady, stand up straight. You’re safely out of the tub!

Need a safer bathtub liner to get in and out more easily? Read our article, “How to Install a Bathtub Liner.”

In Closing

Though you can’t physically make your bathtub deeper without replacing it, there are several tricks out there to get your tub to hold more water. Try one or all of the methods above, or consider buying an inexpensive, separate soaking tub to enjoy. Whichever you decide, don’t forget to fit the time to relax into your busy schedule!

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