How To Make Rose Gold Color Paint [Which Colors To Combine & How Much?]

With its subtle yet luxurious look, rose gold is undeniably becoming more and more popular. However, not all paint manufacturers offer rose gold paint. If you really want to achieve this specific color, you're probably wondering which colors should you combine. Don't worry! We've researched this topic and here is the answer.

To have rose gold paint, you will need to mix 75% white, 22.5% of red, and 2.5% of gold or silver paint. You need to mix it well so the three different colors will turn into rose gold. If you want to make the color a little darker, you can add a few more red paint until you achieve your desired hue.

Sounds pretty easy, right? We will get into further detail on how to have rose gold paint. We will also discuss the best colors that you can pair up with rose gold, so stick to the end of this post to learn more. With that said, let's get right into it!

How To Make Rose Gold Color Paint [Which Colors To Combine & How Much?]

Paints allow us to customize our homes the way we want. From making aesthetically-pleasing bedroom designs to a welcoming living area, we cannot deny the fact that paints can make or break our home's interior.

We've all familiar with the most common paint colors, but there's one color that deserves more attention: rose gold.

Because of its association with luxury, elegance, and style, rose gold has become quite famous in jewelry, fashion, and interior design. This rosy soft hue is traditionally made from copper alloy and gold. When the two elements are mixed together, it creates rose gold. 

The same principle applies when trying to create rose gold out of paint. The more copper you use, the redder the rose gold color becomes. However, if copper color is not available, you can use white and red which are more common and easy to find.

Wondering how you can make rose gold by mixing different colors of paint? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to pull this off.

1. Prepare Your Materials

When it comes to mixing colors to have a new one, the first thing you have to keep in mind is to have all the necessary materials that you will need, especially the base paints that you need to put together. For this project, you will need the following:

  • Gold, Copper, and Silver paints or White, Red, and Gold paints
  • Measuring cup
  • Paint mixer or stirrer
  • Protective gloves
  • Protective mask
  • Bucket
  • Plastic cup

2. Begin The Experiment

The best thing about this project is it doesn't require you to become an expert in paint mixing. What you can do first is by trying to mix the base color with the other paints to achieve the color you are trying to achieve. 

In this project, we will try to make rose gold out of gold, copper, and silver, or white, red, and gold. 

You may begin by filling the plastic cup with 75% of gold, 22.5% of copper, and then 2.5% of silver. Stir the mixture until you're able to make the rose gold color. 

Should you decide to use white, red, and gold for this project, start out by mixing white and red to achieve the color pink. The volume of red that you need to use will depend on how dark you want the final color to be. After mixing the first two colors, add a little bit of gold paint to give the final mixture rose gold's signature metallic effect. 

3. Let's Mix

Satisfied with the trial experiment with your initial paints? Now we can proceed to make the actual paint by mixing larger amounts of paint in a bigger container.

You can follow the trial experiment we've done earlier, but this time, instead of using a plastic cup, pour the paints into a bucket. Follow the same principles we applied during the trial mixing, only this time, take it easy on the copper and red to ensure that you don't make the final color too dark more than it should.

Remember that the hues will depend on the amount of copper or red that you will use. The more red or copper you will use, the darker the final color will appear. 

In case you've poured too much copper or red, add some more gold or white to lighten the final color.

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10 Colors That Go Well With Rose Gold

Rose gold is not a traditional color to use when styling our homes, but it's becoming a trend due to its warm undertones, elegant look, and feminine vibe.

Pairing it with other colors can make or break the overall look of the room, so in case you're having a hard time picking the right color that can match your rose gold paint, here are a few colors to choose from.

1. Teal

Wooden table on blue carpet in grey living room interior with fireplace and pink sofa.

It is surprising how this dark blue-green color goes perfectly well with the soft shade of rose gold. We often see this combination in weddings, but when used in interior design, it creates a welcoming yet classy look.

2. Black

Mock up poster in the interior with an armchair and a table on the background of a marble wall,

Who wouldn't love the elegance of black and the subtle effect of rose gold? These two colors go so well without overpowering each other. This striking combo creates a moody setting that is perfect if you're trying to achieve a dramatic overall look for your room.

3. Cream

Modern minimalist interior with an armchair on empty white wall background

If you want to achieve a feminine vibe, try combining rose gold with cream. This pair creates a girly yet classy overall look that's pleasing to the eyes. The cram shade is considered a pastel color with a pale yellow shade, making it one of the best colors that can match rose gold's warm undertone.

4. Gray

Interior with an armchair and a little table on a background of an empty wall,

There is no surprise that gray goes so well with rose gold. Both colors give off a calming effect. When combined, they create a balanced yet moody vibe that's perfect when you're trying to achieve a relaxing interior design.

5. White

Rose gold color kitchen interior with white wall,white countertops.A close up

Another underrated color combination is white and rose gold. With the neatness of the color white and the feminine effect of rose gold, these two colors create a calming combination without compromising the elegance of your home. White and rose gold when put together make an aesthetic overall look that will appear inviting.

6. Navy Blue

Open space living room interior with poster on grey wall with wainscoting, window with drapes and pink armchair

Navy blue gives off power, confidence, and sophistication. Its psychological effect will complement the subtleness and aesthetic vibe of rose gold. Although navy blue can steal the spotlight, when strategically combined, rose gold can highlight the dark shade of navy blue without being a boring backdrop.

7. Sage Green

Mockup interior kitchen in pastel colors.

This organic color is surprisingly a great match with the metallic color rose gold. When these two colors are combined, they create an aesthetic and contemporary vibe that can make your home calming and pleasing to the eyes. 

8. Ivory

Simple style bedroom with pink design on hardwood white colored floor

This off-white color is undeniably one of the best colors to pair with rose gold. With ivory's elegance and rose gold's classic vibe, the two make a great combination when you're trying to make the room look spacious yet dramatic.

9. Brown

Dried seed and flower in glass and bowl on circular weave sheet bottom plate on wooden table with orange or rose gold wall in cafe or dining room

When it comes to the home's interior, brown is an all-time favorite. We often see brown or wood color on floorings and staircases, but most households still go for wooden furniture. When paired up with rose gold paint, these two colors create a classic effect with a touch of a contemporary vibe. 

10. Pink

mock up poster frame in modern interior background, living room, Scandinavian style

Monochromatic combinations, such as pink and rose gold, will bring out the feminine vibe of your home when put together. With pink's playful vibe and rose gold's elegance, these two can create a vibrant and soft look.

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Wrapping Up

Rose gold is an elegant color that we can make out of gold, copper, and silver, or by mixing red, white, and a little bit of gold. Just remember that the darkness of the paint will depend on the amount of red or copper that you mix with the other two colors.  You don't have to be an expert to make your own rose gold paint. All you need are your paints and a whole bunch of patience and creativity. 

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