How To Mix And Match Dining Room Chairs

For as long as people could remember, dining room chairs were always matchy-matchy. Around the last decade, that set in stone rule stopped being as rigid as it once was. It became quirky-cool, even trendy, to mix and match dining room chairs as a fashion statement.  The question is, how do you mix and match dining chairs without them looking crappy? We researched to find out how to pursue this now-coveted aesthetic the right way.

When mixing and matching your dining room chairs, it's important to keep some semblance of cohesion between the chairs. This can be done by matching:

  • the material,
  • the color, and/or 
  • the shape.

Now you know it's possible to mix and match; it's still not an easy look to pull off. Getting your dining room chairs to look sleek while not being matched is a lot harder than it first seems. Keep reading as we delve into the many ways to coordinate mixed dining room chairs. We'll also discuss whether chairs should match the table, other wood furniture, and neighboring bar stools, and how much doing room chairs cost. 

Dining Room and Kitchen Interior in New Luxury Home: Kitchen has Island, Sink, Cabinets, and Hardwood Floors. Dining Room has table with place settings,How To Mix And Match Dining Room Chairs

How Should You Mix And Match Your Dining Room Chairs?

Dining Room and Kitchen Interior in New Luxury Home: Kitchen has Island, Sink, Cabinets, and Hardwood Floors. Dining Room has table with place settings,How To Mix And Match Dining Room Chairs

To ensure that your chairs don't look completely random, it's best to stick to matching at least one element between your chairs (or with your chairs and chair surroundings) while you mix and match. There are several ways to make this look work:

  • Same color, different chairs.
  • Similar material, different chair design and color.
  • Same chair design, different colors.
  • Same/similar chair height, different colors and design.
  • Mixing a set of chairs with a bench.

When matching and mixing your chairs, it's also important to keep an eye on the surroundings. Having the chairs work with their surroundings isn't just a smart idea. It's a surefire way to prevent having your mix and match scheme turn into an eyesore.

Do Dining Chairs Need To Match The Table?

Trendy Scandinavian open concept kitchen and dining room with lots of natural light, the dining chair doesn't really match with the dining table

Not really. If you have chairs that match the room's overall ambiance (for example, worn wood in a rustic dining room), you can make it work without matching the table. However, you should try to match the table if you can. It does help make the room look a little more coordinated.

With that said, a little contrast can go a long, long way. This picture above is proof that contrasting the chairs and the table can work beautifully. It actually can help your table pop!

Interior Design Styles That Work Best With Mix And Matched Chairs

Believe it or not, this is a design trend that can work with virtually any type of aesthetic you could imagine. While it's most commonly done with modern or bohemian looks, it also happens to be fairly popular with rustic aesthetics and contemporary looks. It might be harder to work with certain styles, but don't let that hold you back. 

Can You Mix Different Color Wood Furniture In A Room?

Dining space in loft

It's tricky, but it's doable as long as you know how to do it. To get a good look with your mix and match, it's best to follow these guidelines below:

  • Keep a dominant wood stain in mind, and build around that look with minor variations. 
  • If you want to go for a contrasting look, stick to two main wood stains: a lighter and a darker one. 
  • Always match the undertones of the wood stains you choose. 
  • Stick to the same finish for all items in your room. So if you have a matte table, go for matte chairs. 
  • If you like keeping things somewhat matched, you can also match chairs in pairs. It helps add a certain level of professional coordination to your home.
  • Painted wood can work with natural wood as long as the undertones match or the paint is a neutral shade.
  • Use your personal discretion when it comes to mixing and matching your dining room chairs' style to the rest of your home. There are always exceptions to every rule.

Mixing Wood With Color and Style For Dining Room Cohesion

Wooden chairs and table on gray background, rattan pot and trendy home accessories , Scandinavian dining room interior design with empty wooden frame template.

When you're trying to coordinate your chairs to the rest of your dining room, it's important to think about what else is around your room. Much like the rules you have guiding your coordination with wood, you want to make sure that the chairs carry the same style and undertones (or color) as the rest of your room. 

For example, in the picture above, the entire room is done up in cool shades like grey, followed by pale wood finishes. The designer chose chairs that had similar light, airy, and blue-ish tones to match the room's ambiance. 

Do Bar Stools Need To Match The Dining Chairs?

Cavernous and warm kitchen in a modern villa

If your home is large enough to sport a bar right next to your dining room table, it can be pretty tempting to match them all together. While this sometimes looks alright, most interior designers don't advise doing this. The truth is that going full matchy-matchy with the stools and chairs can make your room look too overdone. 

Rather than go full match, it's better to coordinate one or two elements that the stools and chairs have. For example, having both furniture groups in the same color would help add unity without forcing it to look like a set from Barbie's Dreamhouse. It lacks dimension. Just in case it's not clear, this same rule of thumb when it comes to areas where the dining room and kitchen are combined.

How Much Should You Spend On Dining Chairs?

Traditional luxury kitchen interior

Dining room chairs all have their own price ranges, and truth be told, this is solely up to your discretion. It's possible to spend a small sum of money (like under $50 per chair) and have a great look for your home. This is particularly true if you're choosing plain, modern plastic chairs of a variety of different colors.

While it's possible to get cheap chairs and have them look great, most people prefer to invest in a high-quality set of chairs made with solid materials and equally solid craftsmanship. This means that many people will spend between $100 and $250 per chair. It's possible to find dining room chairs that are as expensive as $1,000 a pop.

How To Save Money On Dining Room Chairs

Don't have an extra grand to shell out on quality chairs? Not a problem. One of the easiest ways to get gorgeous chairs at a fraction of the cost is to check out yard sales as well as secondhand stores. Even going to curb alerts in your area can yield good results, as long as you are open to cleaning and disinfecting the chairs. 

With that said, some types of chairs will be more widely available through secondhand means than others. For example, a traditional dining room chair will almost always be found at your local Goodwill store. On the other hand, finding an Eames chair will be next to impossible to do. Pick your battles!


When it comes to dining room chairs, there are two basic ways you can work your designing magic. The first way is to choose a set of dining chairs that are all uniform in color, size, style, and material. This is the traditional method, and it's always a welcome, safe bet. However, there's another way to do it: via mixing and matching your chairs.

Mixing and matching your chairs is a great way to make your room look fuller, add dimension, and show off your creative streak. Of course, coordinating dining room chairs isn't always easy. If you choose to follow this hot trend, make sure that you know the basics of how to mix and match properly. Otherwise, it's best to stick to the tried and true. 

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