How To Mount A TV On A Sloped Ceiling [A Complete Guide]

A very popular design choice nowadays is to mount your TV in every room! However, what happens when you come to a room that has sloped walls? Can you still mount a TV on a slanted surface? If your biggest obstacle is figuring out how to mount your television on your angled ceiling, then we’re here to help! We’ve searched for the most successful and safest way to mount a TV on a sloped ceiling, so you don’t have to!

The steps for mounting a television on a sloped ceiling are similar to mounting one anywhere else, but the equipment differs. Safety and stability are the biggest concerns when installing on a slanted surface. 

  1. Pick the mounting kit that works best for your ceiling
  2. Find the wall studs
  3. Secure the mount to the wall
  4. Attach the mount to the TV
  5. Secure the TV onto the wall mount and find the best angle

We know how intimidating a project like this can be. TVs are a big part of many of our rooms, from living rooms and bedrooms down to even kitchens and man caves! You not only need your TV viewing to be comfortable, but you also can’t worry about it falling. Before you go purchase a random mount, make sure to keep reading so you can get the job done right the first time!

A chic attic living room with sloped ceiling, How To Mount A TV On A Sloped Ceiling [A Complete Guide]

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Steps For Mounting A TV On A Sloped Ceiling 

Tons of amazing spaces have sloped ceilings, and this shouldn’t stop you from putting your TV where you want! Choosing this option can give you more space in your home and help it look cleaner and sleeker. Let’s elaborate on these different mounting steps to make sure you have all the information to install your mount successfully and safely!

1. Pick The Mounting Kit That Works Best For Your Ceiling

Arguably the most important step in this process is picking the type of TV ceiling mounting kit that you’re going to use. While there are many variations of mounts, there are three main types to consider for ceiling installation. These mounting types are flip-down, drop-down, and full motion. Each of these offers some different benefits that may be best for your unique ceiling and room that you want to install your TV in. 


Flip-down mounts offer the most space-saving ability out of the three types. These mounts have the ability to stay snug against your sloped ceiling when they are not being used. When it’s time to enjoy some TV, they move down to a comfortable viewing position. This is done via the motor on these mounts that responds to a remote. Since you can essentially put the TV away when it’s not being used, this is a great choice if you don’t want it to be as noticeable. 

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These mounts are a great choice for higher ceilings. They hang down from the ceiling with a pole, so they look very similar to some lighting options. This allows you to utilize some of that higher-up ceiling space that otherwise would go wasted. Drop-down mounts generally allow for some minimal tilting and side-to-side movement. While choosing this mounting type is crucial to consider where in the room it will go so viewing the TV is comfortable. 

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These mounts are very similar to drop-down mounts, with one crucial difference that’s all in its name. They give you full motion! Installation is the same as drop-down, and the hardware all look very similar. Full-motion mounts give you versatility and placement forgiveness that others don’t. You can utilize a more awkward or unwanted space in your room and place your TV there with these mounts since you can move it in whatever direction you would like!

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2. Find The Wall Studs

Once you pick the mounting kit that’s best for you, the installation process can begin! The first and possibly most important installation step is properly finding the wall studs. TVs are heavy and expensive, the last thing you want is for them to fall. This is even more true when it’s on the ceiling! Use a stud finder to find them and mark their placement with a pencil. Installing onto drywall only will not strong enough to support the TV’s weight. 

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3. Secure The Mount To The Wall

The next step is to attach part of the mount to the wall. Make sure you have all of the proper tools to secure the mount. This includes using a level, even if that seems ironic on a sloped ceiling! Use a pencil to mark the appropriate holes on your mounting bracket onto the studs you found earlier. Then you can drill the holes you need for your hardware. Make sure to also follow the installation instructions for your specific kit. 

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4. Attach The Mount To The TV

Hands installing mount TV on the wall

After attaching part of the mount to the wall, it’s time to attach the bracket to the TV. Every modern TV has screw holes in the back of it for mounting brackets. Before purchasing a mounting kit, it may be necessary to make sure it works with your type and size of your television. Follow the installation instructions to properly attaching the bracket(s) to your TV.

Some mounting kits may also not have brackets that attach to the TV. You might attach the entire mount to the wall. Then you may just need to attach the TV to it. Make sure to check your kit’s instructions to determine which kind you have. 

5. Secure The TV Onto The Wall Mount And Find The Best Angle

Once all pieces of the mounting kit are attached to the wall and TV, it’s time to combine them. Make sure to have help and a secure ladder before attempting this step. Using the screws or other hardware provided, attach the TV to the mounting kit while your helper holds the TV for safety. Once this is done, you can have them stand back or sit back and help you best position your TV. Get the best tilt and angle for the most comfortable viewing, so no one hurts their necks. 

More TV Mounting Considerations

Aside from the type of mount you choose and how to install it, you may have some other questions. Mounting your TV from your ceiling can come with some serious concerns. You might be worried about everyone’s safety and also your expensive TV crashing to the floor. To make sure none of that happens, we have looked at some other questions that may help you.

Are Ceiling-Mounted TVs Safe?

For safety, it always comes down to the installation. TV ceiling mounts are designed to be safe, but you have to adhere to their limitations and install them properly. Don’t try to attach a TV that’s larger than the specified size limit for the mount you’re using. Also, make sure to attach the mount to studs or a ceiling joist. Do not just drill it into drywall alone. 

What Is The Proper Height To Hang A TV?

Proper height to hang a TV, How To Mount A TV On A Sloped Ceiling [A Complete Guide]

It can depend on the size of TV you have and your room’s layout, but there are some standards to follow. Generally, you want the center of your TV to be about 42 inches from the ground. This is a rough estimate that will put your TV at around eye level. This measurement factors in the average height of sofas and chairs where you may be seated as well as other things. If this height does not fit your situation, just try to make the center of your TV as close to eye level as possible.

How High Is Too High To Mount A TV?

Modern interior with couch, sofa, rug, table and wall mounted TV

The most important thing to think of when considering this is how comfortable watching TV will be. Since most mounts allow for tilting your TV, you can get away with hanging it a little higher. It’s important to use your best judgment based on your room when considering this. You don’t want people to have to angle their heads too high and risk hurting their necks. 

Can You Mount A TV In The Corner?

Man hands installing mount TV on the wall

Yes, you can put your TV mount in a corner. You can do this by using a full-motion mount and simply angling the TV so it appears to be nestled in the corner. They also make corner mounts for achieving this look. 

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How Do You Hide Wires From A Mounted TV?

TV bracket LED display

There are a couple of different methods for making those unsightly wires disappear. The method that makes wires the most out of sight is to put them in the wall! There are different kinds of this hardware, but it allows you to feed the wires through the wall and come back out just to be plugged in. This method is a little more invasive since it involves going into the wall. 

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The other main method is to neatly hide the wires with a cover. This method is much easier to install but might be less pleasing to the eye. 

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Final Adjustments

Deciding to mount your TV on your sloped ceiling may be one of the best choices you make for style and space utilization. Above all, remember to keep safety in mind when installing your TV mount. Make sure to pick the mount that’s best for your space and needs. Once the installation is all done, adjust your TV so that it will be as comfortable as possible to watch. All that’s left to do now is kick your feet up and make your friends jealous with your amazing new set-up!

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