How To Move A Heavy Dresser [5 Practical Methods]

Moving any furniture can be tough, but moving heavy furniture is even more of a challenge. If you have a bulky dresser, you may be wondering how to move it. Well, you've come to the right place. We've researched in depth how you can move a heavy dresser and have some suggestions for you. 

You can move a heavy dresser by:

  • Teamwork: using multiple people
  • Using moving straps
  • Utilizing furniture sliders
  • Using a moving dolly
  • Taking the dresser apart

We've given you some ideas on how you can move your dresser, but keep reading as we explain how to use each one. We'll also answer some other questions you might have about moving your dresser. 

A heavy dresser on the corner of a living room, How To Move A Heavy Dresser [5 Practical Methods]

Moving A Heavy Dresser

We understand moving a heavy dresser can be stressful, but don't worry, there are some things you can do to make it easier. Your dresser will be in its new location in no time!

Teamwork: Using Multiple People

You may have heard the saying, "many hands make light work." This is also true when it comes to moving large or heavy furniture. Moving furniture is much easier if you recruit some help. If you need to move more than just the dresser, ask some friends or consider hiring professional movers. 

Two people can probably lift a heavy dresser. Just make sure everyone uses the proper lifting technique. Bending at your knees and not just your waist will help prevent any back injuries. Squat down to the ground, and then extend your legs after grabbing the object securely.

Hold the dresser close to your body. Try not to twist your body, and don't rush. Once you've got the dresser to its new location, squat down again to lower it into position. 

Moving Straps

Moving straps are devices that will help the object your carrying feel lighter. They distribute the weight of the object through straps that go around your shoulders or forearms. You'll probably still need two people for this method, but it will help make the job easier. 

Moving straps also help encourage a proper lifting technique. Make sure to follow the directions that come with the straps to know how to use them correctly. 

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Furniture Sliders

Another product you can use to move heavy furniture like dressers is furniture sliders. Furniture sliders are pads that you can place under each corner of the dresser. They reduce friction between the dresser and the floor, making it easy to push the object across the room.

Furniture sliders work great if you have to move something alone, and it doesn't have to be moved far. They are also relatively inexpensive and will work on most floor surfaces.

Lift one corner of the dresser at a time and place the slider underneath. Repeat until you have a slider under each corner, and then push your furniture across the floor to its new location. 

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Moving Dolly

A moving dolly works similar to furniture sliders, except it has wheels. You'll need to place the dresser on top of the dolly, which will still require you to lift the heavy object, but once the dolly is underneath, you can push it across the room. 

Furniture dollys will usually have rubber or carpeted ends to prevent the object from slipping off. They are made for heavy-duty moving so that the dolly will have no problem carrying your heavy dresser.

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Taking The Dresser Apart

If you have to move the dresser by yourself, or if it's moving to a location that isn't close, it may be best to take the dresser apart. Begin by removing the drawers. Most dresser drawers can be pulled out pretty easily. This should reduce the weight of the dresser.

If the dresser is still too heavy or too big to move, try to take it apart even more. Just be sure to secure any screws that you remove so you're not left with your dresser in pieces. 

How Do You Prepare A Dresser For Moving?

If your dresser isn't just moving locations in your room, you will need to do a few things to prepare it for your move. 

Begin by emptying the dresser of any items. Pack the items into their own boxes. You might be tempted to try and move the dresser with its contents in, but removing the items will make it lighter and easier to move. Plus, it prevents any damage occurring to the items or the people carrying them if something were to fall out. 

If you can, take the dresser apart and pack the pieces separately. Begin by removing the mirror, if it has one. Do not try to move the dresser with the mirror attached. It'll be much easier to protect if it is separate. 

Remove the drawers and disassemble the dresser as much as you can. Wrap the pieces in bubble wrap to protect them from any bumps along the way. Keep any hardware such as screws in a plastic bag and with a piece of the dresser. 

How Do You Secure Dresser Drawers When Moving?

If you decide not to remove the drawers from your dresser, you can try to secure them. If you don't secure them, they might fall out if the dresser has to be turned on its side during the move. 

Shrink Wrap

Some people choose to secure their dresser drawers by wrapping the entire dresser with bubble wrap or shrink wrap. It's best to shrink wrap over the fabric like moving blankets, so you don't accidentally damage your dresser. 


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Moving Bands

Another way you can secure dressers is with moving bands. Moving bands work like giant rubber bands. You can place them around the entire dresser to keep the drawers in place. Place one on each end and one in the middle to secure your drawers. This will prevent them from sliding out. 

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Moving Blankets and Tape

You may be tempted to tape your drawers shut. Do not tape your drawers closed without first wrapping the dresser with moving blankets. The tape might damage the finish on your dresser. Moving blankets will help protect your furniture, and you can apply tape around them to secure them in place.

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How Do You Move A Heavy Dresser Downstairs?

Moving a heavy dresser downstairs is not something you want to try alone, so you'll need to recruit some strong help. 

If the dresser has a mirror, remove it and carry it down separately.

Make sure to remove the contents of the drawers. Next, you'll need to remove the drawers or secure them using one of the methods above. Take the dresser apart as much as you easily can.

Get the dresser to the stairs. The furniture sliders we mentioned earlier are a great way to get it across the floor without a lot of heavy lifting. You'll want to reduce the amount of lifting you do as much as possible. 

When going down the stairs, take it slow. Remember to lift with your knees! Take it one step at a time and rest if you need to by placing the dresser on a step. 

Another way to move dressers downstairs is by using the furniture straps we mentioned earlier. They can reduce how heavy the dresser feels by over 50%. 

Final Thoughts

Moving a heavy dresser might seem like a daunting task, but there are ways to make it easier! Hopefully, one of our methods above will help you get your dresser to its new location quickly and safely. 

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