How To Paint A Room Two Different Colors Divided [13 Ideas To Inspire You!]

Paint can change the entire look of a room, giving your space an updated and fresh look. Painting a room all one color can make a room feel smaller and enclosed. Using different colors to divide your walls adds a custom look to your home, but choosing these colors can seem like an overwhelming task. We have searched multiple sources to bring you a comprehensive selection of divided spaces.

The trend of two-toned painted rooms has recently gained popularity in home decor methods. After choosing your paint colors you should decide where you want the colors to meet. 

You should then draw the meeting point in pencil around your room. Paint the top portion of your wall after applying masking tape below the pencil line. 

Finding the right colors for your space is only part of the equation. You may ask yourself about accent walls or transitioning between paint colors. You may wonder how to use darker colors and how they will affect the look of your space. We will answer all of these questions and discuss other closely related topics—just keep reading!

1. White And Black

Stylish two tone black and white bedroom corner with decorative frame and plant in scandinavian style apartment

Black and white is the ultimate timeless color pairing. This color combination is modern and clean but can be a bit overbearing in your space if not used correctly. 

Using white for the top portion of your wall and ceiling adds an open and expansive feel to your space. Black on the bottom part of your wall draws attention to this stark contrast while bringing a deep classy shade to your room. 

2. White And Beige

Waiting room with chairs and lamp beige wall

Shades of white and beige may not seem all that different at first glance, but pairing these colors side by side will reveal a soft contrast that can create a striking look in your home. 

Adding beige to your crisp white space will bring some warmth and soft color to your room. Black furniture will create a sleek modern ambiance to this color scheme that is sure to turn heads. 

3. Cream With Gray Picture Frame Molding

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Gray is a hugely popular color in home decor but can tend to make your space look cold. Pairing neutral cream colors with traditional gray shades will warm up the palette but do tend to bring out any existing blue undertones.

Picture frame wall molding adds a classic and sophisticated look to your space. 

4. Cream And Greige

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Greige is a subtle warm mixture of gray and beige and is taking over as the upcoming hot color in home decor. Pairing this subtle neutral color with light creamy neutral shades brings a classic muted contrast to your space. 

Pairing this wall color combo with some deeper shades creates a stunning look in your space. 

5. Yellow And Gray With Natural Wood Chair Rail

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The warm tone of yellow balances the cool shade of gray for a beautiful color combination. A warm orangy shade of wood adds a toasty bit of color to this palette. 

A chair rail in this bright shade of wood is the perfect color to combine with your yellow and gray walls. 

6. Soft Greens With White Chair Rail

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Choosing two closely related paint colors to divide your walls can give your room a coordinated look. While it may seem like two closely related colors may be a boring combination, they can be anything but. 

Separate your two paint colors with a bright white chair rail for a crisp contrasted look. Adding some natural-colored wood and greenery can add some warm and cool color along with a tranquil feel to this palette. 

7. Cream And Green Blurred Lines 

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A clean divided look can be hard to achieve without the use of trim pieces. A blurred dividing line can be the answer to your problems. 

Painting an uneven division adds a unique artsy look to your walls. Olive green and cream are the perfect creamy combination to complete this look. 

8. Yellow And Green High Divided Wall

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Placing the division of your wall colors up higher can add an unmatched elegance to your home. Crown molding polishes off this look ad adds a sense of detail. 

Green and yellow can seem like an unlikely pairing but can create a balanced bright look in your space. Light-colored furniture accented with a deep brown or black completes this look for a fun sophisticated feel. 

9. Hot Pink And White High Divided Wall With Matching Ceiling

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The key to keeping a balanced look when using vibrant paint colors is to pair them with a neutral shade. Pairing vivid hot pink paint colors with light neutrals such as white can tone down the overwhelming brightness. 

A high division in wall paint can create the illusion of height and adds an unmatched elegance to your space. Painting the ceilings the same bright color as the top of the walls makes a huge statement. 

10. Gray On Gray Faux Trim Look

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The look of trim can be achieved with just the use of paint. Use the tape painting technique that was discussed earlier to create the appearance of a thick piece of trim on the top of your gray-painted wall. 

A darker color over a lighter color in the same color family is the most popular combination when using this decorative technique. 

11. Shades Of Gold

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Shades of gold range from light golden yellows to rich brownish gold tones. Combining light and deep shades of gold in your room adds an elegant look to your space that is unmatched. 

Hearty pieces of trim add to the elegant sophistication of this room and create an interesting architectural element to this space. 

12. White And Purple With Vertical Paint Color Division

Wooden furniture composition and color scheme ideas

The dual-colored wall division technique can be achieved through the use of horizontal or vertical paint lines. Vertical wall paint division adds a completely different look to your room. 

Accent walls are technically vertically divided walls. Using this method can create a sense of separation within your home. 

13. White Wall With Orange Vertical Sectional Division

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Painting a section of a wall can bring a look of separation from the rest of your room. A vertical division of paint that travels up your ceiling adds a nook-like feel to this piece of your room. 

Vibrant orange tones may not immediately come to mind when finding the perfect color for your home, but they can produce an interesting look. Pair this shade with light-colored furniture and bright coordinating accent pieces. 

Should I Paint One Or Two Accent Walls?

Accent walls are generally a wall painted a deeper color than all of the rest of the walls in your room. While there are no real rules surrounding accent walls, one accent wall is typically what is used in a room. 

Accent walls can add a custom look to any room in your home. Accent pieces can be used as inspiration when choosing an accent color for your wall.

How Do You Transition Between Paint Colors?

How do you transition between paint colors

Create a clean transition between paint colors on your wall through the use of paint tape. Place the top of the paint tape along the bottom of a line drawn on your wall.

Then, paint the top portion of your wall down to the top of the tape. Allow this paint to dry before removing the tape to paint the bottom portion. If you want a more distinct transition, consider the use of trim, such as a chair rail. 

When Painting A Room Two Colors, Which Wall Should Be Darker?

In a room with a window, you may want to paint the wall opposite the window darker. Natural light will accentuate this paint color for a brilliant look. 

Accent walls are typically painted darker than other walls. This wall is generally in an area that is the focal point of your room, such as behind the headboard of your bed. 

Does Painting One Wall Darker Make A Room Look Bigger?

Dark green and brown wall on living room two tone

Darker paint will create the illusion of a shorter space between you and the darker wall. Because of this trait, painting one wall darker can actually make a room look a bit smaller. 

To prevent your room from appearing smaller, consider a shade just a bit darker than your other paint colors. Using light colors for your other walls can also help create a more expansive look. 

Final Thoughts

Walls that are divided by two different paint colors can create a layered look that can create the illusion of space in your room. This painting method adds a custom look to your space and tons of character to your home. 

A two-toned wall is a cost-efficient way to bring some personality into your house. We hope that the above selection of ideas for dividing a room with two different paint colors has provided some inspiration for your painting project. 

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