How To Paint With Benjamin Moore Aura

When you have an interior or exterior project that needs painting, you'll want to use high-quality paint that has low VOCs and looks amazing. Whether you need to paint walls, furniture, or accent pieces with Benjamin Moore Aura,  you may have questions about how to best apply this unique formula. We researched reviews of Benjamin Moore Aura and found helpful tips and techniques so you can get the best results for your project.

If you are using Benjamin Moore Aura, your approach has to be more than ordinary with this high-quality paint. Check out our list of suggested steps for professional results:

  1. Prep your workspace, gather necessary tools, and prepare the wall, furniture, etc, surfaces to be painted. 
  2. Fix any dents, cracks, chipped areas, and apply putty, so the surface is smooth. Lay down painter's tape to protect areas you don't want to be painted.
  3. Cut in and apply paint to the edges of the walls with an angled brush. Allow drying before rolling on the first paint layer.
  4. Allow the first coat of paint to dry before applying a recommended second coat.
  5. Remove any painter's tape before the last coat of paint dries.

Dive into a paint project with Benjamin Moore Aura paint with confidence and unleash your sense of style and aesthetics. Keep reading to learn more!

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Painting With Benjamin Moore Aura

If you are looking for luxury-quality paint and don't mind spending a little more than average on paint, consider using Benjamin Moore Aura for interior or exterior surfaces. The line of paint includes the following types of paint for specific projects and holds up quite well with a minimum of two coats.
  • Aura Colors - includes a lineup of 240 colors 
  • Aura Exterior  - designed for outside spaces
  • Aura Grand Entrance - perfectly formulated for doors
  • Aura Bath & Spa - designed for rooms with humid conditions and moisture

It is easy to cover up old layers of paint without adding a primer layer by using a single coat of Benjamin Moore Aura. However, it is best to follow the manufacturer's directions and apply two layers of paint.

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If you want to give your project the best advantage, scrub down walls, patch holes, fill in dents, and clean the area before painting. Aura is one of the top of the line paints on the market and is a good choice for luxury projects. The paint has a beautiful finish, dries quickly, and it is easy to touch up areas as needed.

Before You Start Painting

Working on a paint job can be pretty exciting, especially when using premium paint. Make sure to follow these steps for optimal results.

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1. Prep Your Project

First, prep your work area. Gather all necessary tools, including an angled brush, rollers, paint tray, painter's tape, drop cloth, and a bucket of water and a cloth for cleanup.

2. Repair & Apply painter's tape

Before you add your first layer of paint, you will want to ensure any chipped areas, cracks, dents, holes, and damage to the work surface have been addressed. Fill in damaged areas with putty and allow to dry before applying Aura.

Paint the trim in a room first before using Aura on your main walls. Lay down painter's tape to any areas you do not want to be painted.

3. Do The Edges First

Apply paint around the edges of walls or your project with an angled brush. After the cut-in areas dry, start rolling out a coat of paint on the rest of the area, working from the edges toward the center. You will want to roll in paint, so you move from dry areas into the wet to ensure a more uniform appearance. Work carefully, and apply even strokes and pressure for good coverage.

4. Applying Full Coverage Coats

Allow your first coat of paint to dry before you apply a recommended second coat. In average conditions, the first coat dries within 30 minutes. Allow an hour to pass before adding a second coat.

If you need to stop painting in the middle of a project, protect your Benjamin Moore Aura paint from drying out by placing any open cans, rolling trays, rollers, and brushes in a plastic bag. The paint will need to be stirred thoroughly before painting with it again if it sits unused for about 30 minutes.

5. Remove Painter's Tape

Make sure to remove any painter's tape before the last paint coat dries completely. You can touch up any areas that need it afterward. 

Check out this helpful video showing the painting process of a room using Benjamin Moore Aura:


Is Benjamin Moore Aura A Good Paint?

You can consider Benjamin Moore Aura to be a high-quality, luxury level paint. It is more expensive than the average paint and is smooth and thick on application.
Cleaning up spills or unwanted painted areas requires wiping them up with a dampened cloth or sponge before the paint dries. The Benjamin Moore Aura paint collection offers select paints in a wide color range for interiors, exteriors, bathrooms.

Many people love using Benjamin Moore Aura paint because it is easy to cover odd or dark-colored walls of preexisting coats of paint with a lighter color. The estimated dry time for one coat of Aura is 30 minutes. For best results, allow one hour to pass before adding another coat of paint.

Does Benjamin Moore Aura Need Primer?

There is no need to prime a surface before adding a coat or two of Benjamin Moore Aura because the primer is included. One coat of Aura is usually enough to fully cover old layers of paint with ease. However, it is recommended to use a minimum of two coats of paint for a clean, smooth finish.

Does Benjamin Moore Aura Need Two Coats?

Because Benjamin Moore Aura includes a primer, it may not be necessary to apply two coats. However, if you are not working on an unpainted surface you may want to apply more than one coat.

If you are using Aura to cover a wall or project that is already painted, it is best to use two coats for optimal saturation and coverage. Keep in mind, using a minimum of two coats will ensure your paint job lasts longer before needing a retouch.

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Can You Touch Up Aura Paint?

If you feel you need to touch up your paint job with Aura, there's no harm in that. You will want to cut in the edges of the area to be painted before filling in the larger, remaining area.

Work from the edges to the center for best results, rolling over an area of about 2 feet. Use the same stroke and pressure to reduce visible brushstrokes and achieve a smooth finish. If you need to touch up a small area, work with a dab of paint and use an angled paintbrush.

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How Long Does Benjamin Moore Paint Last?

Depending on how you store your paint will determine how long a quality paint like Benjamin Moore's brand will last. Most average paints can last up to 15 years if oil-based.

However, Benjamin Aura is a water-based paint that has a projected lifespan of 2 years. Make sure to keep unused paints that have been previously open in premium storage conditions. Humidity, temperature, and extreme fluctuations of the environment can negatively impact the paint.
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Exterior Benjamin Moore paints used in cool dry areas last an average of 5 to 7 years and spaces with more rainy or humid conditions last about 2 to 3 years before needing a touch-up. Most interior paint jobs will stay up to 5 to 10 years before requiring a fresh coat. Benjamin Moore is a relatively high-quality and respected paint brand.

What Is The Difference Between Aura And Regal Paint?

Regal and Aura paint are both prized for being low in VOCs and excellent to roll on surfaces. However, where they differ is in one major quality. Regal does not self-level and can be back-rolled and takes some time to set.

Aura is self-leveling and dries quickly, making it easy to apply a few coats in a day. Both Regal and Aura are considered premium paints and include a primer.

In Closing

A big Benjamin Moore paint store photographed outside, How To Paint With Benjamin Moore Aura

We hope you feel more confident about cracking open a can of Benjamin Moore Aura paint and using it on your next project. Give your kitchen or bedroom that wall treatment it deserves. Brighten up a living room, create a welcoming space for the baby, or use Benjamin Moore Aura paint to upgrade the furniture. 

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