How To Place A Bed In The Bedroom

Believe it or not, the placement of your bed contributes a lot to your quality of rest. Designing your bedroom means figuring out the best way to position your bed, and there are many contradicting statements out there. So, where exactly is the optimal spot to place it? We have researched bedroom layouts to get answers for you.

The general rules for bed positioning are fairly straightforward, if your room allows any of the following layouts:

  • Headboard against the wall
  • Bed perpendicular to the door -as much as possible
  • The foot of the bed does not face the door
  • The foot of the bed does not face a mirror
  • A bed could ideally be placed beside a window

Your bedroom layout plays a huge part in maintaining a relaxing atmosphere. It also contributes to the energy flow, which could affect your mood, perception, and productivity. If you want to learn more about the best ways you can arrange your bedroom, keep reading below!

Two small lampshades hanging in modern pastel girly bedroom - How To Place A Bed In The Bedroom

How To Place A Bed In The Bedroom

Simply rearranging your furniture can do wonders to transform your space. The bed, as the largest furniture piece in the room, requires particular attention since it can cozy up the room or make it look cramped. 

The energy flow in the room should be harmonious; you would want an interior that could make you feel instantly relaxed. Here are several ideal ways you could position your bed.

Headboard Against The Wall 

How To Place A Bed In The Bedroom

Ideally, you should have a wall to support your headboard. It should also be placed at the wall's center so your room could have a solid focal point.

Placing it against a wall is a space-saving practice since placing it at the room's center could make the room feel cramped.

You can have a variety of options for a headboard that can improve your sleep:

  • Wall-mounted headboards to prevent squeaking. This is ideal for restless sleepers.
  • Built-in headboards for easier mobility. This is the standard form of headboards.
  • Freestanding headboards for more flexibility. This is ideal if you want your headboard to be removable. 

Bed Perpendicular to the Door - As Much As Possible 

Cute Frenchie lying on bed in a bed room

Placing the bed somewhere with a good view of the bedroom door is a security matter as much as the aesthetic. From a psychological perspective, you would feel safer if you could anticipate who comes into your personal space.

However, you don't want to be too close to the door, in case there is actually an intruder. You want it to be visible enough so you can prepare but far enough so you won't be an easy target.

Aesthetically, this also makes for a visually satisfying layout. You would want to instantly see your bed when you step inside, signaling the start of your rest.

The foot of the bed does not face the door

This design rule is a product of a cultural belief system, namely, Feng Shui. Having  your feet face the door signifies death because, in ancient times, the dead were removed from their beds feet first.

Placing your bed directly in front is so frowned upon that Feng Shui experts have started calling it the "coffin position"--and surely, you won't be able to feel relaxed in a bed situated in this position!

According to Feng Shui practitioners, energy enters through openings such as doors and windows. Being smack in the middle of these portals can make you vulnerable to negative energies, which eventually result in a restless night.

A practical reason to not position the foot of the bed toward the door is the safety implication of not becoming an easy target for intrudors.

The foot of the bed does not face a mirror

Two small lampshades hanging in modern pastel girly bedroom

This is also a culture-based rule originating in various parts of Asia and supported by Feng Shui. If you sleep with a partner, sleeping in front of a mirror can invite a third party into a relationship. 

This is because, according to Feng Shui experts, mirrors can double the energy of the people sleeping on the other side. When the energy of luck and romance is reflected back, it can introduce a new love in the partners' lives.

If you sleep alone, however, the dangers are direr. Sleeping in front of a mirror can induce nightmares since, according to folklore, your soul will be seeing its own reflection and become startled. 

These lores may not be too far-fetched, since you really can startle yourself if you wake up in front of a mirror and mistake it for a stranger.

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A bed could ideally be placed beside a window

large bedroom. Computer generated image of a luxurious and elegant bedroom interiors.

It is ideal to have a window beside your bed, since it is the perfect position to see the view outside but not near enough that it could interrupt your sleep. 

During the day, you won't have anything blocking the natural light and you can have the option to open the windows freely. Try to avoid placing your bed directly in front of the window since this could disrupt your rest.

What is Feng Shui and Do you need to apply it?

Warm afternoon sunlight pours into an elegant home's living room with a stone fireplace and large windows looking out into the yard.

Feng Shui, whose direct translation means wind water, refers to the natural flow of energy around us and how we interact with it. According to this belief system, the arrangement of our home contributes to the energy we welcome into our lives. 

The goal of this philosophy is to achieve balance in everything in our residence or workplace. Although some beliefs may be tagged as mere superstition, you can still see their benefits in practice.

For example, avoiding doors and windows can actually make you sleep better and improve your productivity in the long run. Placing your desk diagonally from the door allows you to see your space better, clearing your mind.

In general, this philosophy is simply about being purposeful with how we arrange our items and being intentional about our interactions with them. You can apply them in your interior design to make everything  flow more naturally. 

How to arrange a bedroom in a rectangular floor plan

Creative use of small space in a stylish bedroom interior with designer decor and cozy white and beige bedding

It can be quite challenging to design a bedroom with a rectangular floor plan since space could be an issue.

It becomes more challenging if you have a lot of windows since you would need to figure out a way to position the bed opposite them. 

  • Locate the center wall. Place a large bed in the middle, ideally perpendicular to the window.
  • Tuck a floor-length mirror on the left side of the bed. This will give an illusion of space. 
  • Place a nightstand on both bed sides, and a dresser parallel to the bed.

This design balances out the room and makes the space feel relaxing. Just remember to install blackout curtains to improve your sleep experience!

Ideal bedroom designs

Having a clear picture of what you want your room to look like will make your bed arrangement easier. Here are ways you can design your bedroom depending on the layout. 

For smaller spaces

Vertical view of linen pillow on the bed in white bedroom of stylish house, real photo

You will need to be more ingenious in designing small bedroom spaces. Getting innovative with space-saving features is key to making this work.

First, you want to get a bed with low headboards. High headboards could make the space feel more cramped than it really is, so you need lighter furniture to give the illusion of wideness.

Have the bed tucked into a center wall, and place a small side table beside it. Get light-colored fixtures so the space would feel airier. 

For wider spaces

Open space bedroom interior with big rug, cozy bed, pink and white walls, chairs, posters, basket, pink drapes and bookcases

You have more room to experiment with a wider bedroom space. You also have more opportunities to make the energy flow better and make the area more relaxing. 

Your priority should be to make the space feel more intimate and relaxing. To do this, you can place your bed beside your window to take advantage of the scenery. 

Layout soft rugs, install draperies in rich colors and place an upholstered bench at the foot of the bed.

If you have a workstation, place it far from your sleeping space to condition your mind when it's time to work or to rest. Position it diagonally from the door for a more balanced layout.

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Final Thoughts

Your bedroom should be a place where you can fully release all tension and melt into your bed. This is possible only if your furniture is placed in optimal spaces, and if everything is purposefully designed to generate positive energy. 

Whether or not you are following Feng Shui, make sure your layout is up to your standard and can accommodate your lifestyle. 

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