How To Place A Rug In A Bedroom [6 Ideas with pictures]

A well-placed rug can bring a bedroom together, creating a warm and cozy environment.

However, finding the right placement can be tricky, as an oddly placed rug might disrupt the room’s harmony.

Mixed traditional and contemporary bedroom with white walls, bed sheets, hanging lamps, and a gray rug, How To Place A Rug In A Bedroom [6 Ideas with pictures]`

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To help you achieve a cohesive look, we’ve gathered some helpful ideas on how to place a rug in your bedroom.

How To Place A Rug In A Bedroom

Where the rug is placed will depend on the size of the rug, your room, and your bed placement. Here are some of the best placements for a rug in a bedroom:

  • Under the lower two-thirds of your bed with the bed centered on the rug
  • Two smaller rugs on either side of the bed
  • Centered in the bedroom with a 1-2 foot perimeter of floor on the outer area
  • Next to the length of an off-center bed
  • Perpendicular to the bottom of the bed
  • Under the bed with the bed centered on the rug

Although these are some general placement ideas, there are other factors to consider when placing the rug in your bedroom. Let’s discuss each placement more in detail.

1. Under the Lower Two-thirds of Your Bed with the Bed Centered on the Rug

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A gray bed inside a mansard bedroom with a wooden paneled wall and an off white area rug

This is the best method for a standard-sized bedroom with a bed in the center of your room.

By centering the rug underneath the lower two-thirds of the bed, it gives the rug a chance to shine and pull the room together, while also being held in place by your bed.

Placing your rug in this way can really open up the space in your room while simultaneously making it cozy.

Ideally, the rug that goes under the bottom two-thirds of your bed is about 8×10. Much smaller and it will be dwarfed by the shape of your bed.

Plus you want the outside edges to be under your feet when you get out of bed in the morning to keep your tootsies warm!

2. Two Smaller Rugs on Either Side of the Bed

Interior of a modern bedroom with unfolded bed sheets, a cream colored bed, and an indoor plant on the background

If you don’t want to buy a large rug or are working on a budget, framing the bed with two small rectangular rugs (or runners) will coordinate your room at a smaller cost.

This works well if your bed is in the center of your room or far enough away from the wall to have walking space on both sides. 

3. Centered in the Bedroom with a 1-2 Foot Perimeter of Floor Around on the Outer Area

Luxurious dark classic themed bedroom with dark painted ceilings, a floral rug, and a cozy bed

Centering the rug in the middle of the room, with all the bedroom furniture on top of it, is a great way to highlight a large rug in your bedroom. This method works very well for rugs with an area of 10×14 at least.

These types of rugs will cover most of the floor, leaving just a 1-2 foot perimeter around the outer edge of your bedroom in which your bedroom floor will show.

This works very well if you have a beautiful rug that you really want to be the focal point of your bedroom.

4. Next to the Length of an Off-Center Bed

Ladies bedroom with light pink beddings, sofas, curtains inside a white painted bedroom

If your bed is against the wall or off-center, it is best to place your rug parallel with the bed if it is square or rectangular or in the center of the room if it is circular.

This placement works very well in small bedrooms with twin beds pressed against the wall. 

5. Perpendicular to the Bottom of the Bed

Bedroom with wooden laminated flooring, blue beddings, a wooden nightstand, and a gray rug on the floor

Placing a rug perpendicular to the foot of your bed works well for small rugs or large bedrooms.

If your room is large enough, the rug might sit perpendicular and have additional furniture on it, such as a chaise lounge or vanity.

By placing the rug at the foot of the bed in a large room, it has a way of making the room seem full and cozy even though it is a big space.

If your rug is small, placing it along the foot of the bed puts it in a visible space so it can still draw attention despite its size.

6. Under the Bed with the Bed Centered on the Rug

Dark contemporary themed bedroom with brown painted walls, comfortable bed with dark bedsheets, and white pillows with white beddings

The most popular placement for a bedroom rug is to center it in the room with your bed on top and the headboard against the wall. This arrangement works best with large area rugs.

However, if your rug is smaller, be cautious; a bed that is almost the same size as the rug could overshadow it.

Can You Put a Rug on the Carpet in the Bedroom?

You absolutely can put a rug on carpet in the bedroom. Not only can it add a splash of color to plain flooring, but it can also save the carpet underneath from wear, tear, and stains.

Additionally, if you mix up your bedroom decor, you can ensure all the colors are cohesive by changing the rug when changing the carpet would be impractical.

Can You Put a Round Rug Under a Bed?

A round rug can go under a bed, though you want the rug to extend well outside of the bed.

Circular rugs tend to give off a youthful ambiance, so they work well in bedrooms for children or teenagers.

Additionally, if you have a round room or curved architecture, a round rug can help accentuate that.

A round rug is generally more eye-catching, so ensure that the placement is cohesive and not garish.

What Type of Rug is Best for the Bedroom?

Cozy rugs are best for the bedroom, something with a high pile or even shag carpeting.

Since these aren’t high traffic areas, the plushier the better. The best sizes are about 8×10 or 10×14, unless you’re doing small runners. 

What Color Rug Should You Have in Your Bedroom?

The color of your rug will depend on personal preference.

That being said, your rug doesn’t have to be the same color as everything else in your bedroom, but it should be coordinated.

For example, you wouldn’t want a pastel floral patterned bedspread and a rug with black and white geometric shapes.

If you have a busy bedspread, choose a rug with a simple color or vice versa.

In Closing

Rug placement can either unify a room or feel off-putting.

While the placement ultimately depends on your personal preference and style, these ideas are a great starting point.

Take your time to find the perfect spot, as you’re the one who will be enjoying the space!

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