How To Place A Rug Under A Queen Bed (And What Size Should It Be)?

Nothing ties a bedroom's decor together more than a stylish area rug, but it can be tricky figuring out optimal sizing and placement. We've compiled expert advice on how to size a rug and where to place it within your bedroom's layout to coordinate with a queen-size bed.

For the best layout using an area rug with a standard queen size bed, start by sizing the rug to at least 8 feet long and wide enough to extend at least 18 inches beyond the sides of the bed. Next, place the rug according to the orientation of the bed such that:

  • The rug lies flush with the wall.
  • The rug is placed in front of the nightstand.
  • The rug is placed halfway down the length of the bed.
  • If the bed touches one wall, the length of the rug should lie perpendicular to the bottom end of the bed.
  • If the bed touches two walls, the length of the rug should lie parallel to the side of the bed.

Can you use a different size or positioning if your bedroom is small? Do you need to use an area rug, or can you use runners? How big should the rug be if you have an ottoman or bench placed at the end of the bed? Continue reading for a comprehensive guide for buying the right sized rug and choosing the perfect placement for any bedroom furniture configuration.

Bedroom interior with queen bed and rug on hardwood floor, How To Place A Rug Under A Queen Bed (And What Size Should It Be)?

Finding The Right Size, And Placing A Rug With A Queen Bed

Ideally, if you have the space to center your queen bed on one wall, opt for an area rug at least 8 feet long. Place the length of the rug perpendicular to the end of the bed. If you own an Olympic queen bed, choose a more optimal rug length of at least 9 feet long. 

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Purchase a rug that extends at least 18 inches on either side of the bed, to leave plenty of space for standing on the rug when getting out of bed. For the most balanced look in a large room, increase that width to 24 inches on each side. Selecting a rug that measures at least 8 feet in length ensures that at least 18 inches remain on both sides of the bed.

When planning for the proper placement width-wise, use one of three different techniques to align the rug with the furniture and walls:

  • Flush with the wall
  • In front of the nightstand(s)
  • Halfway down the bed

Flush With The Wall

First, if you have the budget and space, choose a 9' x 12' rug and place it flush against the wall so that it still runs past the end of the bed. This orientation creates a united environment for large bedrooms because the nightstands sit on the rug with the bed.

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In Front Of The Nightstand(s)

The second and most popular option places the rug right in front of the nightstands so that it extends beyond the end of the bed. For this placement, choose an 8' x 10' rug and place it three-quarters of the way down the bed. 

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Halfway Down The Bed

The third option works well for small bedrooms with enough space for the bed to only touch one wall. Place the rug halfway down the bed and use a 5' x 8' (or larger) rug for standard queen beds. 

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You may also choose the halfway option if you have a bench or chest at the end of the bed. Use at least an 8' x 10' rug to include enough width to be able to put your feet down on the rug while sitting on the bench.

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How Do I Size And Place My Rug For A Small Bedroom?

The size of your rug can vary depending on your limited bedroom space, but the placement should be the opposite of a large room rug placement. In most cases, an area rug in a small bedroom should lie with the width of the rug parallel to the bottom of the bed.

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For more tips on how to style a small bedroom, check out our post with five actionable ideas for optimizing your space.

How To Place A Rug With Bed Against Two Walls?

If your bed touches against two walls due to the lack of space, consider the following suggestions. Make sure to turn the rug vertically so that it runs along the side of the bed rather than along the bottom edge of the bed. 

Instead of placing the rug under the bed, place it beside the bed so that you step on soft carpet in the morning. Choose from a variety of sizes and shapes, starting as small as a 4' x 6.'

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Place a runner alongside the bed if you want to save money and utilize limited space.

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Consider selecting a round shaped rug to create the illusion of a larger space.

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What Size Rug Do I need Under a King Size Bed?

The rug should extend at least 18 inches beyond the sides of the bed, no matter the size of your bed. Use a 9 'x 12' rug for a king bed, provided the room allows ample space. A smaller rug works with a king bed too, as long as it is no smaller than 9 feet long. Read our post about the different options for rug sizes underneath a king bed.

Placement of an area rug remains the same for king size bedroom layouts, with the option of lying the rug flush against the wall, directly in front of the nightstands, or halfway down the bed. The length of the rug should still be perpendicular to the end of the bed.

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What Type Of Rug Is Best For The Bedroom?

If you have pets, you might prefer a more durable material like wool for a bedroom rug. Wool is also a good choice for high-traffic areas. As you can see below, neutral wool colors coordinate nicely with any bedroom color scheme.

Go to Amazon to view this wool rug. 

If ample, natural light tends to beam into the bedroom all day, either a nylon or cotton rug might be best. These materials fade much more slowly than others and need to be replaced less often. Consider a rustic, distressed rug style made out of nylon like the one pictured below.

Go to Amazon to view this nylon rug.

Use a cool-toned cotton rug to lighten up an overly warm space.

Go to Amazon to view this cotton rug.

If your rug choice depends on staying on budget, consider synthetic materials like polyester and polypropylene that still feel natural underfoot. Enhance the comfort of your space with a plush polyester area rug like the one below.

Go to Amazon to view this polyester rug.

To add warmth to your bedroom, add something like a boho-chic polypropylene rug, seen here.

Go to Amazon to view this polypropylene rug.

How Do You Match A Rug With Bedding?

Most of all, make sure to choose a color scheme or pattern that makes you happy. Try not to stress about exactly matching colors since it might look more natural if tones compliment one another.

Choose a neutral color rug as a grounding base if your bedding is multicolored. 

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If the bedding includes only one or two colors, find a patterned rug to lift the personality of the room. This also works if the bedding is more neutral-toned.

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Pay attention to the cool tones or warm tones in your room and consider a rug of opposite nature to bring in more light or depth. For instance, use a white rug to lighten up darker bedding, as seen below.

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Use a warm rug tone in a light and airy space, like this.

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If you are looking for new bedding, check out our post of recommendations for Kade Spade bedspreads. 

Size It Up And Place That Rug!

With this comprehensive guide, you now have the knowledge you need to add the perfect rug to your space. Remember to keep the length of your rug perpendicular to the bottom of your bed for larger bedrooms (turn it for smaller bedrooms). Ensure 18 inches of space on either side of your queen bed by purchasing a rug at least 8 feet in length. Finally, choose either of the three placements; flush with the wall, in front of the nightstands, or halfway down the bed for a cohesive design.

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