How To Properly Fold Towels [5 Ways You Should Know]

Do you know that feeling of seeing your clothes or towels all crumpled and thrown around? You're certainly not compelled to use them, let alone feel good about such messy disorganization. Compare that to the feeling when you see neatly folded towels, clean lines, and everything in its place. You feel calmer like you can take a deep breath and enjoy the symmetry of your items, right? We have 5 different ways to properly fold towels so you're sure to find a way to bring peace and order into your life.

When you invest in good-quality towels, it's important to maintain their strength, fluffiness, and absorbency. Properly folding these towels will keep them in prime condition for years. General wear and tear from washing and drying towels is normal, but keeping them wrinkled and haphazardly tossed into a basket or closet will put more strain on the fibers. Here are 5 ways to properly fold towels:

  • Trifold
  • Narrow Fold
  • Deep Fold
  • Spa Style
  • KonMari Fold

We've researched and practiced these folding methods listed below to guarantee that you, too, can use them to maximize your shelving space, maintain their functionality, and bring a smile to your face each time you see your properly folded towels.  Keep reading to learn more about each one.

Shelf with clean towels next to a wooden table, How To Properly Fold Towels (5 Ways You Should Know)

How To Properly Fold Towels

It is noteworthy to stress that a properly folded towel must first be completely dry, and you should shake it out to dislodge any stray threads or particles. Always lay your towel down on a dry, flat surface and, most importantly, smooth and even out all wrinkles with a firm brush of your hand.

Tidy any edges that are not straight and make your folds crisply and firmly, keeping the towel taut at all times. And always store your towels with the folds facing out.

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1. Trifold 

Folded towel isolated on white

This is your basic, most common fold. Hotels use it often because it's easy, and, when finished, the towels stack nicely.

Step 1. Lay the towel on a flat surface, horizontally with the long edge facing you. 

Step 2. Fold the horizontal bottom up 1/3 of the towel. Use your hand to smooth out any wrinkles.

Step 3. Bring the folded edge to the top of the horizontal edge, making sure the towel is aligned in a perfect rectangle.

Step 4. Now fold in half left to right, and then in half one more time.

2. Narrow Fold

Narrow fold beige terry towels

It's frustrating to see your towels overflow your linen shelving--especially if they end up falling to the floor! If your shelves are narrow, this is a specific towel fold just for you.

Step 1. Lay your towel out flat with the long edges horizontal.

Step 2. Fold the towel in half so that the short ends line up together.

Step 3. Now fold again, bringing the bottom horizontal edge to the top. 

Step 4. From left to right, fold the short edges 1/3 of the way and then fold the remaining 1/3 again in the same way.

Your folded towel should now be a narrow rectangle and fit easily on your shelf.

3. Deep Fold

This fold is different from the previous two methods since the short edges of the towel fold inward, meeting in the middle of the towel.

Step 1. Lay your towel on a flat surface, the long, horizontal edge facing you.

Step 2. Taking the bottom horizontal edge, fold it 1/4 upward so that its edge is placed straight across the center of the towel.

Step 3. Now, with the top horizontal edge, fold it 1/4 way down so the two long edges are parallel in the middle. Do not overlap these edges as they may bulge once the towel is completely folded.

Step 4. The small gap between the long edges will become the crease as you take the bottom fold up to meet the top fold. Essentially the towel is now folded horizontally in 1/4ths.

Step 5. Now, the towel is a long narrow rectangle. Fold the short sides inward, similar to step 4. The short edges meet in a parallel fashion and create a small gap at the midpoint.

Step 6. Make a final fold in the crease of the short edges.

This deep fold style creates several layers, making the towel appear tall and fluffy.

4. Spa Style

Rolled up colorful spa style towels isolated on white

Spa style, or rolled styled, is a nice break from the traditionally folded towel. It looks just as nice in the linen closet as it does stacked on a bathtub's edge, in a bin, or in a basket. The key to this style is to make sure that, as you roll the towel, you are keeping it a tight, firm roll. This will not only save space and look visually appealing, but the rolled towel will remain in its compact form--even if it rolls right off your shelf!

Step 1. Lay your towel horizontally and fold the bottom right corner to the midline top edge of the towel. The towel will have a triangular point on the right. Smooth out any wrinkles and make sure the edges are straight.

Step 2. Bring the bottom edge to the top edge so they are neatly aligned on top of each other.

Step 3. Flip the towel over and start rolling tightly toward the tip of the triangle.

Step 4: Once the towel is completely rolled, you'll have that small pointed tip. Simply tuck that piece into the side of the roll to secure it in place.

5. KonMari Fold

Marie Kondo has inspired millions of people to find peace and "spark joy" in organizing their homes. She offers specific procedures to store everything from photos to clothing to towels. Named the KonMari method, this methodic way to fold towels can also save space in linen closets and drawers. Marie Kondo insists that with this fold, the towels should be able to stand firmly and compactly on their own.

Step 1. Lay your towel vertically on a flat surface with one short edge at the top, and the other one on the bottom. Fold the towel in half, short edges together, to form a square.

Step 2. Bring the now-folded bottom up to the top of the short edges.

Step 3. Fold from left to right 1/3 of the towel and then repeat.

Her book, Tidying Up, has been a major success. In it, you'll find all kinds of helpful tips for cleaning and tidying up your space.

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What's The Best Way To Store Towels?

Colored towels in open drawer

There is no single best way to store towels, except that you should keep them in a dry space where there is enough room for them. Towels shouldn't be packed too tightly together during storage as they need space to maintain their fluffy condition. Also, when you reach for your towel, you wouldn't want all the other towels to fall out with it!

How Deep Should Shelves Be For Towels?

If you are building a new storage space for your towels, your shelves ideally should be between 16 inches and 20 inches. But also consider at what height would it be easiest to take out and put away your towels.

If possible, take inventory of your linens--bath towels, hand towels, face-washing cloths--and fold them to your preferred style. How many can you realistically stack? Will they fit on the shelf or will they hang over? 

Is It Better To Fold Or Roll Towels?

If you are tight on space, rolling your towels is the way to go because they take up much less space. However, if you have ample room and enjoy seeing a clean and organized closet, folding and stacking your towels is fine, too. Just make sure that the folded sides of the towels are facing out for that tidy and organized appearance.

How Many Towels Should You Own?

In general, and assuming towels are laundered once a week, most experts agree that 2 sets of towels per person are sufficient. If possible, storing an extra set or two for potential guests is a good idea, too.

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In Closing

All in all, there are several ways to properly fold your towels to keep them in good condition. But perhaps most important of all is the feeling of uncluttered order and clean elegance every time you reach for a new bath towel. Before you go, be sure to check out some of our other helpful guides:

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