How To Read A Sherwin-Williams Paint Label

Are you about to start that long overdue painting project and wonder if your Sherwin-Williams paint is the correct paint for the job? Or what do the paint color codes mean, or how to decipher the label? We’ve researched these questions and are glad to share the information with you today!

The best way to read the Sherwin-Williams paint label is to read it from top to bottom because it has the printed colorants and quantity information. 

Are you ready to learn more about Sherwin-Williams paint? Or how to find paint can recycling options near you? We’ve researched these topics and have gathered quality research results to share with you—just keep reading!

How To Read A Sherwin-Williams Paint Label

Different color paint labels of Sherwin Williams

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Reading the information printed on the Sherwin-Williams paint label is the first step for a successful painting project. The label adheres to the lid when you purchase your paint in-store or online. 

The label reads from top to bottom. It starts with the location where the paint was purchased, the date of purchase, and the order number.

  • The “interior” states whether the paint is for indoor or outdoor usage. In this example, it is architectural. 
  • The line of paint is printed as “color to go.”
  • Satin is the finish of the paint. 

The title of the paint is in larger letters, which states this paint was a custom color match. Next, the colorants are listed in alphabetical order B1, R2, Y3, denoted by measurements used to create the hue, tint, or shade. 

Lastly, the quantity is stated as one quart at the bottom of the label. Please note that the layout of the label may differ slightly based on the retailer. 

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Launching Sherwin Willaims app

What Does SW Mean In Paint?

Generally, the abbreviation SW stands for Sherwin-Williams brand in paint color databases. 

Are There Different Grades Of Sherwin-Williams Paint?

The Sherwin-Williams company divides its paint into two broad groups—interior and exterior paints. Each paint developed by Sherwin-Williams does offer unique properties and above-average reviews. 

Interior Paints 


 The Emerald line is paint and primer combined for a more straightforward application combined with stain-blocking technology to keep your walls looking clean and well maintained. 

Duration Home Edition 

Excellent paint for covering preexisting stains with a paint and primer combined for an easy application that will help diminish stains in the future. 

Super Paint

It is excellent for painting walls that get dirty frequently because this paint has proven scrub ability, which makes this an excellent option for children’s rooms and play areas. Available in flat, satin, velvet, and semi-gloss sheens.


The Cashmere paints are latex-based, allowing them to glide onto the walls quickly and create a bold silky aesthetic. 


The Harmony paints are GreenGold standard and formulated without VOC. Selecting Harmony paint is ideal for those striving to reduce indoor pollutants in their homes. Also, the formula contains agents that will suppress mildew growth and mold. 


Promar paints are 100% VOC-free latex paint available in various sheens to enhance home decor. 

Exterior Paints


The exterior Emerald paints offer a mildew-resistant coat of paint that will withstand the elements and has a lifetime warranty for added peace of mind. 


The Duration Premium exterior coating is formulated with Perma last technology and advanced acrylic co-polymers for longevity. 


The Resilience paints are manufactured with moisture-guard technology that will diminish the effects of moisture exposure. 


 The Super-paints are resistant to fading and peeling, which is why selecting Super-paint is one of the best options for those in extremely warm or cold climates.


A-100 paint is formulated 100% with acrylic that will glide effortlessly and lower overall paint costs.


 The Loxon-XP is manufactured for masonry coating, which is ideal for direct-to-concrete applications. 

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