How To Remove Paint From Clothes With Baking Soda [Step By Step Guide]

No one wants to wear a stained dress or shirt—especially clothes stained with paint. The colorful flaws are noticeable and attract attention in a not-so-good way. How can you remove paint stains from clothes using baking soda? We did research to find out from the experts.

Using baking soda to remove paint stains from clothes is surprisingly effective. Here's a step-by-step guide to removing paint from clothes with baking soda.

  1. Scrape off any extra removable paint using a device with a thin flat edge, such as a dull knife.
  2. Pour warm water from the back of the affected area while gently scraping off the paint using your thumbnail.
  3. Create a mixture of baking soda and water following a 1:1 ratio. 
  4. Dip a microfiber cloth into the mixture.
  5. Delicately dab the microfiber cloth over the affected area. 
  6. Run the clothes under warm water to rinse. Repeat the dabbing as needed.
  7. Create another mixture: a gummy paste made of water and baking soda.
  8. Rub the thick paste into the affected area and let it sit for one hour.
  9. Finish by laundering the clothes.

This easy guide will make you want to jump off your couch and try it. However, keep reading to learn more about baking soda's cleaning benefits and how you will have clean and fresh-smelling clothes again after smudging paint on them.

People renovating the house, How To Remove Paint From Clothes With Baking Soda [Step By Step Guide]

The Cleaning Power Of Baking Soda

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Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3), is useful in removing grime, disinfecting, and achieving clean spaces. It is very helpful as a cleaning agent because it belongs on the opposite side of the pH scale, with a pH level of 9. It is safe and considered a natural cleaner.

Baking soda works miraculously at home. It is a powerful cleaning tool that always comes in handy. It also works as a deodorizer. You can use it to remove odors in your car and your shoes. Find out other uses of baking soda for home cleaning.

  • Bathroom. Use baking soda with vinegar to clean your toilet bowl and faucets.
  • Toothbrush. Soak your toothbrush overnight in warm water and baking soda to clean.
  • Stains. Sprinkle baking soda on the stained part, such as the coffee or tea stain, inside a mug. Wipe it with a damp cloth.
  • Refrigerator. Use baking soda to wipe clean your fridge.
  • Teeth. Baking soda is anti-bacterial. Thus, it removes bacteria and makes the teeth whiter.

How To Remove Paint From Clothes With Baking Soda

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Baking soda is a safe and natural solution for cleaning. Here's how to use it to remove paint from clothing.

Tools To Use

It is better to collect the materials needed for cleaning and combine the mixture for your paint-stained clothes. Take note of the materials that are listed below:

  1. plastic scraper or dull knife
  2. baking soda
  3. warm water
  4. microfiber cloth
  5. disposable bowl for mixing baking soda and water
  6. disposable stirrer or mixer or mixing baking soda and water

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Common Types Of Paint

There are various types of paints. The common types are water- and oil-based. Water-based paint is easier to remove than oil-based paint. Oil-based paint is harder to scrape off when dried on clothes.

Always wear a working apron and other protective gear to avoid getting paint on your clothes. Paint easily sticks on surfaces without you noticing.

Making 1:1 Baking Soda Mixture

A one-to-one ratio is needed to make the mixture for blotting out the paint as the first major cleaning for clothes with paint on it. Use this mixture after scraping to remove most of the paint, especially the hardened paint stuck on the clothes.

Follow the easy guide on mixing the correct ratio below:

  1. Get a bowl for mixing. 
  2. Mix 1 part baking soda and 1 part water into the bowl with a disposable stirrer. Use disposable tools because you are working with paint that can be chemical-based.
  3. Mix thoroughly until the smallest particle of the soda dissolves.

Making Baking Soda Paste 

The baking soda paste has a high concentration of baking soda. So it works for deep paint stains on clothes. The mixing is the same as above, except you need to add more baking soda to achieve the sticky paste. Read the easy guide to making baking soda sticky paste:

  1. Get a bowl for mixing. 
  2. Pour a generous amount of baking soda into a bowl of warm water to quickly dissolve since it has more powder and less water.
  3. Mix thoroughly until the smallest particle of the soda dissolves. Use disposable tools because you are working with paint that can be chemical-based.
  4. Continue to mix as the warm water cools down until the mixture turns thick and dense. The paste is ready.

Does Acrylic Paint Wash Off On Clothes?

The girl holds in her hands a white dress with red spots and an example with a clean dress without a stain after washing, washing dirty clothes, dirty and clean clothes, before and after

Acrylic paint washes off on clothes while wet. When it dries, it is permanent and hard to remove from clothes. Immediately tend to your clothes once stained with paint to prevent further damage.

Removing Paint OdorS Using Baking Soda

The paint has a lingering chemical smell. It is strong and can affect other clothes or an entire room. Baking soda can also remove the odor of oil-based paint from clothes—and not only oil-based paints, but also gasoline. Here's how you do it:

  1. Get a clean trash bag and put baking soda into it.
  2. Put the affected clothes in the trash bag.
  3. Leave it for a few days.
  4. Wash the clothes. It is better not to mix them with other clothes without the same odor.

The easiest way to eradicate the paint smell is through ventilation. Exchange of airflow and fresh air are helpful. Commonly, it takes around 48 hours for the odor to be gone. However, paint with a strong chemical smell may disappear in a week.

Earlier, you learned that baking soda gets rid of odors. You can use other things such as scented candles, charcoal, coffee beans and water, and lemon solution. Each has a distinct and fresh smell that quickly envelopes an area. 

What Is The Fastest Way To Remove Paint From Clothes?

Woman Cleaning Stained Shirt in Bathroom Sink.

Mix one part dish soap and one part warm water to remove paint from clothes in a flash. It is the quickest way. Read below for the step-by-step guide:

  1. Run the affected area through warm water.
  2. Make the mixture: 1:1 ratio of dish soap and warm water.
  3. Gently rub the mixture into the affected area with a sponge. Repeat as needed.
  4. When the stain is gone, launder it without joining it to unaffected clothes.

How Do You Get Paint Out Of Clothes Once Washed?

Mix one part dish soap and one part warm water. Put the mixture into the affected area, brush aggressively with a sponge, and then rinse. Repeat as needed. Smear with acetone if the stain persists.

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What Home Remedy Will Remove Paint?

Borax, ammonia, and washing soda are natural home remedies that remove paint. You can mix them all one part each with water and use them as a cleaning solution at home, not just on paint.

What Can You Not Clean With Baking Soda?

Set of stainless pots and pan with glass lids on the white wooden background. 3d illustration

Baking soda is a common natural cleaner that can be found at home. However, there are items and surfaces to which it should not be applied. It may result in unfavorable chemical reactions and further damage your items.

Here's a list of items you should not use baking soda with:

  • aged silver
  • marble surfaces
  • ceramic glass
  • aluminum cookware
  • gold rimmed or detailed items
  • wooden furniture

Summing Up

Baking soda can do the work of removing paint from your clothes if you create a solution of it with water.

The solution or paste effectively smudges off paint. Rinse repeatedly to see the difference. Lastly, wash the clothes as usual to remove the stain of the clothes.

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