How To Remove Pool Table Felt

Pool table felt can be removed when it needs replacing, or when the table needs to be disassembled for relocation. You might be wondering if you can remove the pool table felt by yourself without the help of a professional. We have done research to provide you with all the information you need for removing pool table felt.

Below is a simple guide you can follow when removing the felt on your pool table.

  1. Remove the pool pockets.
  2. Remove the bolts connecting the rails to the table.
  3. Lift the rails up from the table.
  4. Remove the staples around the edge of the felt. If the felt is glued on, gently peel it off the table.
  5. Remove the pool table felt and fold it neatly.

Pool table felt should be removed and replaced when it's worn out, so that the balls can roll on a smooth surface. If you're disassembling a pool table, the felt should be removed to avoid damage to the material during relocation or storage. Continue reading as we discuss other important information you need to know about removing a pool table felt.

Poole table disassemble workers remove the felt from the slate. - How To Remove Pool Table Felt

How Do I Remove Pool Table Felt?

To remove the felt, you'll need to disassemble some parts of the table. First, you need to identify what type of table you have.

Red felt pool table is in the process of disassembly

Some pool tables are designed to be easily disassembled, while others require professional help for upkeep and repairs. The latter situation is common with older pool table designs.

Knock-down pool tables can be " target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">easily taken apart and then reassembled. This type of pool table allows you to detach pieces of slate, rails, and legs for easy transportation.

However, you will need assistance with disassembling other types of pool tables. These pool tables might have railings that can't be detached. When removing these railings, you will require at least two additional sets of hands in order to lift the whole thing up from the pool table.

If you are planning to relocate the pool table, the process of disassembling, transportation, and reassembling will require more than one person.

Once you have verified your type of pool table, refer to the simple guide below to remove the felt. Note that the tools listed here are the basic ones commonly used. You should check the materials used in your own pool table, since not all manufacturers utilize the same hardware.


  • Small scratch awl
  • Impact drill
  • Screwdriver

1. Remove The Pool Pockets

After clearing out the table, remove the pockets located at the four corners of the table. These pockets may be attached to the table with staples or screws. If they're attached with staples, use the small scratch awl and pry the staples off.

Some pool table manufacturers intentionally color in the staples in order for them to blend well against the surface of the table. Make sure to check if these staples were used when fastening the pool pockets.

Failure to notice these camouflaged staples could result in torn pockets when you pull them off the table.

2. Remove The Bolts Connecting The Rails To The Table

Once the pool pockets are removed, the rails can be easily detached from the main table itself. This is because some pool pockets are connected to both sides of the railing.

After removing the pool pockets, squat down in front of the pool table and begin removing the bolts underneath. Depending on the hardware used to fasten the railings to your specific pool table, you can either use a screwdriver or an impact drill.

Technician uses a socket wrench to disassemble a pool table

It is important to remember that you should never go underneath the table when removing these screws or bolts. Many parts of a pool table are heavy and can cause serious injury in case of an accident.

3. Lift The Rails Up From The Table

After removing all the fasteners connecting the rails to the table, you can lift the rails off. If you have a knock-down pool table, you can simply remove each piece of the railing as you remove the fasteners underneath them. If your pool table has a one-piece railing, you should remove all the bolts underneath before lifting it off.

One-piece pool table railings are often heavy, so you'll need assistance with lifting this part of the table up. Set it aside to avoid stepping on it while removing the staples attaching the pool table felt.

4. Remove The Staples Around The Edge Of The Felt

Using the small scratch awl tool, remove the staples fastening the felt to the pool table. This part of the process is tedious, and you should take extra care to avoid scratching the table.

Poole table dissemble removal of staples holding the felt

Some pool table manufacturers fasten staples every 1/8 of an inch to ensure that the tension on the material is consistent. In some cases, manufacturers will attach two rows of staples every 1/8 of an inch for extra security. All of these staples must be removed properly with a scratch awl.

How To Remove Pool Table Felt That Is Glued On

If the felt is glued on the pool table, you can use a metal paint scraper to pull up one side of the felt. Once enough felt has been lifted off the table, you can peel it away. Pull the material away from the table to rip the fabric off the hardened glue.

Pool table felt is supposed to be just slightly glued on, but you can use a stain remover if it too hard to remove. Spray the stain remover on the glue between the felt and the slates. Allow it to dissolve the glue for 15-20 minutes before scratching it off with a paint scraper.

5. Remove The Pool Table Felt And Fold It Neatly

After removing all the staples, lift up the felt and fold it neatly. This will ensure that the material will not be damaged during storage or transportation.

The felt installed in each pool table is measured precisely to fit the size of the table. If the felt is damaged, especially around the edges, it will be difficult to reinstall.

Watch this video to see a demonstration of the process covered above.

How Do You Clean Pool Table Felt?

Use a pool table brush when cleaning the felt on the table. The felt should never be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. A pool table brush is specifically designed to remove dust and dirt on the felt without stretching or wrinkling it.

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When brushing the felt, do so in one direction. You should clean the bristles after every brush. Avoid brushing the felt twice without removing the dust that had already been collected in the previous swipe.

In addition, do not attempt to clean the felt with water because it can ruin the material, as well as the table and slates underneath. 

When Should I Change The Felt On Pool Table?

Removing the old cloth from the bed table of American billiards.

If you place your hand on the table and gentle pressure creates wrinkling, then you should consider replacing the felt. Also, if the pool felt is stained or fuzzy, and you can easily collect lint rom the surface, a replacement might be due.

When choosing a replacement for pool table felt, you should use high-quality material in order to avoid easy damage. Cheap pool table felt can tear and wrinkle easily.

To Wrap Up

Pool table felt can be replaced at home, but you will need assistance when removing some parts of the table.

In this article, we discussed the process of disassembling the top part of a pool table to remove the pool table felt. We also discussed how you can clean the material, as well as how to know if it should be replaced. Make sure to remove the felt with the proper tools in order to avoid damaging the pool table.

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