How To Remove Slats From Blinds (Inc. Cordless, Vertical, Faux Wood, Venetian, And Vinyl)

Blinds are a great way to provide your room or office privacy, and it all comes down to the right size. Otherwise, you won’t feel secure.

But if you’re looking for a way to remove the extra slats in your blinds because they’re too long, you’re in luck! We did the research to provide you with the best solution.

You won’t need a professional to remove slats from your blinds. All you need is a pair of scissors, an optional measuring tape, and patience! Here’s the guide:

  1. Fully lower the blinds.
  2. Get rid of the plugs and cut the cords.
  3. Remove the bottom rail.
  4. Measure the extra slats next to the size of your window frame.
  5. Cut the string ladder.
  6. Push the plugs back in.

The process might be tricky initially, but it’ll make things look more polished and well-adjusted for your privacy.

Now, there’s more to the process than the steps above; the devil is in the details! And you’re probably wondering, will this method work the same way with other types of blinds? The results may differ, so keep reading this post to learn more.

Horizontal blinds glass window interior design, living room blinds window decor, How To Remove Slats From Blinds (Inc. Cordless, Vertical, Faux Wood, Venetian, And Vinyl)

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Removing Slats From Blinds

Readjusting your blinds by removing the slats will only take a couple of minutes, from detangling the slats to putting the plugs back in. Make sure to strictly follow the steps in proper order. 

Before we get on with it, here’s a friendly reminder: when removing slats from blinds, don’t forget to be extra careful! The slats and strings can be very delicate, so be patient and handle them properly.

1. Fully lower the blinds

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Adjustments room lighting range through the blinds

The first step is to lower the blinds down. It will help if you let the blinds loose to have a good measure of the cut.

Remember, don’t remove them from the window; you might remove more slats than needed. Just let the blinds hang while you try to remove the attachments.

2. Get rid of the plugs and cut the cords

After lowering the blinds, it’s time to find the plugs. They’re stuck in the bottom of the rail so that the cords can stay intact.

Removing the plugs won’t require much effort, but if you can’t remove them with your bare hands, you may use a flat and long metallic object like a flat screwdriver or a scissor. Make sure, though, not to break the plugs!

After removing the plugs, you will see a small knot that you can either untie or cut with scissors. This process is important to proceed to the next step.

3. Remove the bottom rail

White curtain or white blinds Roller sun protection in the office with garden v

Now that you’re done with the plugs, let the blinds hang freely and remove the bottom rail. You need to remove the bottom rail because you’ll have to put it back once the blinds are adjusted.

4. Measure the extra slats next to the size of your window frame

The most crucial step is measurement. Measuring the blinds will determine the result of this task. You can either eyeball it or use a measuring tape.

You can start removing the slats from the bottom until it fits the window frame properly. With the string lather still hanging, attach the bottom rail to secure the slats in position.

If you wish to know more about measuring for blinds, check out this other post: How To Measure For Blinds (4 Things To Keep In Mind

Process for under construction measuring and nailing moldings on the window in

5. Cut the string ladder

After removing the extra slats and attaching the bottom rail, you can proceed to cut the string ladder right below the bottom rail. Do not cut it all the way through!

Leave at least 2-3 inches of string. This way, there’s plenty of string for the bottom rod to attach to.

6. Push the plugs back in

Window treatment installer installs the cord on shades

Now in this step, you’re not just pushing the plugs back in. You should now draw the lift cords in through the holes on top of the bottom rail. Grab the lift cords and pull them through the underside of the bottom rail.

After that, allow the cords to hang from the lower side of the rail. After inserting the lift cords through the bottom rail, tie a knot to secure the attachments together.

Once that’s all done, push the plugs back in, and you’re good to go.

You can also watch this video that demonstrates how to properly remove slats from window blinds:

Finishing Touches

If the blinds still seem like they don’t provide you with enough privacy, maybe you have to readjust your blinds so that they face upwards. Additionally, adding curtains will make for a more private room.

Look into this post “Blinds Up Or Down For Privacy?” to learn more about adding extra privacy to your home.

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Different Types Of Blinds And How To Remove Their Slats

The steps to properly remove slats from blinds are generally the same for many types of blinds. But, of course, there are some intricacies that need to be settled. You probably have a cordless or a vertical blind that needs shortening, right? No worries, we’ll help you with that.

Cordless Blinds

Spring-loaded systems that allow you to raise and lower your blinds without using cords make up cordless blinds. Just push the bottom rail up or pull down to lower them.

If your cordless blinds are getting in the way of your furniture, tables, or lamps, perhaps it’s best to remove the extra slats. Follow these steps to do so:

  • Fully lower the blinds and turn the slats into an open position, afterwards, measure the desired length and mark the last slat.
  • Remove the plugs and cut through the holes of the slats that you will remove. Just like corded blinds, cut the hanging string ladder, but leave the inner cord alone.
  • Reassemble the parts once you’re done.

Vertical Blinds

With vertical blinds, all you need is a card; any card will do as long as it’s sturdy enough. You will notice a hook attached to each slat in your blinds.

When you find this hook, slide the card between the hook and the slat—by doing so, you will create a space for the slat to slide out of the hook. 

Watch this video for a visual guide on how you can easily remove slats from vertical blinds:

Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds are ideal for adding extra privacy to your restroom, but what if it’s not the right fit?

The process of removing extra slats from these blinds is almost the same as the corded blinds. The only difference is that you have to cut the slats off the string before removing the bottom rail. Here’s a simple clip to help you:

Venetian Blinds

If you purchased a Venetian curtain blind, no worries. There’s no real difference between Venetian blinds and any window blinds!

Just follow the step-by-step guide listed above, and you’ll be fine.

Vinyl Blinds

If you have vinyl blinds, check whether it’s corded, cordless, or vertical, and try to follow the tips we have provided for removing the slats. After all, it’s the material that’s a different kind and not the design itself.

Here’s what vinyl blinds look like:

Open window blinds

Why do some blinds have tapes?

Tapes aren’t only a fashion element, but they also help to conceal the small holes in the slats, giving your blinds a neat and clean look. It’s also a nice touch of color to your blinds, whether they are wooden or vinyl.

Corded Blinds Vs. Cordless Blinds: Which Is Better?

There is no strict answer to this question. It all depends on the height of your window. 

Some windows are quite high, making it impossible to retract cordless blinds. In this case, the cord system fixes the problem and allows you to control your blinds.

Do cordless blinds last longer than corded ones?

Corded blinds generally last longer than cordless ones. But then how you maintain it is a big factor in its lifespan.

How do I know what blinds I have?

You can refer to the types of blinds we have discussed above to find out what blinds you have. On top of that, slatted window blinds usually have a header piece on top. You can flip that to check and see the brand, color, style, and other information. 

Final Thoughts

Horizontal blinds glass window interior design, living room blinds window decor

There’s no need to remove slats from blinds unless they do not fit properly in the interior of your window frame. The purpose of removing the extra slats is to ensure your privacy and perhaps to add a bit of polish.

We hope that you have learned how to remove slats from blinds in our easy step-by-step guide!

If you’re not confident to do the task, call a professional and let them do the work. Or next time, measure the size of your window frame before checking out your cart!

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