How To Replace A Dyson Battery [Inc. V6, V7, V8 And V10]

Dyson is one of the world's leaders vacuum cleaning technology, with a powerful brand that has lasted for decades. Dyson is marked by expert craftsmanship, quality components, and of course, state-of-the-art cleaning technology.

Many Dyson models are battery-powered, and the price we pay for the convenience and portability of batteries is that they eventually need to be replaced.

Some people mistakenly think that Dyson cordless vacuums are disposable and can be thrown away. This isn't the truth at all; their batteries are replaceable.

A new Dyson cyclone V10 fluffy, How To Replace A Dyson Battery [Inc. V6, V7, V8 And V10]

How do you know when it’s time to replace a Dyson battery?

The average battery life for the V6, V7, V8, and V10 models is around 5 to 6 years. Depending on usage and frequency, this may happen sooner rather than later.

In any case, you want to look for these pointers to indicate when it’s time to get a new battery:

  • The battery life is a lot shorter than it used to be, even after the battery has been fully charged
  • The battery takes a much greater amount of time to fully charge
  • The vacuum cleaner no longer has adequate suction or seems much less strong than before

However, there are a few ways you can help ensure a longer battery life for your Dyson. Here are a few that have proven effective:

  • Don’t constantly use your Dyson in turbo mode
  • Only use Dyson parts and attachments for repairs and replacements if you can
  • Regularly clean your Dyson vacuum cleaner
  • Check your vacuum cleaner regularly for blockages, as any additional strain on the vacuum cleaner can overload the battery prematurely 

There are many options available for replacement batteries, and once you've gotten the hang of replacing a few, you'll have no trouble at all with the process.

But this should not be a source of worry. The battery pack for the Dyson V6, V7, V8, and V10 models are easily replaced and don't require as much effort or time as you think.


Woman unboxing a new Dyson Vacuum

Let's start with the Dyson V6 model. The Dyson V6 battery provides 20 minutes of consistent, strong suction on a 3 1/2 hour charge.

To replace the battery pack, you'll need a few items.

First, you'll need a Phillips number one screwdriver. If you can use a Phillips screwdriver with a rubber handle that's even better, as this will make it easy to grip. If you can, try to avoid using any kind of screwdriver with a smooth handle if possible as it can potentially slip out of your grip, bringing the risk of damaging the screws on the surface of the vacuum.

Trust us; you don’t want to be looking for replacement screws for your vacuum cleaner! For your screwdriver, you’ll want something with a #0x50mm and #0x60mm head or close to it. 

Second, you'll need a replacement battery. More on this in a bit.

Step One: Empty the dust bin 

As a first step in the process of replacing the battery, you’ll need to empty the dust bin. You can do this by finding the red lever below the trigger. Push this lever to open up the dust trap door (make sure you’re near a garbage can) and empty any contents of the dust bin into your trash receptacle.

You’ll want a clear and clean dust bin to continue on with the next step in the process.

Step Two: Detach the dust bin from the body of the vacuum cleaner itself

Opening a Dyson Vacuum cyclone V10 fluffy

At this point, you’ll want to continue putting pressure down on the red lever below the trigger to completely release the lock that holds the dust canister in place. Once the lock is fully released,  gently pull the container away from the vacuum cleaner body.

The reason for this operation initially is that removing the bin will make for easy access to the all-important second screw that secures the battery right in the front of the unit. Once the dust bin is gone, you’ll have clear and easy access to reach this second screw.

Step 3: Remove both of the two screws holding the battery in place.

Woman unboxing a brand new Dyson Vacuum

Now that you have full access to the handle, you’ll be able to see the two screws that hold the batteries in place. One of the screws will be positioned behind the handle, and the other will be positioned right in front of it, directly below the red release lever.

You can unscrew these in any order. It’s very important to note that these screws won’t be exactly the same size; you’ll need a 0x55mm screwdriver in order to remove the screw behind the handle and a slightly larger 0x60mm screwdriver in order to remove the bolt in front.

Step 4: Remove the battery

Now that the nitty-gritty work is done, it’s time to do what we’ve come here to do: remove and replace the battery!

With the screws gone, the battery should be free and clear for easy removal. Slowly pull the battery from the vacuum cleaner surface; it should detach without any issue.

Step 5: Replace the battery 

Attach your new battery and tighten both screws (with the respective screwdrivers for each size) to secure the battery in place. Sometimes it might be hard to get the battery precisely in the right position; if this is the case, simply push the battery up to allow the holes to line up with the battery.

Tighten the screws but don’t go too tight, as this might strip the screws and make it harder to replace the battery the next time around! 

For all four models discussed (the V6, V7, V8, and V10), the replacement batteries will be screwed in. Make sure that for all four you give your replacement battery a full charge before using. 

Selecting your replacement battery 

When it comes to selecting your replacement battery, it will be tempting to use an imitation Dyson battery pick up sold by manufacturers on Amazon and other sites like these.

Even though the reduced price might draw you in, it's important to remember that Dyson's own batteries will always perform better, even if they're more expensive.

However, it's important to note that in the long run, paying a little bit more for a good Dyson battery now may end up saving money, as a cheaper battery might wear out sooner, and in the course of three or four years you might end up paying for two batteries instead of having one battery for five years or more!

It's best not to cut corners if you can when it comes to finding the right replacement battery for your Dyson vacuum cleaner.

And, of course, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure: the better you take care of and clean your vacuum cleaner now, the more likely you'll have a longer battery life.

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