How To Reset A Moen Garbage Disposal [Step By Step Guide]

If you own a Moen garbage disposal and it's not working correctly, resetting it can fix it. So, how do you reset a Moen garbage disposal? We have researched this question to bring you an answer.

These simple steps will help you to reset a Moen garbage disposal that is overloaded or is no longer grinding:

  1. Turn off the garbage disposal
  2. Push the reset button
  3. Check for jams
  4. Remove blockage and obstructions
  5. Start the disposal

Although these steps may be simple, you need to consider some things while doing a reset. Continue reading as we discuss each step in greater detail and provide some steps to clean your garbage disposal properly. We will also answer some frequently asked questions.

Resetting The Moen Garbage Disposal

Moen produces different styles of garbage disposal, which are generally easy to operate. But you may need to reset the appliance when it overheats or becomes overloaded.

Garbage disposal under the modern sink

Most Moen garbage disposal models have a red reset button, while others have a black-colored one. Locate this reset button so you can reset your garbage disposal - you can find it inside a hole on the bottom of its forward-facing side or opposite the drain outlet.

Here is a simple guide on how you can reset your Moen garbage disposal to restore efficiency:

1. Turn Off The Garbage Disposal

You must turn off the unit to remove it without risking an electrical shock.

2. Push The Reset Button

Once you locate the reset button on your Moen garbage disposal, simply push it.

The button's remote position may sometimes be challenging to locate. Furthermore, some models, like the GX series, may require you to use a screwdriver or an Allen key to reach them.

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Turn on the garbage disposal after you push the reset button to its position, and see if it works. If the appliance still fails to work, proceed to the next steps.

3. Check For Jams

If the reset button doesn't retract, there must be something jamming inside the garbage disposal. So, turn off the appliance and check for jams. Look for metals, hardened food, or other objects that can block the unit's rotor.

You can use a flashlight to check inside the holes.

4. Remove Blockage And Obstructions

Remove any blockages you identify. However, if nothing is blocking the rotor, you can use a broom handle or a garbage disposal wrench to twist it until it starts moving freely.

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5. Restart The Garbage Disposal

Once the rotor starts moving freely, push the reset button again, and restart the garbage disposal.

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How To Clean A Garbage Disposal

Cleaning garbage disposal under the modern sink

Although garbage disposal is a self-cleaning machine that washes itself while compacting food waste, cleaning it is still important to avoid food build-up and foul smells from the splash guard and drains. Cleaning also ensures that the garbage disposal last longer and prevents plumbing problems.

Below are some steps you can follow when cleaning your garbage disposal:

1. Turn Off The Power

Before starting the cleaning process, ensure that the garbage disposal is turned off and disconnected from the power source to avoid accidental electric shock.

If you're unsure where to find your garbage disposal plug, turn off the circuit breaker connected to the kitchen.

2. Remove Blocking Particles

It is crucial to remove particles and hardened foods inside the garbage disposal so you can deep clean it. To do this, look for trapped particles using a flashlight, then use any tools that can reach deeper into the drain.

If you use your hands, wear gloves for safety and sanitary purposes. Be careful when removing these particles to avoid getting cut by the blades. Next, run water into the drain to wash away any residue.

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3. Clean The Interior Of The Disposal

Even though deep cleaning the garbage disposal's interior is a lot of work, it is worth it. Get a long-handled brush or an old toothbrush to brush the drain interior. You can add a small amount of dish soap to help break up the gunk.

Next, rinse and flush out the drain with the water, then grab a cup of salt and a few ice cubes and put them into the appliance. Run it with warm water and let the salt grind inside the chamber. This will help remove and break up the remaining particles inside the disposal.

4. Freshen Up Your Garbage Disposal

Pour a spoon of baking soda and a glass of vinegar respectively into the drain of sink

It is not enough that your garbage disposal is clean; keeping it smelling fresh is also important. There are plenty of options you can do to freshen up your garbage disposal. One of these is by using vinegar and baking soda.

Pour a small quantity of baking soda into the drain, preferably half a cup. Then, add a cup of vinegar to the baking soda and leave it for a few minutes. Lastly, pour boiling or hot water into the disposal so it will wash the vinegar away.

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You can also use citrus peels since they are good at absorbing odors. Put some citrus peels in the disposal and let the machine grind them. Pour cold water to wash away the particles left by the peels.

How Long Does A Moen Garbage Disposal Last?

A Moen garbage disposal can last for about 10 years if properly cleaned and maintained. If your garbage disposal starts to clog more often, it probably needs a replacement.

Why Does Your Garbage Disposal Hum?

Plumber working at the garbage disposal

Although garbage disposals last a long time, it doesn't mean they're exempt from eventual breakdowns. If your garbage disposal is too old, you may start noticing a humming sound. The humming sound indicates that the disposer is turned on and has power, but the blades are not turning.

The blades not turning can signal something clogging inside the unit, preventing the motor from moving freely. For this reason, regularly cleaning and checking for trapped particles inside the disposal drain is vital.

What To Avoid Putting In A Garbage Disposal

Food waste disposer machine in the sink, How To Reset A Moen Garbage Disposal [Step By Step Guide]

Proper care is necessary to extend the life of your garbage disposal. This care includes not putting things that are not supposed to go down a garbage disposal. Here are some things you should avoid putting in the appliance:

Coffee Grounds

Although coffee grounds seem finely grounded, they form a thick and dense paste which can cause the appliance to clog.

Grease, Oil, And Fats

Grease, oil, and fats tend to solidify when cooled, so throwing them in the trash is better to avoid blocking the drain.


While it is believed that eggshells can sharpen blades, this is not true, especially when put in a garbage disposal. They will only cause blockage inside the disposer.

Onion Skins And Potato Peels

The outer membranes of both onion and potato are thin enough to wrap around the blades grinder or miss it entirely. Worse, they can form a net that blocks the passage of other objects, leading to clogging.

Hard Foods

Hard foods can damage the garbage disposal blades.

Dry Expandable Foods

Expandable foods like pasta, rice, oats, and bread absorb water and expand. If you put them in a garbage disposal, they can continue to expand, eventually blocking the drain.

If you must dispose of expandable foods via the garbage disposal, ensure that you only put small quantities. Also, run the appliance for a couple of seconds and flush the drain with cold water to prevent the grains from expanding.

Wrapping Things Up

Garbage disposals are a game changer for keeping a neat space. However, they are still susceptible to clogging.

It's very easy to reset a Moen garbage disposal. We hope that the abovementioned steps will guide you on how to proceed. In addition, keep your Moen garbage disposal clean to maintain its efficiency and to keep it running longer. If you're unsure or hesitant, it is better to call a professional to do it for you.

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