How To Reset A Genie Garage Door Opener

Genie garage doors are renowned for their ease of use and convenient remote-controlled mechanisms. Its openers are mounted to the garage ceiling. Unfortunately, when you need to sync or resync your remote, this technique becomes less straightforward. If you're worried about how your genie garage door opener can be reset, worry no more! We did the research to provide you with the best techniques.

There are two methods to reset your genie garage door opener. They are as follows:

  • Reprogramming the Opener
  • Resetting the Wireless Keypad

If your wireless keypad isn't correctly opening your garage door, you might also need to calibrate this gadget. You can quickly reset either your wireless keypad or Genie opener with only a few button presses. Keep reading as we elaborate on each technique for resetting your Genie garage door opener. 

Garage Door Opener, How To Reset A Genie Garage Door Opener

Step-By-Step Guide

You'll see here detailed instructions for each technique. Make sure to follow them correctly so you can now fix your garage door opener on your own. Here's how these two techniques work:

Genie Garage door opener remote controller

Reprogramming the Opener

Below are helpful guides on how to reprogram your garage door opener:

1. Press down the square button for 3 to 5 seconds

The "Program Set" square button should be pushed and held for at least 3 seconds. Hold the button down until the circular LED starts to glow. Then, the purple LED next to the circular LED will flash.

  • Your opener will enter "Programming Mode" as a result, allowing you to reset it.
  • In some Genie models, the locations of your buttons may be different. While some versions have their buttons and LEDs arranged in a single line, others have them grouped with the LEDs underneath. The buttons in this situation will have a slightly different appearance but still be labeled with the same forms.
  • Remember that the remote refers to the smaller, pocket-sized gadget with one to two buttons, whereas the opener is the boxy device mounted to your garage ceiling.

2. Click the circular "Learn Code" button on any opener produced between 1995 and 2011

On older opener versions, look for the tiny circular LED and buttons marked "Radio Signal" and "Learn Code." One of the buttons will show a radio signal of some sort if your opener is connected to a receiver.

Press and hold the "Learn Code" button until the Radio Signal LED starts flashing to reset this type of opener.

Check Genie's website to discover the owner manual and instructional guide for your particular model if you're unsure how to reset an older opener model.

3. Push the remote button quickly

Select and press one of the rectangular, unlabeled buttons on your remote control. The purple LED light on the opener's oblong shape will stop blinking and turn solid purple once you've completed this.

It doesn't matter which button you press for this part. Just be sure to keep track of the button you used because this is the one that will open and close your garage door.

The format of the remote buttons will be slightly different if your device was produced between 1995 and 1997. To reset and reprogram the opener, use the two curved, rectangular buttons on the top side of the remote.

4. To restart the opener, press the remote button 2 more times

On your garage door remote, press the same button. Before the round and oval LEDs completely shut down, watch for both of them to turn blue.

By doing so, you calibrate the opener and make it compatible with your remote. To shut or reopen your garage door after both LEDs have changed colors and turned off, press the same button on your remote control.

The opener will now be completely reset and synchronized with your new remote.

Resetting the Wireless Keypad

The man holds in his hand a remote control that opens the door of a double garage

Follow these simple steps to reset your garage door's wireless keypad:

1. Locate the program and up/down arrow keys, then hold them down for 5 seconds

Find the "up/down" button on the bottom of the wireless keypad and the "Program" button at the top. For roughly 5 seconds, concurrently press both of these buttons. The keypad's LED will blink twice after a successful reset, and the entire device will turn off.

Any previous keypad code won't be able to unlock the garage door after you've done this.

2. When the opener is in programming mode, press 3, 5, and 7 consecutively

To put the opener into programming mode, hold down the square "Program Set" button for at least 3 seconds. To begin programming, press the 3, 5, and 7 buttons on the wireless keypad in that order.

For all Genie garage keypads that are still using their factory settings, this is the default code.

3. Open the garage door by pressing the up/down button three times

On the keypad, at the device's bottom, look for the "up/down" button. Press 357 on the keypad and then gradually push the up/down button until the garage door opens.

Re-enter 357 into the device and use the up/down button to confirm that the keypad has synced properly. You're all set if the garage door opens or closes. 

Once the keypad and opener have been synchronized, think about updating your passcode. Further instructions can be found in the Genie garage door opener owner's handbook.

Helpful Tips

If your home has more than one garage door, you can repeat this procedure as necessary. If you prefer, you can sync several doors with a single remote.

You only have 30 seconds to complete each step when resetting a Genie garage door opener before it exits reprogramming mode.

What Colors Do The Sensors On Genie Garage Doors Need To Be?

If the receiving eye is solidly lit in red, it means that everything is okay. The signal is being transmitted. 

If it isn't red, try to inspect the wiring leading to the motor head. Check the operator logic board first and then the photo eye to see if it is corroded or damaged. 

The receiving eye will be completely red if the send signal is being received and everything is in working condition. If it is blinking or not on, there is an issue.

If so, it's important to check the wiring to see if it’s incorrect. The signal is being suppressed or the transmitting eyes are broken if it blinks. Examine the sending eye and motor wires as you might need to clean the lens.

How To Restore a Non-Working Garage Door Opener Remote

Garage remote

It is easy to enter the garage without getting out of the car or lifting the heavy door oneself by using a remote-control garage door opener. 

To operate successfully, however, a garage door remote control must be placed within the specified infrared signal-sending intensity range.

Here are solutions you can try out if the remote is within range but still doesn't function.

Check the Batteries

Technician man hand using remote control, testing and checking the functional of auto door

Weak or dead batteries are one of the most typical reasons for remote controlled garage doors' malfunction. Use name-brand quality batteries rather than budget options to ensure that the batteries are constantly in good condition. 

Additionally, while utilizing rechargeable batteries is economical in the long-term and environmentally friendly, they only provide about 1.2 volts compared to 1.5 volts from an alkaline battery. 

Thus, a remote that is powered by two rechargeable batteries will only receive 2.4 volts while it is intended to operate on 3 volts. This 25 percent difference may significantly affect the remote control unit's range and usefulness.

Examine the Battery Contacts

The electrical current from the batteries cannot properly pass to the circuit board within the remote control due to the connectors in the battery case being dusty, broken, or wet.

If the contacts look soiled, cracked, or damp, they must be dried and polished before any battery will properly power the remote control.

With fine-grit sandpaper, such as 400-grit or fine steel wool, contacts can be polished.

Clean Infrared Unit's Plastic Lid (IR)

Both the remote control and the receiving device refer to the infrared unit's plastic lid as the "eye." During transmission and reception, the IR signal can travel through this eye.

To clean the eyes, use a soft, damp towel. Even though most remote eyes are made of plastic, if they come into touch with metal, abrasive materials, or fall to the ground, they could still get scratched. 

Although the fact that the material can be polished with certain plastic cleaning solutions, replacing an IR eye on a remote control may be the only choice if it has been severely damaged, pitted, or gouged.

Check out this Gennie garage button remote on Amazon.

Reset the System

Technician assembly electric and testing by uses emergency key with open motor automatic gate control for home security system

The transmitters and remote controls are tiny computers. Resetting the receiver and remote control circuit boards is occasionally necessary. 

To reset the remote, remove the batteries, wait about 30 seconds, and then replace them. By unplugging a receiver from the wall socket for around 30 seconds and then plugging it back in, a receiver can be reset.

The Bottom Line

Garage Door Opener

With those tips we have discussed, you can now reset your Genie garage door opener and identify what color should the lights be on garage door sensors as well as restore a non-working garage remote.

But keep in mind to always consult the user manual and seek professional assistance if you can't resolve the problem on your own. Only a professional has the skills and experience to complete the job correctly and ensure that your garage door performs as intended.

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