How To Stop Light From Coming Through Blinds

Not everyone wants to wake up with the sun. Many people consider themselves night-owls, so having the sun leak through your blinds can really put a damper on your mood! No worries, because we've come up with some ways to remedy this situation, so you can create a dark and calm space in your home.

Here are some ways to keep light from invading your space:

  • Keep your current blinds, but use additions on them and even the windows themselves.
  • Switch out your current blinds and opt for a different type or fabric.
  • Use blackout curtains instead of blinds entirely.

When choosing a method, be sure to keep in mind your living situation. If you're a tenant, some landlords may be okay with adding or switching around window coverings, but it is always best to check with the homeowner before making any drastic changes.

Now that you know all of the options for keeping light from seeping through, let us help you decide which option works best for you. Do you want to completely transform your space? Or do you just want a quick solution that has a minimal impact on the way you present your space? No matter what you choose, you're on your way to being able to blackout your space completely!

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Three Methods To Stop Light Coming Through Blinds

Add Extra Light Blocking Products To Your Existing Blinds

Do you love the look of your blinds? But, maybe you hate the amount of light they let in? Maybe you haven't heard of these cool products that can help you keep the light out while allowing you to keep your current blinds.

You have some options but the most common are using privacy film on the window itself or using light blockers. These two devices can also be used together to allow for even more protection from the sun or annoying street lamps. 

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This can also take away the option of letting light in through your window or seeing outside clearly. Also, the privacy film can be tricky to apply yourself. If you don't own your home, some landlords may not be too keen on the look of the privacy film on the windows.

You can always check and see if it is at least okay to use the light blockers, but again this will not completely keep the light out of your space when being used with standard horizontal blinds.

Switch To A Different Type Of Blinds

Switching to different types of blinds can help with blocking out the light while also upgrading your space to be more sleek and elegant. There are many different sorts of blinds to choose from, they come in different colors and fabrics that can really help to keep your space cool and dark. 

This option is great for homeowners who want to add to their space or for people who have landlords that are willing to allow them to make such changes to their living units. Think your landlord won't go for it? Just go ahead and ask! Some newer apartment or townhome communities may have an upgrade option if you ask.

Some homeowners may be okay with you adding value to their home while you get to reap the current benefits. 

Use Blackout Curtains

You can use blackout curtains on top of your existing blinds without having to uninstall them, or you can opt to use them completely on their own. This choice adds the most amount of drama to a room while having the ability to completely blackout the space. 

Blackout curtains are available in a huge variety of colors, patterns, and lengths. This reason alone makes this option one of the most attractive. 

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If you are renting your living space, you can choose to use a removable curtain rod situation on top of your existing blinds, leaving them as they are. This can also allow for extra light protection as well as privacy. Otherwise, you can bid your blinds farewell for your new stylish window covering option.

However, pet owners may want to take into account their furry friends' desires to climb things. Many cats in particular love to latch onto and climb up curtains, ruining them and sometimes even the wall! 

Do Blinds Block Light?

Most living spaces come with standard blinds (of some sort) to cover the windows. The most common sort of blinds are horizontal and made from either aluminum, wood, or faux wood. These standard blinds do not completely block out light, rather they decrease the amount of light let through. They also provide some privacy. 

However, there are certain types of blinds that do a great job of blocking light on their own without any additions.

What Blinds Are Best For Blocking Out Light?

Vertical Blinds

Close-up view of fabric curtain made of dense fabric in the corpora office

Blackout vertical blinds are pretty self-explanatory, but they are vertical strips of fabric that act to keep the outside sunlight from seeping through. They are also a good option due to how sophisticated they can make a room appear. They are a good option if you want the capabilities of curtains while also being able to let in some filtered light.

Roller Blinds


A photo of a black bedroom theme with black roller blinds

Roller blinds consist of one piece of fabric, rolled at the top of the window to be rolled down as needed. The fun part about this option is the designs you can get since there is no separation between fabrics. They are also cordless and therefore safer around children! Perfect to keep out light in a nursery. This option seems to be the most popular.

Roman Blinds

brown roman blind shade curtain tree forest mountain background living room

Roman blinds consist of two layers of fabric to further insulate your home while also keeping out any light. They are cordless and very chic-looking. Roman blinds can also be fitted to be used electronically. This means you can open and close your shades at the push of a button! Another great option for a nursery and especially for any intense climates.

When considering which type of blinds to use for the purpose of blocking light, it is also important to keep the type of fabric in mind. Sturdier fabrics such as cotton twill, decor-weight cotton, and light canvas are all viable options.

What Are Light Blockers?

We've already gone over light blockers as a great option to use when adding to your existing blinds. They're these nifty little adhesive strips. All you do is peel and stick and you're ready to go!

They come in different sizes, but using scissors to cut them down to the correct size is also a viable option. You can purchase these little buddies online or at most hardware stores.

Do Blackout Curtains Block All Light?

Another option we've talked about is the use of blackout curtains. The material that makes up true blackout curtains allows for complete blockage of all light, including sunlight! You just have to be sure they are installed properly, and that they are not simply labeled as "room-darkening." 

How Do I Completely Black Out My Room?

Sunlight trying to deep through the faux wood blinds

All of the options we have gone over can drastically decrease light from coming into your desired space. But, maybe you need to step it up a notch! Some people require complete darkness for certain activities in a room. This goes for people who are asleep all day and use the nighttime for work, for those in climates where the sun stays up all day, or for those who simply need a dark space to wait out their migraines. 

With the options we have already discussed, you can use most colors of window coverings. However, to completely blackout a space, specifically using a black window cover will be best. When using types of blinds it is best to opt for continuous pieces of fabric, rather than horizontal or vertical slats.  

Another idea is to use multiple layers of fabric over the window. This could mean using a window treatment along with shades or drapes. These methods all have the capability to keep light out of the room while still being able to keep a classy look.

Create A Space That Fits You

Picture of Domestic Living room, Cozy Sofa, roller blinds and decoration, How To Stop Light From Coming Through Blinds

So, when thinking of ways to limit light in your home, you have plenty of options to consider. Even with all sorts of living situations and budgets, you can keep the amount of light that you want in your space. You can even try different techniques with different rooms. Whatever you choose, we know you will be able to find a solution that is right for you and your family!

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