How To Straighten A Pendant Light Cord

Pendant lights are one of the most popular light fixtures being used in many homes. While this fixture is pretty to look at, some pendant lights have cords that are a pain to straighten. If you are wondering how to fix pendant light cords, we've found the best technique for you to try.

To straighten your pendant cord, take a smooth round tool like a screwdriver and place the cord on top of it. Holding the cord in between, apply light pressure and pull the cord length on the rod using your thumb and forefinger to straighten it.

Most pendant light cords are a little wavy when you get them; this is normal. When installing pendant lights, you might need to make adjustments. Fortunately, we've looked into many possible scenarios you might face. Keep on reading so we can talk about how you install your pendant lights with ease.

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How To Straighten Pendant Light Cord

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When you purchase a pendant light, the cord is typically tied together, causing it to become a little wavy. If you install the light fixture without straightening the cord, your light might look a little crooked when your project is done. 

If your pendant lights are on the heavier side, gravity will help you straighten the cord on its own. However, for pendant lights that are smaller and lighter, it wouldn't hurt to help straighten the cord before installation. Fortunately, straightening pendant light cords is easy and can be done in minutes.

To straighten the cord of your pendant lights, all you need is a rigid rod, like a screwdriver or a wooden dowel, and your hands. After unboxing your pendant light, unroll the cord and make sure that there are no twisted parts that might cause the cord to become kinked again. 

Using your thumb and forefinger, pinch the cord near the fixture and place the screwdriver in this position. Wrap the cord halfway around the screwdriver. Pressing gently with your thumb, pull the entire length of the cord to straighten it. Do this once or twice, or until you see that the pendant light's cord has significantly straightened itself.

Can You Shorten Cord Length On A Pendant Light?

On some occasions, there is an error in the cord's measurement for the pendant lights, so it is too long for the location you intend to install it. One of the good things about using pendant lights is that they are very easy to adjust depending on the need. You can simply shorten the cord length of the light fixture to make it work for your space.

How To Shorten A Pendant Light Cord

  1. Turn off the circuit breaker that affects your light circuit. Position a sturdy stepladder under the light fixture you intend to fix. 
  2. With one hand supporting the light fixture, unscrew the canopy from the electrical box in your ceiling. 
  3. You should lower the light fixture canopy to expose the wires inside the electrical box. Carefully unscrew the wire caps (don't forget to save them) and untwist the wires before taking off the entire light fixture.
  4. Shorten any necessary accessories to your light fixtures, such as chains or links. Pull the wire through the canopy to reach your desired length and make sure that there is no slack. 
  5. Cut the excess wire with your wire cutter, leaving at least 6-inch lengths on the wire strands. 
  6. Strip off at least half an inch from each wire strand using wire strippers. The pendant light can now be re-installed properly.

How Do You Level A Pendant Light?

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Most pendant lights hang by the cord. This can make installing them level quite difficult. If you are the type who prefers to see your light fixtures in a straight line, it is important to make sure that they are installed and leveled properly.

The most important thing to do before attempting to install your pendant light is to straighten out the cord. Make sure that the cord does not shrink to a kinked position before putting it up on your ceiling.

If the pendant light cord is made of a nylon jacket, you can use a little heat from the hairdryer to warm up the cord to help it straighten while applying tension on it by pulling.

Another way to ensure that your pendant lights are level is by installing it along with a chain. The chain links can be cut to your desired length. The cord is simply threaded in between to make sure that the pendant lights are installed level.

If you don't like using chains to support the cord of your pendant lights, cutting the cord to their exact same measurements should do the trick. Gravity should help your light fixture straighten out the cords and level the pendant lights as time passes.

How Do I Stop My Pendant Lights From Swinging?

Pendant lights tend to swing when a strong gust of wind blows through your room's windows. It looks a little scary to see your light fixtures swinging from left to right and you might be wondering if there are ways to keep the lights from swinging too much.

Truthfully, there is no way to completely stop your pendant lights from swinging. However, we can make adjustments to our pendant lights to make sure that it doesn't swing and spin too much from the ceiling.

If your pendant lights use a hanging chain, you can either replace it with a rod or add a rod beside the chain to prevent it from moving too much. You can typically weld or superglue these rods to the light fixture and the canopy on your ceiling with no problem.

Another option is to shorten the length of the cord to lessen the distance of your pendant light's swinging. A shorter cord will make your light fixture swing less and it stabilizes faster when the wind conditions improve in your space.

Ways To Hang Pendant Light Cords

Artsy homeowners find that pendant lights are great to install in spaces that need a little quirky creativity. The light cords provide different design elements that can change the way the room looks. Here are some ways you can hang your pendant light cords creatively.


3 Light Modern Glass Cone Shaped With Silver Holder Cluster, Industrial Shade Hanging Light Pendant Ceiling Lamp Isolated

Hanging multiple pendant lights together in one space can be a little complicated, but a quick way to install them is by clustering the light fixtures. Installing them in this way can make it look like it's a creative chandelier for your space.

It also makes it easy to install because the lights do not need to be level. It adds a layer of creativity with the different cord lengths. 


Two black metal pendant lights decorated inside by golden foil

Just like the clustered pendant lights, you can hang your light fixtures in a swagged style. All you need is a couple of light hooks that you can install on your ceiling. To create a unique look for your space, make different cord lengths to your light fixtures to add layers to your light design.


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One of the simplest styles can make your light fixtures look completely different. Hook your pendant lights on a big hook on the wall or ceiling.

Loop the long cord of your lights a couple of times around the hook to help shorten it without having to cut it. You can also use hooked pendant lights together with other materials like hemp rope to add a rustic feel to your space.


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Some homes have an industrial design theme that might be suitable for you. With an industrial metal pipe installed to your ceiling, wrap the cord of your pendant lights around to give it that industrial feel. Pair it with some vintage bulbs to complete the look of your space.

Final Thoughts

Pendant lights are unique light fixtures that are easy to install in your home. One of the caveats of using these pendant lights is their penchant for having wavy cords that may look unsightly when installed. Thankfully, this problem is easy to fix. Pendant lights can use other materials to help straighten out the cords when they are installed properly.

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