How To Tell What Sleep Number Bed You Have

Sleep Number beds are unique because of their customizability. If you have one of these beds, you’re aware of the adjustable firmness and different models offering more features. If you can’t remember which Sleep Number model you have, then you’re in luck. We’ve done the research and can tell you how to tell which bed you have!

Your Sleep Number bed can be identified by a letter and number printed on the outside of the mattress. You can also determine which mattress you have based on the height and features your bed has.

If your bed is connected to the SleepIQ App, you can also check here for your Sleep Mattress bed model.

Knowing which mattress you have can help you troubleshoot potential problems and enables you to get the most out of your mattress. Keep reading to learn more about the differences between these beds and more!

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Sleep Number Bed Models

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leep Number store in San Francisco Bay Area; Sleep Number is a U.S.-based manufacturer that manufactures beds as well as foundations and bedding

Sleep Number beds are divided into different categories, each having between one and three mattresses. The currently available categories are the Classic Series, Performance Series, Innovation Series, Memory Foam, and Climate360.

Classic Series

The Sleep Number Classic Series includes three mattresses. The first mattress is the 360 c2 Smart Bed. This bed is 8 inches tall with a 2-inch thick comfort layer. You can also identify this bed by finding the c2 printed next to the Sleep Number logo on the mattress.

The second mattress in the Classic Series is the 360 c4 Smart Bed. This mattress has a c4 printed on the mattress. It is also 9 inches tall with a 3-inch thick comfort layer.

The final bed in this series is the 360 cSE Smart Bed. This mattress can be identified by a cSE marking on the mattress and a unique fabric covering.

Overall, the cSE model is 10 inches tall with a 4-inch comfort layer. This mattress has more pressure relief and support qualities than the other beds in this series.

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Performance Series

The Sleep Number Performance Series also has three mattresses. These beds are the 360 p5 Smart Bed, 360 pSE Smart Bed, and 360 p6 Smart Bed. In addition to their specific qualities, these beds can also be identified by the shortened letter designations.

A 360 p5 mattress is 10 inches tall with a 4-inch thick comfort layer. It’s the only mattress in the Performance Series with no cooling capabilities. 

The 360 pSE mattress is the special edition mattress for this group. It is a 10-inch tall mattress with a 4-inch thick comfort layer. This mattress has superior cooling technology. It absorbs excess heat and then transfers it back to you as you cool.

Finally, the 360 p6 Smart Bed is 11 inches tall with a 5-inch thick comfort layer. This mattress also has cooling technology. However, it’s not as strong as the special edition mattress.

Innovation Series

The Innovation Series has three different mattresses and is considered the most high-end of the Sleep Number Beds. This series includes the 360 i8, 360 i10, and 360 iLE Smart Beds.

The 360 i8 Smart Bed is 12 inches tall with a 6-inch thick comfort layer. This mattress has temperature-balancing technology. This bed also has a unique Smart 3D fabric that is more breathable than other coverings.

The 360 i10 Smart Bed is 13 inches tall with a 7-inch thick comfort layer. This mattress has the highest pressure relief and support for this series. It also has temperature-balancing technology and Smart 3D fabric.

Finally, the 360 iLE Smart Bed is 12 inches tall with a 6-inch thick comfort layer. This mattress uses temperature-balancing technology. However, this bed is covered in a different fabric than the others in this category. 

In addition to the above identifying features, you can identify each mattress by the logo designed on the bed. You can find an i8, i10, or an iLE near the Sleep Number logo, depending on your model.

Memory Foam

Hand Testing Orthopedic Memory Foam Core Mattress

The 360 m7 Smart Bed is the only Sleep Number bed in this series of mattresses. This mattress is 11 inches tall and has a 5-inch thick comfort layer.

The comfort layer for this mattress is cooling memory foam. This mattress also uses temperature-balancing technology. 


The new Climate360 mattress is only available in queen-sized mattresses and above. This bed is 13 inches tall and has a 7-inch thick comfort layer.

With this bed, you can adjust the temperature on both sides of the bed. Unlike other Sleep Number beds, it also can warm. 

SleepIQ App

Another way you can determine which Sleep Number bed you have is the SleepIQ App. For this, you’ll need to be sure that your mattress is connected to the app.

Download the application and log in or create a new account. Then, select Smart Bed. After a brief scan, you’ll be able to add all mattresses within range. Add your mattress to easily control it through the app.

The default name for each Sleep Number bed is the model of mattress that it is. You can change it or keep it to help you identify it in the future.

What Is My Sleep Number Setting?

White orthopedic mattress top side surface pattern on unmade bed in the bedroom. Hypoallergenic foam matress for proper spinal alingment and pressure point relief.

Sleep Number mattresses can be adjusted from 5 to 100 via a remote or the SleepIQ app. The higher the number, the firmer the mattress will feel.

To find your Sleep Number setting, you should lie in bed like you’re going to sleep. For best results, try to position yourself how you usually sleep and keep the remote or phone in your hand.

You can follow the onscreen prompts via the SleepIQ app or the remote with your mattress. Sleep Number settings can be found in the Favorites category for both methods.

After reaching the correct screen, your mattress will change its firmness. Pay attention to how you feel as your bed changes from soft to firm and back again.

Hit enter or stop once you feel perfectly supported by the bed. 

Does Your Sleep Number Change?

Our Sleep Number setting is largely a matter of preference, which can change over time. There are also a few situations where raising or lowering your setting can improve your sleep.

You can benefit from lowering your Sleep Number setting between 5 and 10 if you’ve been exercising or you share the bed with kids and pets. It can also help if you switch from sleeping on your side to your back.

Raising your Sleep Number setting by 5 or 10 can help if you switch from sleeping on your back to your side. In addition, it can reduce upper back pain for back and side sleepers. 

If you’re changing your Sleep Number setting, wait a few days before adjusting again. It’s important to give yourself some time to figure out if you like the changes.

What Do You Put Under A Sleep Number Mattress?

Modern peaceful Bedroom. zen style bedroom. Peaceful and serene bedroom. Wood bed with oriental object.

Sleep Mattress beds should always be put on a firm surface. You can use a Sleep Mattress base, which was designed specifically for these beds. However, any solid surface bed or bed with slats less than 2 inches apart will work.

Remember that most traditional box springs won’t work with a Sleep Number mattress. Fortunately, most bed frames can easily be suited for these beds. You can use a bunkie board or other flat surfaces to create a firm foundation for your mattress.

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How Long Does A Sleep Number Bed Last?

Most mattresses should be replaced between 6 and 8 years. Sleep Number mattresses are more durable than that. Each Sleep Number 360 mattress is designed to last up to 15 years and comes with a limited warranty for that amount of time.

If your Sleep Number bed is damaged because of a defect in workmanship, you can have it replaced or repaired for free within the first year. After that, any repairs or replacements will be at a prorated cost.

For more information on how long these beds last, check out: How Long Does A Sleep Number Bed Last?

In Closing

There are several different Sleep Number mattresses that can fit different budgets and needs. These beds can easily be identified by a logo on the fabric, the height of the mattress, and the features it has. Beds with SleepIQ technology can also be identified via the app!

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How To Tell What Sleep Number Bed You Have
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