How To Tighten A Loose Moen Shower Handle

Regular use and time will eventually wear down your shower handle, just like with any other plumbing item. So, how can a loose Moen shower handle be tightened? Before actually calling a plumber, try this simple and affordable repair method yourself. To give you the correct response, we've done extensive research.

The shaft where the handle grabs the cartridge stem may have become worn down as the shower handles gradually become looser with use. To tighten the handle screw, remove the screw cover and tighten the screws. A shower handle will survive longer if this screw is tightened.

Using bathroom fixtures over time can cause corrosion, discoloration, leakage, and loosened shower handles, among other problems. If the handle breaks, you can either change it by following a sequence of steps, or you may tighten the screw holding the handle together. To understand more, keep reading through this article's conclusion.

Causes and Solutions for the Moen Shower Handle That Keeps Coming Off

Normal abrasive wear is usually the root of a broken shower handle. In the event that the shower handle becomes slack, detach the screw covering and tighten the handle screw.

Broken shower faucet cold and hot water in the bathroom

A shower handle's lifespan may be increased by maintaining a tight screw. The malfunction of a shower handle, though, may have other causes. Causes and solutions for a Moen shower handle that keeps on coming loose are listed below:

Loose Screw

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This is one of the most common reasons why shower handles loosen.

  1. First, try to tighten the screws if your shower handle is loosened.
  2. Although screws are found just at the handle's base, you might need to detach the metal cover in the handle's center to access the screw.
  3. After finding the screw, use an adjustable wrench to tighten it.  Hex screws are primarily used in these handles, and these require a hex screwdriver.

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If your shower handles are still loose after following the steps above, replace the knob or handle entirely if necessary. To replace it, follow these steps:

  1. The shower water shutoff valve, typically found beneath the tub or shower access panel, must first be turned off. You may shut off your home's water supply when you cannot close the valve.
  2. Open the shower faucet a little and then let excess water drain to get rid of any leftover water.
  3. With the wrench and screwdriver, unscrew the screw, then pull out the shower faucet handle.
  4. To determine what led to the handle's loosening, examine it. Are the teeth on the fastening on the handle's hole still pointed? The handle may need to be changed. Is the handle's supporting shaft loose? If so, use your screwdriver to tighten it.
  5. Reconnect the shower handle, whether new or old and turn on the water after everything has been in position.

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Stripping Screws

Stripping screw on a shower handle, How To Tighten A Loose Moen Shower Handle

The screws being stripped are another factor. Although it happens very infrequently, wriggling could be caused by stripped screws. Perhaps the issue is caused by a damaged screw under the handle.

Depending on how the screw will be utilized, many kinds of screw head shapes exist. When using machine-guided tools to operate them, some heads are much more prone to stripping than others.

It could be impossible to fix a stripped screw. The screw becomes more stripped the more force you apply to it. The procedure for removing a stripped screw is described below.

  1. Similar to the previous instructions, turn off the shower valve first. You might turn off the water supply to your house if you can't close the valve.
  2. Open the shower faucet and let the extra water drain to get rid of any extra water.
  3. Remove the screw from the shower faucet handle with your screwdriver.
  4. Inspect the screw to find out what is stripping. The holes in a screw head have worn away, resulting in a stripped screw. As a result, turning a screw with a screwdriver is challenging.
  5. Use a screwdriver or screw extractor to remove it at that point.
  6. Replace your old screw with one that is the same size.
  7. After everything has been put in place, reconnect the shower handle, and turn on the water.

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Damaged Cartridge

Repair of the plumbing switch of the shower valve

A cartridge body comprises a stem, a bonnet nut, and ceramic discs. The handle of the cartridge is connected to its stem.

The stem also rotates when the handle is turned. As a result, the handle may become loose due to a worn cartridge.

See the detailed instructions below for a plain and simple explanation of how to replace a cartridge:

The Steps

  1. Remove the handle cover on the faucet. It's best to use a flat-bladed screwdriver.
  2. Remove the faucet's handle screw, which is often a flat blade. Then, take the handle from the faucet.
  3. The old caulk may need to be removed from a spacer sleeve, typically found in shower or tube valves.
  4. The retention clip should be removed and saved. If you don't, you risk accidentally damaging your valve.
  5. Twist the new cartridge left/right loose using a Moen cartridge puller. To allow rotation, the tool's (ears) fit in the gap between the cartridge's ears inside the valve body.
  6. The valve cartridge can be extracted by using an extractor tool.
  7. To remove any lime and mineral buildup, inspect the valve body and scrub it with vinegar and a brush.
  8. Instead of washing the lubricant off the replacement valve body, wet it.
  9. Once the retaining clip slot is clear, insert the cartridge into the valve body. The cartridge's ears should face the places, not the other way around.
  10. Place the retaining clip in place. To twist the insertion and align the two, use either the extraction or white tool. The clip must be installed.
  11. Reinstall any spacer sleeves and the faucet handle by sliding them back into position, by sliding it on.
  12. Set the water to flow. Make sure hot and cold are pointing in the right direction. If not, turn the valve head 180 degrees using the spigot handle to align hot and cold correctly.
  13. Put the faucet back in place using screws and incorporate the handle cover.

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Usage Instructions For A Moen Cartridge Puller

A cartridge puller, a straightforward plumbing tool, removes jammed shower or sink faucet valve cartridges. Moen brand faucets are the easiest to dismantle because they are the most frequently used cartridge pullers. Here is a how-to for using the Moen cartridge puller:

1. Expose The Faucet Cartridge

Ceramic disc cartridge covered with limescale in shower mixer


Use the closest shut-off valve to stop water flow from the faucet. Shower faucets frequently lack fixture shutoff valves; in this instance, they shut off the water at the master shutoff valve for the house.

To reveal the valve, detach the faucet handle and its trim plate. Typically, all required to release the handle is to snap off the cap covering it and remove the anchoring screw.

It is also possible to screw in the outer sheath trim plate. To remove the trim plate, you may be required to peel the caulk's bead away. To release the clip holding the cartridge in place, use a set of needle-nose pliers.

2. Put The Cartridge Puller In Place

Pull the screws and socket nuts as much as possible to position the puller tool. Ensure that the cartridge puller is securely fastened towards the end of the cartridge by positioning its two tabs to touch the cartridge's elevated center.

3. Keep The Cartridge Puller Tight

The puller screw should be fully tightened with a screwdriver. The faucet handle screw's threaded screw hole accommodates the puller screw.

If the puller screw won't push through completely, back it out, adjust the puller, and then drive in the screw. Avoid yanking on the screw because doing so could harm the tool's threads.

4. Remove The Cartridge

Hold the puller's handle and extend your arm straight while revolving it back and forth. Move back and forth until the cartridge emerges from the valve body. Currently, the valve is set up to accept a fresh cartridge.

Tips For Maintaining A Moen Cartridge Extractor

Wash and dry the cartridge puller after each use. Wipe it down with a towel dipped in lamp oil to prevent degradation. This attachment's usefulness should continue for the years that your home contains Moen cartridge faucets, which should be many years.

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In certain cases, you can remove the cartridge without such a cartridge remover by grasping the stems with a set of channel-type pliers or needle-nose pliers and tugging them outward.


Single shower handle mixer 2-way valve

The shower handle is among the few domestic appliances people use daily. Because of this, a shower handle coming free is common.

Nevertheless, keeping a few sleights of hand can keep you out of danger. We sincerely hope this article has given you a further understanding of the reasons for and solutions for loose Moen shower handles.

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