How To Tone Down Blue Paint

Blue shades are cool and tranquil, bringing an unmatched natural element into any space in your home. Tones of blue, although beautiful, can sometimes be overpowering in your room but they can be toned by using several methods.

Choosing a method to tone down blue paint can be a daunting task. We have searched several sources to bring you a wide selection of techniques to tone down blue-painted spaces in your home. 

Colors that work well in toning down blue paint are neutral shades or cool shades of gray. Adding these shades to your paint or painting directly over your already-painted walls will help tone down blue colors. 

Accent pieces and furniture are great ways to add colors that can help to tone down blue shades in your room. We will discuss all of these methods to tone down blue paint in further detail.

Blue room with sofa and indoor plants, How To Tone Down Blue Paint

Nailing down one specific way to tone down your blue paint is only part of a more giant puzzle. You may wonder how to change a paint color that you don't like. 

You may wonder how to change the overall appearance of a blue room. We will answer all of these questions and discuss other closely related topics, just keep reading!

Paint techniques

There are several techniques that you can choose from when trying to tone down color in your room. Mute your blue-painted surfaces or walls by "washing" the color with white or black, creating a lighter or darker look. 

Painting over your original blue with a lighter or darker shade will also create a muted appearance. You can also add colors to blue paint before painting your room. 

Color washing

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"Washing" a color involves watering down the top coat of the shade that you are using. This method tones down a blue wall by creating a more muted shade of the color that you have chosen for your wall. 

This method of toning down your blue wall paint creates an urban dimensional look. Pair this look with dark or light accent colors for a striking look. 

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Deep muted look

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Paint over your bold blue walls with a slightly darker shade for a deep muted look. This painting method gives your blue walls a rich color with a touch of depth and dimension. 

This deep muted paint method works well in a room with plenty of natural light to keep the color from appearing too dark for your space. Use light neutral accent pieces to prevent this color from overpowering your room. 

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Light muted look

Stylish interior of modern bathroom

Lightening your walls are another way to tone down your blue-painted walls that are overpowering your space. Paint over your blue walls with a shade just slightly lighter than the shade on your walls. 

Using this light-muted method of painting will work well in any amount or type of light. Light natural wood tones paired with deeper shades of blue make stunning accents to this light muted look. 

Complementary colors

Wooden cabinet with plants and a king size bed in a blue bedroom interior

Another technique for toning down colors is mixing complementary colors. Complementary colors are those colors located directly across from one another on a standard color wheel. 

When complementary colors are mixed in just the right ratio it will result in a grayish tone. Adding gray to any paint will give you a muted shade of whatever color you are using. 

Accenting your space

Adding other colors to your surrounding area is a great way to tone down the appearance of your painted walls. Several colors can be used to accent your room which will remove some focus from your wall color. 

Bold patterned flooring and rugs are an excellent way to draw attention away from a less-than-desirable wall color. Chairs, throw pillows, and pieces of hanging art are some other possible options to accent your space and tone down blue walls. 

Neutral accents

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Neutral shades are versatile, working with almost any other color imaginable. Creamy neutral shades will tone down your blue-painted walls while adding a soft warm look to your room. 

Taupes and creams warm up this blue-walled room and bring a subtle warm look to this cool color palette. Use soft neutral shades on your walls, floors, seating, and even lighting to tone down this blue color scheme. 

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Black and white accents

Minimal style interior with big dark blue couch standing on a checkerboard floor

Classic black and white patterned flooring is a sure way to draw the eye down to the floor. This geometric patterned floor adds a bold pop of color to your space and decreases the vibrancy of the blue walls. 

Deep shades of blue and black are a sure way to add some depth and dimension to your space. Live or artificial greenery is a stunning way to add some tranquil natural color to your room. 

Eclectic accents

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Create an eclectic look in your home through the use of bright bold colors, patterns, and accent pieces. This unique decor style is a fun way to detract attention from your bold blue wall. 

Cheery shades of pink, red, and yellow accompany fun prints for an exciting ambiance that tones down bold shades, like blue. Neutral wall art frames coordinate with light natural wood floors to add some warm balance to this space. 

Gold accents

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Another great way to warm up a cool blue color scheme is with the use of warm metallic shades of gold. Gold not only adds a stunning warm color to your space but also tones down a vibrant blue wall. 

This warm color brings a balanced element to your space. Use wall art to break up this strong wall color and tone down this powerful look. 

How do you neutralize a paint color?

When colors are too vivid for your space, you may wish to tone them down or neutralize them. Neutralizing paint colors can be accomplished through a few methods of paint mixing. 

Bright colors can be neutralized by adding white, black, grays, or complementary colors. Complementing colors are located on opposite sides of the standard color wheel and make shades of gray when mixed. 

What do you do if you don't like your paint color? 

If you find the color that you have painted your room less than the desired shade, there are a few options to change its appearance without repainting. The first option is changing the lighting in your room. 

Another option is adding contrasting colors to your space to balance and even offset the wall color. You can also break up the color on your walls through the use of wall art and accents like picture frames or hanging decor. 

How do you make your gray look less blue?

Because gray shades have blue undertones, they can look blue in certain lights or when paired with certain colors. North-facing rooms will bring out the cool blue undertones in shades of gray, choose a south-facing space instead. 

Similar to natural light, daylight bulbs will make your gray look less blue than blue-toned lights, such as LED bulbs. Accent your gray room with true blue accents to make your gray appear less blue. 

How do you make a blue room look warm?

Blue wall accent in minimalist modern living room with open dining area

Blue is the coolest color on the standard color wheel but this shade can be used in a room that still looks warm and welcoming. The color blue brings an unmatched sense of tranquility into your space, making it a highly popular shade. 

Combine shades of blue with toasty brown wood accents for a warm look in any space. You can also use a blue with muted warm undertones such as dusty shades of country brown for a slightly warmer look. 

Final thoughts

Blue rooms have a look that cannot be replicated using any other color. Shades of blue range from soft sky blues to rich deep blues, making it a highly versatile color. 

Using one of several methods you can tone down blues to create the perfect look in your home. We hope that the above listing of ways to tone down blue paint has helped you to decide on a method that is right for you and your home. 

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