How To Use A Silverline Universal Carpet Cutter

Carpets can be a beautiful addition to your room, but it’s easy for new rolls to end up with uneven edges. So, you’re probably curious about how to properly use a carpet cutter. These tools are also known as carpet trimmers. They’re handy when you need to cut directly through the pile of a carpet. We have carefully researched how to use a Silverline universal carpet cutter.

There are only two basic steps required to use your Silverline universal carpet cutter successfully. It has a simpler design than most carpet trimmers. First, you’ll need to identify the carpet row you want to cut. Then, you simply push your carpet cutter straight into the pile and follow the row you identified.

Carpeting can get tricky in any room because its edges are known to peel up over time. Even baseboards are used to help hold down carpet edges. But you can still avoid problems like that. Keep reading to learn how Lowes preps their carpets, how to use your own carpet cutter, and what the easiest way is to cut any carpet.

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How do you properly cut a carpet?

The best way to cut a carpet is to use the proper tools and techniques, as with any handiwork. This particular process involves a number of things, but the first step is to recognize the benefits of a carpet cutter.

Carpet cutters, popularly known as carpet trimmers, are a hand tool that allows you to smoothly run a blade directly through the carpet pile. The pile of a carpet simply refers to its fibers, usually describing their height or design.

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If you invest in a carpet cutter, such as the universal Silverline model, you can easily create the tidy carpet edges you want throughout the room. You just have to follow some straightforward steps in order to have the proper results.

Identify the Row

Before you actually cut anything, it will help to identify the row you want to follow. That’s because the Silverline universal carpet cutter will not adjust for carpet thickness or angles.

Carpets are designed with rows of fibers, which may not always be low and cut. If you’re working with tall, looped fibers, you probably don’t want to damage your expensive new carpeting.

So, you’ll need to find the row you want to cut before you stick a blade into the carpet. The correct row will leave enough room for the carpet to be packed between the wall and the tack strip. A tack strip is what you use to secure the carpeting with nails, so you’ll always have one to work with. 

You don’t want your carpet to just end up flush with the wall. That wouldn’t leave enough carpeting to press back into the tack strip. To learn more about working with tack strips, you can read the post How Far Should A Carpet Tack Strip Be From The Wall?. 

But you also don’t want too much carpeting left over the edge, either. The resulting clump of carpeting will never look quite right. As such, you need to tuck the carpet until it is curved and flush against the wall. Then, you can use that position to make an educated guess about where the ideal row would be.

Row Finders

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To highlight the right row, your best bet is to invest in a row finder. These tools are available in many different designs, but they all serve the same purpose. Also, the majority of row finders are available with a reasonable price tag.

All you would have to do is gently run one of the row finders through your carpet pile. This carefully separates the fibers, which will ultimately protect them when you commit to the cutting process.

The Silverline universal carpet cutter does have a long plastic nose, which can sometimes serve as a built-in row finder. It is designed to separate fibers, but it will not work for every type of carpeting. Also, it won’t be as precise or tender as the tool made for the job.

Cutting the Carpet

The Silverline universal carpet cutter doesn’t have an adjustable blade, handle, or locating plates. In exchange for these features, the Silverline model is going to save you money. Also, it will still work with most materials.

When you first cut into the carpet, you may want to consider using a straight edge to keep your carpet cutter even with the row you identified. Keep in mind that it might be necessary to hold the spare carpet against the wall while you make your first cut. This will tighten the carpet, giving you more purchase when you push the trimmer down.

From here, you should use one hand to press down the carpet ahead of your cutting. You want the carpet to remain flush to the ground as you cut away the edge.

What is the easiest way to cut carpet?

Ordinarily, you want to avoid cutting straight through the carpet pile. Without a carpet trimmer on hand, your cut is very likely to end up uneven. It’s generally best to cut through the back of a carpet so that the fibers don’t get in your way.

But when your brand new carpet flooring has just been rolled out, it’s impossible to simply flip it over in most circumstances. In that case, the easiest way to cut your carpeting is to invest in a more expensive carpet trimmer.

If you feel that an easy job is an inexpensive one, then the universal models are just the handy tool for you. But they don’t have as many features as a high-end alternative.

Using High-End Carpet Trimmers

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When you use carpet trimmers with a higher price tag, they will allow you more freedom when you work. They often have adjustable handles, which will make the job feel more comfortable as you cut. These handles can sometimes be flattened against the floor altogether. This would allow you to work around tough spots, like underneath the troublesome toe kicks of your cabinets.

Many carpet cutters can also be adjusted to accommodate carpets with different thickness levels. For example, some carpet cutters have a stack of metal shims. You can add or remove shims in order to adjust for taller and shorter fibers.

Others have a locating plate, which can be adjusted for the same effects. The height of the locating plate is going to determine how much carpet is removed.

If you set the locating plate lower, it is going to cut off more of the carpet when you slide the tool through. If the setting is higher, you’ll leave more of the carpet intact. So, although the locating plate is typically set to the fourth spacer, you may need to raise or lower the setting.

How do you use a cushion-backed carpet cutter?

A cushion-backed carpet cutter is typically the middle ground between a universal model and a high-end option. These carpet cutters generally have an adjustable blade, which allows them to cut through different thicknesses.

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That means you’ll be able to cut through a cushion-backed carpet, the kind that has a built-in padding throughout the bottom. The cushion helps absorb stress for carpets that have to endure high foot traffic on a regular basis.

Because these cushions preserve the lifespan of a carpet, they are frequently used. But they also create more resistance when you cut through the carpet. You will likely have to use a cushion-backed carpet cutter in most circumstances.

Does Lowes cut and bind carpet?

The cutting and binding service is often priced for each linear foot, which means that laying a new carpet for your entire living room could get expensive. Unfortunately, it can also get pricey if you try to do it yourself with simple tape since it needs to be strong enough to hold the carpet together.

Most of the time, your local Lowe’s home improvement store will be able to cut and bind a new carpet for you. Some locations actually offer this service for free, but others do charge. So keep that in mind if you’re specifically looking to save money.

You can read the post "Where To Get A Rug Cut And Bound" to find out other great places that offer the service when you want new carpeting prepped for you to save time and effort.


Although it can get complicated to install a new carpet, any kind of carpet trimmer is going to make your life a lot easier. With a Silverline universal model, you don’t have to worry about settings and specifics. For simple jobs, the Silverline carpet trimmer allows you to quickly carve away unappealing edges.

Now that you know how to use a carpet cutter properly and what alternatives may benefit you, your brand new carpet will have a snug fit between your walls and the tack strips.

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