How To Use A Stanley Staple Gun [Step By Step Instructions]

Woodworking and upholstery are some DIY jobs that can significantly benefit from using staple guns. But what if you don't know how to use a Stanley staple gun? We've extensively researched this matter and gathered complete information for you.

Here are the easy and quick steps on how to use your Stanley staple gun:

  1. Take safety precautions
  2. Check your staple gun
  3. Insert the staples
  4. Push the cartridge back
  5. Position your staple gun
  6. Start stapling

As a handyperson in your home, you need to be familiar with the fundamentals of a staple gun. We will talk about how the Stanley staple gun works and why the staple gun is not firing and opening. Please keep reading to find all this interesting information about Stanley staple guns.

A building stapler on the wooden background. - How To Use A Stanley Staple Gun [Step By Step Instructions]

How Do You Use A Stanley Staple Gun?

When working with a variety of thick materials, such as heavy wood and plastic, a staple gun is advantageous because it uses powerful staples that will easily hold materials. The Stanley staple gun is heavy-duty, portable, and a wise investment for routine DIY tasks.

Its sturdy chrome-plated body provides a longer-lasting performance and can accommodate heavy-duty staples from sizes six to fourteen millimeters.

Metal staples on the background staple gun. Gray steel surface.

You must know how to handle staple guns carefully, and their safety precautions, or you risk hurting yourself while working on a particular project. Below are the simple steps on how to properly use the Stanley staple gun to make sure everything runs smoothly.

1. Take Safety Precautions

Worker's hand giving safety glasses: concept of eye protection and preservation of vision.

Safety must always come first when using hand tools like staple guns. Manually operated staplers can be dangerous when misused, especially if the operator isn't wearing the appropriate safety gear.

Always wear safety glasses and gloves that prevent piercing but allow your hands to move when pulling the trigger on the staple gun.

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To suit the application, choose the right tool size and type. Keep out of children's reach, and never point a stapler at yourself or anybody else. 

Make sure there are no live wires around while using a staple gun. Also, dress appropriately and do not wear jewelry or loose clothing.

2. Check Your Staple Gun

Check the screws and caps of your staple gun before each use because its parts might become loosened or worn out. 

3. Insert the Staples

Before using it for a project, you must load the staples into your staple gun. Loading is quick and easy whether you have a heavy-duty type or a basic handheld stapler.  

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Push the small cartridge and slide it out to load the staple. Look for any debris or broken staples in the tray. To ensure no debris is left, use compressed air to clear the tray repeatedly.

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 Then, you can insert the staples at the slot at the bottom. Ensure that the staples' tips are facing downward. Clip the cartridge into place, and you can tell by the "click" that the staples won't come out.

4. Push the Cartridge Back

Press the cartridge back into position after your staples are in place while maintaining pressure on the release button with your thumb and forefinger. 

5. Position Your Staple Gun

Hold the stapler at the center where you wish to staple. Slightly raise the back portion.

6. Start Stapling

Man fastens boards with a stapler

Once you have positioned your staple gun properly, you can begin stapling. The handle has a locking catch. Place your head at the device's tip to support and ensure that the staple gun stays where you want it.

Make sure that the legs or nails of the staples are pointing downward within the channel. Keep your fingers away from the trigger region when using the stapler gun.

Give the staple gun your fullest pressure and press the lever under the catch to engage the staple. It depends on you how much space you want between each staple. Always wipe clean your staple gun after each workday.        

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Why Is My Staple Gun Not Firing?

A staple jam is most likely the problem if the stapler is not producing any staples. Before using your staple gun, check first for any dirt and debris. Staples that are crowded, twisted, or stuck at the very top of the gun head are the leading causes of jams. 

Blow any trash or used staples from the carrying tray with a can of compressed air because fragments of staples could result in future bottlenecks.

When stapling, slowly push down on the lever arm's end and continue doing so until you finish the stapling. The likelihood of jamming will rise with rapid movements of the lever arm. When jamming occurs, try to staple a single sheet of paper if you are unable to shake the jammed staple out.

You might also opt to use a pen or other pointed object like the screwdriver in the front stapler slot. By doing this, you will push the stuck staples back into place.

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Read the directions on how to load your staple gun correctly and what to do if it jams, and make sure you have chosen staples that match your staple gun. Even a millimeter can result in an uneven flow of staples and a jam because the guide rails they feed are made for a specified spacing between each staple point.

What Is The Best Way To Remove Staples From Wood?

Metal staples for staple gun on the board

An end-cutting plier is a tool that can quickly remove staples without damaging the wood, which is perfect if you're recycling wood from an earlier project. It is a pair of pliers with a cutting edge intended to help cut through material with a flush finish.

They have broad, circular jaws with pointed tips. When you squeeze the handles tightly, the jaws close to grab and cut an object.

This tool pushes right up against staples, making it possible to remove them safely. Put the wire inside the end cutters' jaws. To secure the staple, tightly squeeze the handles together and pull them out.

Once you remove the staple, reset the tool and try again. End-cutting pliers are also perfect for cutting through hard wire because they have a broader head and a tapered end. 

This tool is ideal for woodworkers because they can also use it to remove nails easily from the wood. It is also capable of cutting rivets and bolts.

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What Are The Plus (+) And Minus (-) Functions On A Stanley Staple Gun?

Staple guns have advanced and changed over the last few decades. Advanced staple guns containing plus and minus symbols behind the handle regulate how deeply the staple penetrates the wood. These functions allow you to fasten the wires or the object being stapled.

 The labels for these settings are the symbols "+/-".

What Is The Average Cost Of A Stanley Staple Gun?

Stanley is a heavy-duty staple gun that can contribute to your home and business projects. 

The trigger and handle on this Stanley staple and Brad gun are simple to press, which helps prevent hand fatigue. It guarantees better penetration and enduring durability because of its all-metal driving channel.

It also has an anti-jam mechanism that speeds up work and an easy-squeeze handle that lessens hand fatigue. You can use Stanley staple guns for both soft and hard materials. The price of the Stanley staple gun depends on its type, but its average cost is $20.

In Closing

The Stanley staple gun offers excellent support on your various projects. Always remember to handle your staple gun with extreme caution. Depending on your staple gun, you may hold it firmly or only need to set the gun where you want it and push the button. 

To properly load the gun and guarantee safe operation, thoroughly read the instructions. Also, make sure you choose the appropriate gauge of staples for your Stanley staple gun to avoid a jam.

We hope the above guide on how to use the Stanley staple gun has helped you.  Before you leave, check out these interesting posts of ours:

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