How To Utilize The Space Around Low Kitchen Windows

Windows can change a room’s mood by bringing in light and sunshine, but occasionally they can be an awkward height, and we’re left wondering what to do with them. If you’re wondering what to do with low kitchen windows, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve scoured the internet for some ideas and have some suggestions for you. 

If you have low kitchen windows, you can:

  • Create a reading bench or window seat
  • Install a breakfast bar
  • Use the area to store portable furniture
  • Add low storage cabinets or drawers
  • Add a large window sill

We’ve given you some ideas on what you can do with low kitchen windows, but keep reading as we go into detail and show you image examples of each one. We’ll also answer some other questions you might have about your kitchen windows, including whether window size matters in a kitchen and how to make small windows look bigger.

small bright white kitchen interior with a window in the center, elegant countertops and blue modern glass elements, How To Utilize The Space Around Low Kitchen Windows

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Low Kitchen Window Ideas

Don’t let your low kitchen window leave you feeling stumped. Check out some of the ideas below for inspiration on what you can do with a low kitchen window. 

Window Seat or Reading Bench

If you have low kitchen windows that do not reach the floor, one option is to add a seating area or reading bench below the window’s bottom. 

Reading Bench

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Kitchens are often full of natural light, which is one of the best lights to read in. You can take advantage of this by converting the area below your low kitchen window into a reading bench like in the kitchen above. 

Window Seat

[PIN id=”1337074882070168″ description=”hide” size=”large”]


If reading isn’t your thing, then convert it into an extra seating area without the books. It could be a great, comfy space for someone to sit while you prepare your meals, or maybe you’ll be the one sitting. Either way, standard kitchen seating isn’t always the comfiest, so this could be a great addition to your kitchen. 

Installing A Breakfast Bar

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Create a breakfast bar by your window. What better way to start the day than eating breakfast with a view. You can add a freestanding breakfast bar like a console table, or you can install a heavy-duty shelf. Just make sure to install it at a height that will work with a bar stool.

For more information about the height of bar stools, check out our other blog post: How Tall Should Bar Stools Be? [Results by bar height]

Portable Furniture

European-style kitchen illuminated by a wall of windows. Room is comfortably cluttered with papers stacked on a portable furniture and several bottles and packages on the table

Rollable kitchen carts are a great way to add extra storage to your kitchen, and if you have one that consists of just shelves,  you can place it in front of the window without blocking all of the sunlight. 

Click here to see a kitchen cart on Amazon. 

Low Storage

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Cabinets don’t have to be tall; there are plenty of kitchen items you could store in a cabinet that is wider than it is tall. Add some low cabinets below your window for extra storage in your kitchen. You could keep table settings, baking trays, or recipe books underneath!

 Adding A Window Sill

loft kitchen with added window sill with house plants and herbs

If you’re someone who enjoys home decor and decorating, you could always add a window sill to your window. If trinkets and photo frames aren’t for you, it would be a great place to have some house plants or herbs.

Does Window Size Matter In A Kitchen?

The window size in your kitchen is a personal preference. However, many people choose to use bigger windows to take advantage of the outside view or let in as much light as possible. Kitchens should be bright and welcoming areas, and the bigger the window, the more light it will let in.

In many kitchens, the sink is located under a window, so a good rule of thumb to follow is to have the window be at least the length of the sink. Many people who have had the opportunity to choose their kitchen window size regret not going with the bigger option. So if you’re in doubt, go with the largest size you can. It’ll make it feel more open and light.

We have another blog post on this topic here: How Big Should A Kitchen Window Be?

How Do You Make Small Kitchen Windows Look Bigger?

If you aren’t fortunate enough to have large kitchen windows, there are some things you can do to make them appear bigger.  One of the best ways to make windows look bigger is by using curtains. 

Hang Them High And Wide

kitchen in Scandinavian style with white furniture and a dining table. high and wide curtains on low windows

There are a few tricks that you can do with curtains that will trick the eye into thinking the window is larger than it is. One option is to have the curtain rod extend past the edges of the window. Another option is to hang the rod higher it’ll make the window seem taller than it is. If you do this, consider having your curtains reach down to the floor. Choosing floor-length curtains will also make the window appear longer. 

If your window is over your kitchen sink, then curtains may not be an option. When that’s the case, you need to focus on the edges of the window instead.

Add A Border 

kitchen with new stainless steel appliances dish washer, granite sink and granite counter top. low kitchen window with added border


Adding a border or larger frame to your window can make it seem more significant. If your walls are white, opt to paint them a different color, especially if your window is white. When they are both white, the window blends into the wall.

Vertical Blinds

large family kitchen with island and vertical stripe window blinds

It’s well known that vertical stripes can make anything look longer than it is, which also applies to windows. If neither curtains nor paint is an option for you, choose a blind to go on your windows with a vertical striped pattern. 

Does A Kitchen Sink Have To Be Under A Window?

We just mentioned that kitchen sinks can often be found under a window, but you might be wondering if they have to go there. The answer is no; your kitchen sink doesn’t have to be under a window. 

Check out some examples we found of kitchens where the sink is elsewhere. 

Sink In The Island

Beautiful kitchen in new luxury home with island, pendant lights, and hardwood floors. sink in the kitchen island

In this beautiful kitchen, the sink is located on the island. 

Beautiful kitchen room with green island and farmhouse sink. sink in the kitchen island

Placing your sink on your kitchen island doesn’t mean you have to give up the view of the window. In this stunning kitchen, you can still look out the window while washing the dishes without being up close to it. 

Sink On The End

light interior of kitchen with white furniture and dining table. kitchen sink at the end of the countertop

In this modern kitchen, the sink sits neatly on the countertops’ end, away from any window.

Along The Wall

bright one wall kitchen with gray and white wooden cabinets, open light wood shelves and light gray honeycomb ceramic back-splash tiles. kitchen sink along the wall

There might not even be a place for you to put your sink if you have tall windows. Instead, you can place it along the wall with your cabinets or under some shelves like in this design. 

What Are The Best Window Treatments For A Kitchen?

The best window treatments for a kitchen depend on where the window is located. If the window is in an area where it’s likely to get dirty easily, such as above the sink, you should opt for a window treatment that’s easily cleaned. Faux wood blinds or shutters are easy to clean, so these would be a good option in this case. 

Another popular window treatment for kitchens is rollable blinds or woven wood blinds. There are so many varieties, which is a great way to add texture to your kitchen design if the style is important to you. 

Click here to see bamboo blinds on Amazon.

For more reading on this topic, check out our other blog post, Should Kitchen Windows Have Curtains Or Blinds?

Final Thoughts

We’ve given you lots of ideas on what to do with low kitchen windows. Low kitchen windows don’t have to be awkward, and there are some great options to take advantage of the space. Hopefully, you’re feeling inspired instead of stumped over what to do with your windows!

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