How To Vacuum Area Rugs With A Dyson

Have you got kids or pets? If you do, you're most likely on the lookout for a vacuum that can do some serious picking up. Dyson vacuums are sought out in part because of their extremely high suction power. This could be a great thing, but all this power can make it a bit of a challenge to use on area rugs. Rumors are swirling around out there that Dyson models can't be used on area rugs at all. We researched this to find out the truth of the matter!

Fortunately, this isn't the case. To vacuum an area rug with a Dyson:

  1. Begin slowly, paying attention to how your Dyson runs over the carpet.
  2. If the rug has thick pile carpeting on which the Dyson seems to be getting stuck, stop immediately and turn off your vacuum.
  3. Either switch to Eco Mode or change out the cleaning head attachment to one without a beater bar. 
  4. Vacuum as normal.

So now you know how to use your Dyson on your area rug without causing damage! But maybe you want a little more details, tips, and tricks. Keep reading to learn more.

A man using a vacuum cleaner to clean the area rug, How To Vacuum Area Rugs With A Dyson

Dyson Modes And Settings

Modes And Suction

The Dyson V11 is a cordless model with the highest suction level of any of this company's vacuums, a whopping 185 Air Watts. This, and other cordless models, feature two to three modes - Boost (Burst), Auto (Normal), and Eco.

Older models, such as the V6-V8, only feature two basic modes, while the newer models, such as V10 and V11, feature all three modes. 

Boost, or Burst, mode is the highest suction mode and results in the fastest battery depletion. Auto, or Normal, is where your vacuum setting rests and features suction power that is not as great as Boost but still powerful. Eco mode presents with the lowest power of suction and thus uses the least battery power of any of these modes. 

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While the Dyson expert in the video below says that high suction may be necessary to pull dirt from your thick pile carpets, it could also be the reason for severed carpet fibers. The suction may be too strong and hold to the fibers while you push the vacuum. She says if you are experiencing this, a solution may be to switch to Eco Mode.

You can do this by simply tapping a finger on the touch screen at the top of your vacuum. Click the smallest battery icon for Eco Mode.

With older models, you are less likely to experience this problem as they have less suction power. In this case, you should keep your vacuum on the Auto or Normal mode.

Raising And Lowering

You may be wondering how you can raise your vacuum when transitioning to thick carpet. Not doing this could make your vacuum very difficult to push and cause damage to your carpets and rugs. Raising and lowering an upright Dyson, also called a Dyson Ball, is quite simple.

These vacuums feature a level adjustment switch. This is located on the left side of the vacuum near the foot. There are two settings available, "Bare Floors" and "Carpets." 

Of course, when you flip the switch to "Bare Floors," which is the vacuum's typical setting, the foot will be lower to the floor. If you flip the switch to "Carpets," the foot will be higher. This is the safest setting for carpets and rugs alike. 

Dyson Attachments

We can easily assume that the Dyson models have such difficulty on thick pile carpets and rugs because of the increased suction, but what if that weren't the issue at all? Sometimes, switching out attachments can be the easiest solution to this problem.

Soft Roller Head

This Dyson attachment is engineered for use on hard floors, but it might be a solution to your rug cleaning woes. 

A brush roller is seen as a vital component for most vacuums to be used on carpet. The brush moves and pulls at the fibers. This causes increased airflow and thus allows the suction to remove dirt from in and between the fibers. 

So you may find it necessary to still use a brush roll when vacuuming your thick carpets and rugs. Still, the hard brush roll has bristles that may catch and yank the fibers more than is needed when you are already using a vacuum with such a high suction.

In comes the soft roller cleaning head. This head is created with soft nylon and will still move the fibers but will not catch or pull on them. 

Take a look at this soft roller cleaner head for V11 models on Amazon. 

Direct Drive Head

This attachment is Dyson's official suggestion for thick pile carpets and rugs. It still features stiff bristles but no roll.

The direct drive cleaning head still digs deeply into the carpet, but it does not feature a rolling motion. So it is less likely to catch and pull at the fibers.

However, it can still happen as you are pushing the vacuum, and the combination of the high suction and strong bristles could catch on fibers.

Check out this direct drive cleaner head for V10 and V11 models on Amazon.

High Torque Head

This is an attachment specifically featured by the Dyson V11 models. The high torque cleaning head is created with superior sensor technology. It senses when the vacuum cleaner is transitioning from one type of floor to another and adjusts the suction power accordingly. 

However, keep in mind that this head is programmed to push the suction to Boost mode when moved to thick carpet and rugs. This may be needed to truly pull dirt from the base of the carpet, but it may not be ideal if you are dealing with damage due to high suction. Be aware of this if you already own or choose to purchase this Dyson model and be cautious.

If you need to replace a high torque cleaning head, you may visit the Dyson webpage

Don't Forget The Underside

We all know that thick carpeting needs a little extra muscle to get out the dirt, hair, and other debris. Something you may have never thought about is turning your rug over and vacuuming the underside first. 

Not only does this help clean what has been trapped under the rug, but it also helps beat out what is resting at the base beneath the bulky fibers, making using a brush roll on the top of the rug less necessary. You will want to use a cleaning head with a brush roll for the rug's underside, and this should not cause any damage. 

In Closing

Don't believe the lies. You can use your Dyson vacuum on area rugs! Just be cautious, watching for any pulling on fibers or difficulty pushing. If you do have difficulty, you may remedy this by either lowering the suction power by choosing Eco Mode or changing the cleaning head attachment to one without a beater brush. Dyson vacuums are great cleaners with so many helpful features to tackle just about any mess. 

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