How Wide Is A Bathtub?

Bathtubs are found in almost every home, and they are synonymous with relaxation. However, if you're feeling a little cramped in your current bathtub, you may be wondering if there is a more comfortable option for you? Bathtubs come in many different sizes and styles. We have taken the time to find out the average width of different kinds of bathtubs so that you can find that perfect relaxation piece that you've been looking for!

The width of a standard bathtub is around 32 inches. This can vary depending on the type of bathtub that you purchase. Here are some different bathtub options that may have different widths and other size modifications. 

  1. Alcove 
  2. Drop-in
  3. Oval
  4. Whirlpool
  5. Corner
  6. Freestanding

Are there more bathtub options than you previously thought? Each one comes with its own advantages that may be perfect for your relaxation needs. Before you go to your local hardware store and start wandering through the option, there may be some more things you need to know. Make sure to keep reading below to learn the ins and outs of these bathtub options!

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1. Alcove

Alcove bathtubs are seen as the standard. This is the type of bathtub that most homes have because of their ability to fit into out-of-the-way places. They are named after the area where they most often fit into, an alcove in your bathroom. They come in varying sizes to fit the different sized alcoves. They generally always have a wall on one side and on both ends with one side open to get in and out of it. The average width of a standard alcove tub is 32 inches.

Along with the moderate-sized alcove bathtub, there are also bigger and smaller options. A smaller alcove tub is usually around 30 inches wide. You can also finder longer and wider ones that go up to 36 inches wide. 

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2. Drop-in

These bathtubs are similar to alcove tubs but with a little more style. Drop-in tubs fit into a pre-constructed place on the side of your bathroom. Instead of just seeing the bathtub, you see a more stylized table or area around the bathtub. These tubs are nice because there is a surface that is level with the top of the tubs surrounding it for storage or sitting. They are seen as a little classier because you don't see just a dull square tub. The width of these bathtubs is around 32 inches. 

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3. Oval

When you see a drop-in tub, it is usually an oval option. The main difference between this option and the others' is its shape. With the more flowing rounded shape that these bathtubs give to a space, they are used a lot in drop-in tubs because they're easier on the eyes. The width of this type of bath is usually around 40 inches. 

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4. Whirlpool

Whirlpool bathtubs are for when you really need that relaxing factor. They aren't so much named for their shape but for what's inside the tub itself. Standard-sized alcove tubs and oval baths are often used as whirlpool options. They are outfitted with jets and a motor the gives your bathtub that amazing hot tub effect! Whirlpool tubs are usually around 32 inches wide but can easily be found in differing widths. 

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5. Corner

Corner bathtubs are probably the most standout option when compared to other tubs. Since these baths go in the corner, they have a unique triangular or diamond shape to them. This gives them much more of a hot tub in bathroom feel than a standard alcove tub would. This style of bath is also very popular for the whirlpool option because of its luxurious size and feel. With their unique shape, these bathtubs are usually around a massive 60 inches wide!

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6. Freestanding

The last option on our list is the most classic. Freestanding bathtubs are generally a standard square or oval shape. Unlike the other options on the list, they don't fit into the wall or a cozy pre-made spot. These tubs make a place all their own in your bathroom. Ranging from the basic to the luxurious, these tubs can easily become a centerpiece in your bathroom. Freestanding options hover around the standard 32 inches wide. 

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More Bathtub Questions

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There is more to a bathtub than just its shape and width. You may want a bathtub that guests will look at and want one of their own! Maybe you want a minimal option that does its job. Here are some more bathtub questions that you might already be asking.

How Wide Is A Tub-Shower Combination?

The bathtub portion of this common duo is usually a standard alcove tub. While there is some wiggle room, they are generally around 30 inches wide. They can also be found in a larger option at 36 inches wide. Like with the alcove tubs mentioned above, they come in smaller options as well to fit the space in your bathroom. 

What Is The Minimum Width Of A Bathtub?

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Generally, when looking into the sizes of bathtubs, people want bigger and better. There are situations where bigger isn't an option. Sometimes you want a minimalistic tub. You may only have space in your bathroom for the slimmest option as well. The bathtub can't take up the entire bathroom, or you won't have any space to do anything else! The minimum size for a bathtub is usually 30 inches wide. 

What Are The Standard Dimensions Of A Soaker Tub?

The difference between a regular tub and a soaking tub isn't the width but the depth. Soaking tubs are meant to allow more of your body to comfortably be covered by the water so you can have a more relaxing experience. The length and width of soaker tubs are similar to other standard tubs. The length is usually around 60 inches, and the width is approximately 32 inches. The depth, however, usually starts at about 20 inches, whereas the depth of a standard tub is closer to 17 inches and less. 

What Is The Best Height For A Bathtub?

The answer to this question depends on you. It depends on the space you have available and what you want personally from your bathing experience. They can be as short as 15 inches, and soaking tubs can be much deeper than that. For an adult to comfortably be covered by water in a tub, you may want to look for a tub height closer to 18 or 20 inches. 

Final Thoughts

Corner oval bathtub full of clean water

While the width of a standard tub is around 32 inches, that can change depending on the type of tub you want. Every kind of bathtub also has its own options for a width that may fit your need better. There are alcove and drop-in tubs that fit nicely into the side of your bathroom. You also have corner tubs that give you a spa experience at home. Then there are freestanding tubs that can go wherever you'd like! Each of these can come with whirlpool options if you want to get comfortable. No matter the size of your bathroom, there is a tub for you!

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