How Wide Is A Bed Headboard? [For King, Queen, Double, And Twin Beds]

If you're considering changing up your bedroom, you may be wondering whether you have room for a bigger bed. To determine this, you need to know standard headboard sizes. Is there enough space to comfortably fit the size of bed that you want? We have done some research to provide you with the information that you need to size a headboard.

Headboards generally extend up to three inches past the edge of the mattress. The typical width of a headboard is:

  • King - 80"
  • Queen - 62"
  • Double/ Full - 56"
  • Twin - 41"

These dimensions are helpful to have when you're designing a bedroom. As you continue reading, we will look into various other important factors for appropriately sizing your headboard. We'll discuss the full dimensions of headboards per bed size, ideal bedroom sizes for beds, and more!

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King Size Headboard

The average headboard for a king-sized bed is 80" wide. This is a total of 4" wider than a king-size mattress. So, you will have approximately 2" of the headboard on each side of the bed. King-sized headboards can vary in width, although they are rarely narrower than the mattress.


There is no hard and fast rule for how tall your headboard should be. This decision will be heavily influenced by the style of decor that you prefer. However, the height of your headboard should not exceed the length of your bed. There is one distinction that you should be aware of when looking at headboards. The height of the headboard generally refers only to the amount of headboard that shows above the mattress. A standard king-size headboard is 58" tall.

Price of a king-sized headboard

The price of a headboard can be affected by multiple factors. One of the biggest is the material. Headboard materials consist of three basic categories. We'll consider the cost of each type of material for each size bed. Starting with king-sized headboards, let's take a closer look. 


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Metal headboards can be simple or elaborate and are usually found for $250 or less.


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Wood headboards are always classic and typically range in price from $100 to $300.


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Upholstered headboards can be a little more expensive, but they sure are beautiful! The price range for this type of headboard is $150 to $500.

Dimensions of a King Sized Bed

So, if the headboard is 80" wide, how wide is a king-sized mattress?  A standard king-sized mattress is 76" wide by 80" long. If you're considering purchasing a king bed, you will need first to measure your bedroom. In order to accommodate this size bed, your room should be a minimum of 10' x 12'. A room that is 13' x 13' or larger leaves more room for additional furniture.

Queen Size Headboard

A queen-sized bed is the same length as a king-sized bed, but it is considerably more narrow. On account of this, the headboard is also not as wide. A normal queen-sized headboard is approximately 62" or 2" wider than the mattress. 


As we learned when discussing king-sized headboards, these measurements refer to the viewable headboard that extends above the mattress. Typically, a queen size headboard will measure 28" in height.

Price of a Queen Size Headboard

The most popular bed size across the United States is the queen. Let's look at the price of a queen headboard according to the material.


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When shopping for a queen-sized metal headboard, you can expect to pay between $60 and $100.


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A queen-sized headboard made of wood can run anywhere from $80 to $200.


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An upholstered headboard for a queen bed typically costs around $100 to $250.

Dimensions of a Queen-Sized Bed

Queen size mattresses come in the standard measurements of 60" wide by 80" long. A queen-size bed will fit in a 10' x 10' room, but that's the minimum. To ensure that there is plenty of room to move around, a 10' x 14' room is preferable. 

Full-Size or Double Headboard

Many people think that a full-size bed and a queen-size bed are the same things. They are not, however, and neither are their headboards. Usually, a full-sized headboard is 56" wide, a full 6" narrower than a queen-sized headboard.


The headboard of a double bed may not be the same width as a queen, but it is the same height. A full-size headboard will usually be 28" above the mattress.

Price of a Full-Size Headboard

Often, headboards will be made to fit either a queen or a full-sized bed, so the prices are fairly similar. 


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You can usually find a full-sized metal headboard for less than $80.


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Wooden headboards typically cost around $120 for full-sized beds.


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Full-sized or double headboards that have been upholstered can cost between $100 and $200.

Dimensions of a Full-Sized Bed

A full-sized bed is a good compromise between a twin size bed and a queen. Its measurements are 54" wide x 75" long. In order to comfortably move around your bedroom, you will want to have at least a 10 x 10 bedroom.

Twin Size Headboard

Weighing in as the smallest bed is the twin-size. If you're planning on getting a twin-sized headboard, you are looking at a width of 41". This leaves about 1.5" of the headboard on either side of the mattress.


Twin headboards are typically 14" inches higher than the mattress.  Although, some styles will be much taller than this.

Price of a Twin-Sized Headboard

When it comes to twin size headboards, there is not much difference in price between different materials. No matter what material twin headboards are made of, you should be able to pick them up for under $100.

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Dimensions of a Twin-Sized Bed

A standard twin size mattress is 38" x 74". Your room can be as small as 7' x 10' and still accommodate this size bed. If you plan on putting two twin beds in the same room, you should plan on more space. It is best to have a room that is around 9' x 9' or larger.

How Do You Mount A Headboard?

When mounting a headboard, you have several different options. Let's briefly take a look at each.


Often, holes will be pre-drilled through the legs of the headboard. Line up the mounting holes in the front of the bed frame with the holes in the headboard. Secure everything together with bolts and nuts.

Hook on

Some headboards are fitted with a bracket that has slots designed for a bed frame. If this is the case, simply slip the bedframe into the slots, ensuring that it is secure.

Wall Mount

Wall mounted headboards are an easy option. You can purchase brackets that are designed to mount a headboard to the wall. Once it is mounted, just position your bed in front of it, and you're done!

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Should A Headboard Be Wider Than The Bed?

A headboard does not necessarily need to be wider than the bed, but it should not be narrower. Generally, your headboard should be at least as wide as the bed that it is mounted to. Here's another question that you may have, and we have the answer in this post, "Should the Headboard Match the Bed?"

Do Twin Beds Make A Queen?

No, two twin beds do not make a queen bed. However, two twin beds do combine to make a width of 76". This is the same width as a king-size bed. So, two twins make a king in width, but they are still 6" shorter than a king.

How Do You Fix A Gap Between A Mattress And A Headboard?

  • Try pushing the mattress and box spring up.
  • Make sure that you have the right size bed frame.
  • Check to see that your bed frame is properly assembled. Some frames are adjustable and can be adjusted to fit your bed.
  • Purchase a headboard gap filler. (Yes, there is such a thing!)

Take a look at this post for more great ideas to help with your gap problem, "How to Fill Gap Between Headboard and Mattress?"

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Are Queen And Double Headboards The Same Size?

Yes and no. Often, headboards will be made to suit both queen size and full-size beds. Additionally, you can use most queen-sized headboards for full-size beds, but not the other way around. A standard full-sized headboard is 56" wide, while a queen size mattress is 60" inches wide. 


Headboards have a standard width and height for each bed size, and now you know what they are. We hope that you have found this post informative and helpful.


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