How Wide Should A Ceiling Medallion Be?

Decorating is one of the most exciting parts when building your own home. While the ceiling is not necessarily an attention-grabbing part of the house, adding some decorative moldings like a medallion will make it attractive. You will need to get the right size medallion for your ceiling. We did research to help you determine the proper size.

There is no standard width for a ceiling medallion. The size you choose will depend on some factors, like the size of the room, the light fixture, and the ceiling height. These factors will help you decide on the ideal width of the ceiling medallion for your home.

A ceiling medallion is a decorative detail that will bring life to your ceiling. Continue reading as we give you some tips on how to determine the correct width and sizing for your elegant ceiling decoration. Let's get right into it!

Crystal chandelier with a gold fixture and a white molded ceiling medallion on a white ceiling - How Wide Should A Ceiling Medallion Be

How To Determine The Width Of Your Ceiling Medallion 

Decorating the ceiling of your house can be exhausting, but if you know how to do it right and have the right proportions, it can be a fulfilling project. Here are some factors you need to consider in selecting the right width for your ceiling medallion.

Close Up of Round Circular Decorative Ceiling Medallions Architectural Elements, Against Black Background (HDR Image)

Room Size

It is typical to have a larger medallion in a larger room and a smaller medallion in a smaller area. It will not look balanced if you place a large medallion in a small room because it will overpower the room.

Size Of Light Fixture

The size of the light fixture in the room should also be considered. You should not have the same size medallion as your light fixture since you don't want the ceiling medallion to look overwhelming and overpower the light.

Ceiling Height

If you are working on decorating a room with a high ceiling or ceilings that are more than eight feet high, then a ceiling medallion will be perfect for you.

The higher the ceiling you have, the larger medallion you need for the room, except if the width and length are too small.

To add more drama to the high ceiling, you can try to layer two medallions with different sizes or medallions with multiple lights. This will surely give life to your ceiling, making it more elegant to look at.

Formula For Ceiling Medallion Size 

There is no definite standard on how wide your ceiling medallion should be, but there is a formula you can use in general that will calculate the size you should use in your home. The first step is to measure the length and width of your room.

Use feet as a unit of measurement. Multiply the length and width measurements, and you will get the area in square feet. Divide the result by seven, and you will get the diameter of the ceiling medallion you need.

For example, your room is 14 feet wide and 14 feet long. Multiplying them will result in 196 square feet. Divide that by seven , and you get 28. The result is the ideal size for your ceiling medallion.

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How To Choose A Medallion For A Chandelier

From below classic plaster floral ornament of medallion decorating ceiling above elegant chandelier at home

A chandelier in the middle of a ceiling medallion is elegant. The way they work together creates a very charming impression to visitors and viewers.

If you're planning to put a medallion on your chandelier, it is ideal to have them complement the style of your room. You can try to mix and match colors but make sure they will not overpower each other.

What Size Medallion For A Ceiling Fan?

Crystal chandelier with a gold fixture and a white molded ceiling medallion on a white ceiling - How Wide Should A Ceiling Medallion Be

A ceiling medallion can match different ceiling decorations like a ceiling fan. If you want a more stylish look for your ceiling fan, the correct size and design are necessary for your ceiling medallion.

Remember that when purchasing a medallion for a ceiling fan, you need to consider the size of the room. Also, the size of the ceiling fan should match your potential medallion.

Since ceiling fans have a large diameter, you need to choose a medallion that is smaller than the size of the fan. Their colors should complement each other and blend with the style of your room.

Can You Paint Ceiling Medallions?

neoclassical oak leaf stucco rosette ceiling decor

There are many styles and designs of ceiling medallions. Traditionally, ceiling medallions have been painted white. However, a ceiling medallion's materials can be easily stained so that you can paint it the color you prefer.

Many modern homeowners prefer modern styles. One of the best upgrades for a ceiling medallion is to paint it, since white ceiling medallions are commonly available on the market.

You can use spray paint for the project. The color choice will depend on your preferences and the vibe you wish to achieve for your room.

How To Install A Ceiling Medallion

If you're in the middle of decorating your home and looking for a design that will fit your budget, consider installing a ceiling medallion on your own. Here are the steps on how to install it yourself:

Remove The Existing Fixture

You need to remove the existing fixture on the ceiling, except for the electrical wiring.

Apply Adhesive

Applying adhesive at the back of the medallion is one helpful way to secure it. It gives you a more durable installation, and you can easily adjust it before adding screws.

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Screw In The Medallion

Screwing the medallion to the ceiling makes it secure. This will ensure that it will not wiggle once the light fixture or ceiling fan is installed.

Reinstall The Fixture

Put back the light fixture or electric fan you removed. Make some finishing touches, and you can now enjoy the elegance of your new ceiling medallion.

Installing A Medallion Without Removing The Light Fixture

Bare light bulb extending from an extremely ornate cast plaster ceiling medallion, horizontal aspect

If you have a large chandelier or ceiling fan that is hard to remove and want to install a ceiling medallion without taking it down, then you may wonder if there's a way to do it.

The installation process in this situation may take time, but it will be worth it. Here are the steps to follow for doing it:

  1. Unscrew the canopy of the ceiling fan to expose its mounting bracket. Adjust the bolt size to create enough space under the bracket so that you can slide in the medallion later.
  2. Split the ceiling medallion into two parts by using a band saw. You can also buy a pre-made split ceiling medallion.
  3. Apply polyurethane adhesive on the back parts of the medallion. Also, apply adhesive at the sides where you split the medallion.
  4. Position the split medallion on the ceiling. Press the pieces together and let them dry for at least fie hours before proceeding with the installation.
  5. Securely tighten the bolts of the mounting bracket.
  6. Screw the sides of the ceiling medallion to the ceiling for a more secure installation.
  7. Paint the ceiling medallion so that the part where you split it will not be obvious. Make sure to tape the ceiling so it will not be stained while painting the medallion. Remove the tape when the paint is dry, and you're ready to enjoy the medallion on your ceiling.

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Final Thoughts

Decorating is one of the most fulfilling parts of building a house. You can add style and elegance to your home by adding ceiling medallions. There are various styles and sizes to choose from, and most of them can easily be painted to suit your preference.

Remember that the proper size of a ceiling medallion depends on how wide the room is, the ceiling height, and the size of the light fixture. Installing a ceiling medallion is not difficult once you have the right size.

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