How Wide Should A Broom Closet Be?

Adding a broom closet wouldn't take much of your space. You can make it out of plywood and put it where you will see it often. But the main thing is, how wide should it be? So, we researched, and here's what we discovered.

The ideal width for a broom closet is 18 inches wide. However, some have smaller spaces and may choose to customize their broom closet.

Now that you know the answer, it would be nice to let you know the ideal ways to store cleaning supplies. We also have prepared a few questions to help you solve your problems on this topic. Let's begin!

How Shallow Can A Broom Closet Be?

Cleaning supplies and tools arranged on shelves in pantry

Having a broom closet at home is essential. They keep your cleaning tools out of the way and maintain the cleanliness of your home.

A broom closet has a specific dimension that you need to follow, depending on the type of cleaning tools you have. The ideal is 6 inches for its shallow depth if only brooms and mops are stored.

But for storing vacuum cleaners and other bulky cleaning tools, the ideal depth is about 12 to 16 inches. You can even have more than one broom closet if other cleaning tools don't fit.

However, some would prefer larger closet space, so there is plenty of room for additional cleaning supplies.

The ideal dimensions for a broom closet are 18 inches which are enough for its width, another 16 inches in its depth, and 72 inches in its height. But some would prefer 65 inches below.

You can even extend a few more inches above for the cleaning bottles.

Types Of Broom Closets

Knowing the correct location of your broom closet is the first thing you should do. The next is to decide on the best style for the available space.

Here are the following broom closets you can choose from:

1. Shallow Broom Closet

A broom closet at the side can create a discreet and modest look. This is great for small spaces as it does not take too much of your space and is much more accessible.

2. Broom Closet At The Side

This is the same with the shallow closet but with more depth. It's ideal for smaller spaces and has top shelves for storing cleaning supplies.

3. Slide At The Side Broom Closet

A broom closet with a drawer in front to frame it when closed. However, this is not ideal for storing cleaning bottles.

4. Pullout Broom Closet

This pull-out broom closet isn't wide, but it's deep enough to hold a broom, mop, bucket, and a variety of cleaning bottles.

5. Hanging Broom Closet At The Back Door

A broom closet with mop hooks is ideal for hanging necessary cleaning supplies. This is an efficient use of space without using floor space.

6. Subdivided Broom Closet

This broom closet is wide and deep enough to fit a lot of cleaning tools. It has dividers to do other cleaning bottles. However, this is not ideal for smaller spaces.

7. Single Divided Broom Closet

This broom closet is wide and deep enough to occupy vacuum cleaners and other bulky cleaning tools. Organizers and hooks are mounted at the side to save up more space.

8. Broom Closet With Laundry At The Side

This broom closet is a fully functional laundry room. Both washing machine and dryer are available inside. Dividers are used to separate the washer and dryer from the cleaning tools.

The spaces are efficiently used to occupy other cleaning tools.

How To Make A Broom Closet

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Cleaning supplies in kitchen cabinet, How Wide Should A Broom Closet Be?

These are the following steps in making a broom closet:

Step 1: Locate The Ideal Space

Examine your living space to have an ideal spot for your broom closet. It should be accessible yet discreet. You can also plan its layout. What will the closet look like?

How can many horizontal and vertical dividers adequately fit? Should a pulling or sliding door be appropriate?

Home inspection - magnifying glass inspector looking at kitchen house

Step 2: Prepare The Plywood

You need around two plywood sheets with measurements of 3/4 inches x 48 inches x 96 inches. Take precise measurements of your intended space. Cut the plywood to the desired height, width, and depth.

You may need to cut more depending on how many dividers you have. Finish it with sandpaper for a more refined look.

Sheets of pine plywood are stacked on top of each other

Step 3: Apply Wood Glue

To attach the cut plywood, use wood glue on both sides. You can add small nails to stabilize it. Also, you can use bar clamps to tighten the wood to each other and apply pressure securely.

Handyman is putting a silicon glue from tube on a wooden baseboard before attaching it to the wall

Step 4: Add Nails And Hinges

Furniture assembling plan, door hinge and dowels on color wooden table

You can add nails to each joint to connect the frame and hinges to its door. The ideal hinges to use should be discreet to look sleek and neat.

Check out these hidden hinges on Amazon.

Step 5: Add Doorknob

Cabinet door knob

Usually, the doorknob or any puller to use is small. You can choose different styles as long as it matches the overall look.

Step 6: Paint The Wood Frame

Outdoor portraits of young man cutting painting and repairing wooden boards

Lastly, paint the wood frame with your favorite color to make it more attractive. The chosen color should match the interior color of your space. Wait for a few hours or overnight to dry the paint.

Tips For Making A Broom Closet

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These are the tips for making a broom closet:

  1. Add vertical dividers for cleaning tools with long handles.
  2. Add horizontal dividers for cleaning bottles so you can maximize the space.
  3. The location should be accessible yet discreet. It should not get in the way.
  4. It should be safely secured from pets and toddlers in the household.
  5. There should be enough ventilation for the storage of cleaning chemicals.
  6. Use wood that is resistant to termites. Redwood and cedar are termite-resistant woods.

Tips For Organizing Your Broom Closet

Here are some tips for keeping an organized broom closet:

1. Place Only Necessary Cleaning Tools

Due to the limited space inside, place only the necessary cleaning tools to save room for other needed tools.

2. Declutter

Once you have decided what cleaning tools to put inside, start cleaning up and remove the unnecessary ones.

3. Buy Cleaning Tool Organizers

Add an organizer for other cleaning tools to keep it organized and tidy.

4. Maximize The Spaces

Utilize the entire space of your broom closet to save room for all the cleaning tools you need.

5. Keep It Simple

Use simple organizers for easy access. Avoid bright colors that can be distracting. As much as possible, use only one or two shades or colors.

What Are The Different Types Of Mop Hooks?

If you like to hang your mop, these are the types of mop hooks you can choose from:

1. Gravity Mop Hooks

This is used to hang mops and brooms with a long, thin pole. These hooks work similarly to hinges. You can raise the hinge when inserting the broomstick.

You can grab the bar and pin it between the hook and the wall when lowering. Attaching it at the back of the door or directly to the drywall is recommended.

Check out these hook organizers on Amazon.

2. Multi-Hook Racks

Multiple rod-type cleaning components can be held together in a multi-hook rack. Its main advantage is that you don't need to buy more than one.

Not only are they perfectly spaced, but they feature individual hooks. Utility, clamp, or gravity-style broom hooks are spaced 2 to 3 inches apart on the rack.

Check out this holder on Amazon.

3. Standard Mop Hooks

This type of mop hook is suitable for hanging mops and brooms. It can also hang wonderfully behind the door.

Check out these utility hooks on Amazon.

How To Organize Mops And Brooms

Cleaning supply storage hanging

To organize the mops and brooms, here are the following steps:

Step 1: Choose What Style

Decide what style you should choose and the number of hooks you need for the mops and brooms.

Step 2: Choose The Location

Locate where to store the mops and brooms. However, the broom closet is the best place.

Step 3: Install The Hooks

Install the hooks of your choice. Be mindful of how they are spaced apart, horizontally and vertically.

Step 4: Place The Mops And Brooms Inside

Hang the brooms, mops, and other long-handled tools on the hooks. It's best to arrange them according to their sizes.

To Wrap It Up

Cleaning supplies in kitchen cabinet

Everyone needs a mop and broom to keep their home clean. These are considered essential items for good household upkeep. A broom closet is an ideal place to store your cleaning tools.

They should be kept inside to prevent them from cluttering elsewhere. A broom closet should be of ideal dimensions, especially if you have a bigger space.

However, if your space is small, you can create better ideas to customize it. And there you have the answer to your problem!

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